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The Best Hot Tub Brands You Can Buy in the USA: 2023 Edition

The Ultimate Guide to the Top Selling Hot Tub Brands in the USA

If you’re looking to buy a hot tub, the number of choices available can feel overwhelming. Which brand should you choose?

We’re going to show you the top hot tub brands, their key features, and some ideas about why you should choose one brand over another.

Let’s get right into it!

Wellis Spa

606 votes
Are New Hot Tubs Energy Efficient?

Wellis was founded in 2003 and has quickly grown to become the largest hot tub manufacturer in Europe, and for good reason. Wellis focus on fast and safe delivery of high quality hot tubs at an affordable price. This idea has bled into the US market as Wellis is now growing in popularity throughout the US.

Key Features of Wellis Spa Hot Tubs

Wellis spa hot tubs are unique in that they are very well insulated with Polyfoam in the side cover and subfloor, making them stand out for those who deal with colder climates. In addition, Wellis utilizes a revolutionary UV-C system from energy efficient water sanitization. The Wellis tubs utilize Gecko control systems that can be easily integrated with Wi-Fi and touch screen controls that give you full customization of Wellis hot tubs exclusive color therapy lighting.

Main Models and Product Lines of Wellis Spa

Wellis is known for it’s PeakLine, CityLine and MyLine hot tubs:

  • MyLine hot tubs are designed for the family, with large open seating, loungers and even plug & play options.
  • CityLine hot tubs are perfect high-quality options for those trying to relax after a busy day. Enjoy premium quality, high performance hot tubs at amazing prices from the Wellis CityLine.
  • The PeakLine is the Wellis Spa top quality tubs. Including a flagship dual lounger 9 seater hot tub, the Olympus. There are no compromises with a PeakLine hot tub as you’ll enjoy every feature Wellis has to offer all packed into one premium hydrotherapy experience.

Wellis Spa Website and Recommendations

Vist the Wellis Spa website today to learn more about one of the top hot tub manufacturers in the world. Epic Hot Tubs recommends Wellis for any type of hot tub customer, from those looking for an easy plug and play option for their family, to those looking for the biggest and best hot tub on the market, or anything in between.

Strong Spas

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strong spas

Strong Spas is a relative newcomer to the industry, since this hot tub company was founded in 1994. They are one of the few companies that can claim to be a USA hot tub manufacturer, since their tubs are produced in Pennsylvania and shipped around the world.

Key Features of Strong Spas Hot Tubs

What sets Strong Spas apart is their focus on fewer models and affordable quality. Their entire product range is spread over five product lines. While they offer a large number of models (22+), this number is a little inflated. Many of their models are really variants of one another, with the difference being the number of jets on offer.

In addition to a simplified product offering, Strong Spas offers customers lower energy costs through their triple-bonded acrylic shell and Dura-Base insulated base. Many of their models also come with their unique hard cover with automated opening and closing.

Main Models and Product Lines of Strong Spas

As we mentioned, there are five primary product lines to choose from to create the perfect hot tub experience:

  • The Premium series has two models of hot tubs on offer. Each comes with high-quality construction, the automatic hot tub cover, and seating capacity for 6 or 7 people.
  • The Summit series gives customers a choice of 4, 5, or 6-seat hot tubs. Optional features include a lounger option at each size and a bluetooth connection to sound systems.
  • The Ascent series will be coming soon to redefine hot tub enjoyment. These models, available in 5 or 7 person models, feature the durable acrylic shell, comfortable design, and massage therapy jets for each seat.
  • The Embark series offers 5, 6, or 7-person models. They come with LED sconces, bluetooth connections (optional), and two-tone oversized jets.
  • The Durasport series offers 2 basic models with different levels of customization and options available, including loungers, LED lighting, and water columns. Foldaway steps and towel holders add even more convenience to the experience.

Strong Spas Website and Recommendations

For those interested in an affordable, USA-based hot tub company, the Strong Spas website is where to begin. Their simple product range is great for shoppers who want to make a quick decision and move on to installation.

Bueno Spa

377 votes
Bueno Spa Background

Bueno Spa was created as a subsidiary of the largest European Spa manufacturer. Because of this, they have a unique expertise when building their spas and the result is excellent quality. Bueno Spa offers revolutionary technological innovations at a great price. They are committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing.

The main difference of Bueno Spa, is their emphasis on quick, nationwide delivery. They keep a large stock of spas so you can be confident you don’t have to wait months for wellness.

