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What are the Average Hot Tub Prices in North Carolina?

If you're shopping around for a hot tub, you should know that hot tub prices can differ greatly due to several factors. Learn more!

Hot tubs are great investments because they can help ease aches and pains as well as lower stress and make you just feel good all around. In North Carolina, many people can use their hot tubs year-round because of the moderate climate. That makes it an even better purchase because you're getting your money's worth. 

If you're shopping around for a hot tub, you should know that hot tub prices can differ greatly due to several factors. Let's take a look at what those are as well as things to consider when looking at the best hot tub prices in North Carolina and some price ranges to keep in mind. 

What are the Average Hot Tub Prices in North Carolina?

Factors that Impact Hot Tub Pricing

Not all hot tubs are created equal which means they're not going to be priced the same. As you shop around for the best hot tub prices in North Carolina, these are the factors that are going to impact the price tag. 


When it comes to hot tub prices, the more people it can hold, the higher the price tag will be generally.

Type of Hot Tub

The type of hot tub you choose is also going to impact the price. Different types of hot tubs include:

  • Above-ground
  • In-ground
  • Saltwater
  • Jetted spa tub
  • Portable


As with anything else, the more bells and whistles you add, the more you can expect to pay for a hot tub. Things like waterfalls, bubblers, or fountain spouts can all increase the price.


The number of jets can impact the price. You want to be sure the jets are strategically placed so that they hit the parts of the body that get the sorest. 

There are also different types of jets to consider. These include:

  • Target Therapy Jets
  • Rotary Jets
  • Pressure Point Jets
  • Shower Jets
  • Foot Jets
  • Pulsator Jets
  • Directional Jets

As you look at different hot tubs, look to see what types of jets are available and which ones you want to have.


Besides the hot tub itself, you also want to consider the cost of installation. This will be factored into your final cost.

When you consider these factors, you can decide what types of features you want which will give you a better idea of the hot tub prices you're looking for.

Average Hot Tub Prices

The average overall prices vary between 3K - 35K. At Epic Hot Tubs, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch spas at competitive prices. Our hot tub prices range from $6,990-$12,490. The exact price will depend on the features you're looking for and how many people you want it to hold.

  • The Durasport G2B Diamond 28 Spa is the least expensive model we offer, starting at around $7,000. This hot tub can hold up to seven people and has a total of 28 jets throughout the tub to soothe aching muscles.
  • Our Catania Spa holds up to 5 people but has 38 jets. Prices for this tub range near $10,000. Some people look for spas that have more capacity, while others prefer more jets. This decision will impact your price.
  • The Caspian Sea Spa is just over $10,000 and can hold six people. It has an amazing 51 jets which is one of the reasons why it costs more than some of the others.
  • If you want total luxury, the Superior Spa maybe your choice with 64 jets and a 5 person capacity. Hot tub prices for this model range near $12,000.

Whichever hot tub you choose, you can expect professional and experienced service from Epic Hot Tubs. Call us today at  919-444-8500 or reach out to us online so that we can help you find the perfect hot tub for your outdoor space!