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Hot Tub Jets – Types You Can Choose From in 2024

When shopping for a hot tub, one of the most important factors to keep in consideration are the types of hot tub jets. While jets are tiny parts of a hot tub, they have the ability to completely transform your hot tub experience. Without massage jets, a hot tub would just be a big bath of warm water.

Hot Tub Jets

How Do Hot Tub Jets Operate?

Hot tub jets work on 4 principal operations:

  1. A hot tub pump pushes the water through the pipes and towards the jets.
  2. Outside air is compressed with the water by air valves.
  3. The inner diameter of the jet narrows, which allows for the water and air to compress.
  4. Then, water and air are expelled from the jet.

What are the Benefits of Hot Tub Jets?

The massaging function of hot tub jets combines with the warmth of water to provide the ultimate spa experience. These jets are designed to apply pressure and massage targeted areas of the body to provide relief and comfort.  

The benefits of hydrotherapy are centered primarily around the function of hot tub jets. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve pain and discomfort, and to overall promote a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. Doctors often recommend hydrotherapy to people suffering from arthritis, back pain, or stiff joints. 

Hot tub jets, by pumping out pressured water, allow you to focus on specific areas of the body. This is especially beneficial for people with arthritis or bad backs. Jets allow muscles to be stimulated, pain to fade away, and enhance relaxation. 

Important Considerations With Hot Tub Jets

Different characteristics of hot tub jets come together to give the ultimate therapeutic and relaxation experience. Here are some important things to keep in mind with regard to jets:


The size of the hot tub jet determines which body area it targets. For example, a larger sized jet will most likely be focused on larger muscle groups such as the back, quads, and hamstrings. Similarly, smaller jets will target smaller areas such as the neck, arms, and shoulders. Depending on what kind of massage you are looking for, you can choose a hot tub with the right size jets.


The number of jets in a hot tub depends on two factors. Firstly, the number of people it will seat. If you plan on entertaining a party of more people, your hot tub will more likely have a greater number of jets to adjust everyone. In a similar manner, a hot tub built for two will accommodate a smaller number of jets.  Secondly, the number of jets also depends on the function of the hot tub. If you’re buying a hot tub specifically for the purpose of hydrotherapy, you’re going to want one with more jets to provide a more rejuvenating experience.


The defining function of the hot tub determines the placement of jets. A hot for an arthritic patient, for example, will have jets strategically placed in the leg area to ensure relief to stiff joints and muscles. If a person purchases a hot tub for their sore back they will want to pick a model that has jets placed to target those specific muscle areas. 

Hot Tub Jet Types

Different Types of Hot Tub Jets

Rotary Jets

These types of hot tub jets are adjustable and can be rotated to adjust to your needs. Rotary jets move water in a circular motion to reach a wider massage area. Rotary jets are great for massaging the neck.

Air Jets

Air jets make use of outside air flowing through the pipes and and combine with water to pump pump out of the jet. They allow for a bubbly effect in the hot tub.

Directional Jets

These are the jets that are normally used for hydrotherapy. Directional jets are adjustable to direct the flow of water powerfully to specific areas that need it. types of hot tub jets are good for blood circulation and provide comfort to stiff muscles.

Footwell Jets

Footwell jets are located at the bottom of the hot tub. They exert water pressure to the top of the hot tub allowing for a rejuvenating massage to the feet and ankles. 

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