Key Features of Bueno Spa Hot Tubs

Bueno Spa hot tubs are developed with ergonomics in mind, from the neck massagers, to the seating. Bueno Spas are designed to relax fatigued muscles and provide refreshment. All standard lounge seats have unique massage configurations, with a focus on the most overburdened body parts.

Main Models of Bueno Spa

BuenoSpa is known for it’s focused collection of affordable, high-quality tubs.

  • Atlanta Hot Tub – The Atlanta is their smallest dual lounger hot tub, perfect for small spaces or those looking for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.
  • New York Hot Tub – The New York is a 6 seater medium sized hot tub with a full sized lounger.
  • Jersey Hot Tub – The Jersey is a 6 seater hot tub with  lounger, capable of being placed in smaller locations.
  • Boston Hot Tub – The Boston is a dual lounger, 5 seater hot tub perfect for small spaces.
  • Chicago Hot Tub – The Chicago is their largest, open seating hot tub with 7 bucket seats.

Bueno Website and Recommendations

Vist the Bueno Spa website to learn more about one of the most accessible hot tub brands in the US. They offer fast, nationwide delivery on some of the most fairly priced hot tubs on the market.

Dimension One Spas

323 votes

Dimension One Spas launched in 1977 and grew quickly into one of the USA’s top hot tub brands. Known for their quality, Dimension One Spas adds premium features to every one of their models, making them a great choice for people who want a superb leisure experience every time they step into their new spa. Their models are known for luxury, clear water, and lower operating costs due to full foam insulation on every hot tub.

Key Features of Dimension One Spas

All of Dimension One Spas’ models come with extra features, with an emphasis on quality. Dimension One Spas led the way in developing the curvilinear spa, a design with four rounded corners, shaped like a cloverleaf. Their hot tubs use an integrated app, the D1 Smart Tub App, so you can control your hot tub from a phone, tablet, or even your Apple watch. They also use ozone water purification as a standard benefit for all their hot tub models, giving you clean water all the time.

Main Models and Product Lines of Dimension One Spas

Dimension One Spas organizes their models into three different product lines:

  • The Amore Bay is their flagship model. It seats up to seven people, features, their patented curvilinear shape, 60 jets placed all around the tub, two Flex Therapy Pillows, lights, fountains, and the UltraPure Plus water purification system.
  • The Reflections Collection features 10 hot tub models designed to accommodate the discerning buyer. These range from the small Triad model, suited for two people, up to the large Executive model, designed to accommodate up to nine in comfort.
  • The @Home series shows off nine hot tub models specifically designed for those who want luxury, but may have a more limited budget. There are size options from 2-3 people all the way up to 6-7 seats. Each hot tub incorporates the high-quality features Dimension One Spas is known for.

Dimension One Spas Website and Recommendations

You can visit Dimension One Spas for more information, to download their product brochures, or to find a dealer near you.

We recommend Dimension Spas because they offer a superb combination of brilliant design, premium construction, extra features, and a large product line with options for every build and budget.


306 votes

Jacuzzi is one of the best-known brands of hot tub. For many people, Jacuzzi simply means hot tub. Their long heritage includes being the first to develop, market, and succeed with in-home spas and outdoor hot tubs. Jacuzzi is known for its quality and commitment to beautiful design.

Key Features of Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi emphasizes quality and customization for all their hot tubs. Each mode comes with a base price, but this quickly changes as customers add the features they would like for the perfect personalized experience. Their beautiful designs incorporate waterfalls, lighting, and smart app controls for nearly all models.

One unique thing about Jacuzzi is their in-home line of products. Bathtubs, showers, and accessories can transform your bathroom into a personal spa you can use all year round.

Main Models and Product Lines of Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi’s hot tub range focuses on three tiers, the 200, 300, and 400 series of hot tubs. They also offer a Swim Spa line and the Play line to cater to the more budget-conscious buyer.

  • The J-200 line-up features classic hot tub models with standard jets, water filtration in two stages, lighting, and cup holders.
  • Jacuzzi’s J-300 series uses upgraded jets, an advanced control panel, the HydroSoothe Pillow, and easier maintenance through the CLEARRAY on-demand system.
  • Luxury buyers will be most interested in the J-400 series, featuring Jacuzzi’s top models. Rotational PowerPro Jets, Adjustable headrests, high seat backs, extra lighting, and a soothing waterfall make the J-400 a truly luxurious backyard retreat.

Jacuzzi Website and Recommendations

Check out Jacuzzi’s website for an extensive list of their hot tubs, bathroom models, swim spas, and accessories.

Jacuzzi is known for their innovation and quality. We recommend this brand for luxury buyers who want to go with one of the top brands available.

Sundance Spas

305 votes
sundance spas (1)

Sundance Spas caters to the high end of hot tub buyers with 26 hot tub models across four main product lines. Most of these are in the luxury price range, but the build quality and attention to detail make them ideal for people wanting to invest in a luxury addition to their backyard.

Key Features of Sundance Tubs

Sundance Spas feature the Fluidix Jets, which don’t use moving pieces and require less maintenance. These jets are controllable to create a personalized massage like a Shiatsu session. In addition to the Fluidix Jets, Sundance Spas also use UV light to purify water as well as the CLEARRAY PROTECT Automatic Oxidizer to ensure sparkling clean water.

Main Models and Product Lines of Sundance Spas

Sundance Spas sells hot tubs in four main product lines:

  • The 680 series is the most affordable series and features classic hot tubs with accessories such as cup holders and plug and play compatibility with standard household plugs.
  • The 780 series is a step up with spiral-action lounge seats, Fluidix Jets, and better cabinet styling. The 780 series also uses the patented Accu-Pressure Seats to relieve tired muscles.
  • The 880 series showcases Multicolor SunGlow LED lighting, AquaTerrace waterfalls, and an advanced i-Touch control system.
  • At the peak of the models, the 980 series adds extra touches, combining the Fluidix jets with Silent Air injector jets and SunScents aromatherapy to create a special spa experience.

Sundance Spas also introduced a new product line, called the Splash series, designed for those with more budget constraints. These smaller models come with modern build quality and design, but are available in a much lower price range.

Sundance Spas Website and Recommendations

You can find the Sundance Spas website here and look through their product catalogue. We recommend Sundance for those with a considerable budget who are most interested in the build quality and extras such as aromatherapy and waterfalls.

Bullfrog Spas

300 votes
bullfrog spas (1)

Bullfrog Spas is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of hot tubs in the USA. They have an extensive catalogue spread over five different product ranges. Their biggest innovation is the customizable JetPack therapy system. With models across all price ranges, you can find a Bullfrog Spas hot tub to suit your purposes and budget.

Key Features of Bullfrog Spas Hot Tubs

The JetPack Therapy System is a set of 18 interchangeable jet options. Each hydrotherapy board can be removed easily and exchanged for a different one so everyone gets the massage that suits them best.

Changing the way jets work unlocked another innovation for Bullfrog Spas: their efficient plumbing. The streamlined connection to each JetPack reduces the plumbing by up to 90%, thus requiring less powerful pumps. Lower use and strain on the pumps reduces maintenance costs as well.

Other Bullfrog Spas features include extras such as Spa Audio systems, customizable seating, and lighting options for each tub.

Main Models and Product Lines of Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas offers hot tubs across five product ranges. Here are a few highlights:

  • The M Series spas offer a personalized luxury experience complete with cover lifters, Wi-Fi push notifications, premium LED lighting, and a design studio to create just the right hot tub for your life.
  • Bullfrog Spas’ STIL series features premium waterfalls, personalized massage through the JetPack system, and advanced touch controls.
  • The A Series is a slight step down in price, but still packs great quality with features like premium spa lighting, a Patio Performance cover, and fully insulated sides with high-density foam.
  • Even more budget conscious buyers will enjoy the R Series with its premium waterfalls, EnduraFrame construction, Patio Performance cover, and high-density foam insulation.
  • Billed as “affordable quality, the X Series features much of the same construction techniques and options, but with more limited design options and no JetPack massage boards.

Bullfrog Spas Website and Recommendations

For more information, you can view the Bullfrog Spas website to compare their models and prices available in your area.

Bullfrog Spas focuses on quality and premium features. Their lower operating costs will suit the eco-conscious buyer, while budget shoppers might be better off looking elsewhere.

Hot Springs

291 votes
hot springs spas

Hot Springs is another established brand with roots going back more than 40 years. They have delivered key innovations, such as the fully insulated hot tub with underwater lighting and top-loading filters, the moving massage jet, and many others. While Hot Springs focuses on luxury, they also offer more options for smaller hot tubs than other brands, making them a great choice for those looking for a more compact model.

Key Features of Hot Springs Hot Tubs

One unique feature of the Hot Springs brand is the emphasis on energy efficiency and operating costs. All their models come with energy-saving features, such a dimmable lighting and fully controllable jets. They also offer the FreshWater Salt System designed to generate chlorine from salt to create clean water with less guesswork. Their titanium heaters resist corrosion to keep running at top efficiency and also come with a patented pump shroud system designed to recycle any excess heat from the pumps.

Main Models and Product Lines of Hot Springs

There are three main lines of Hot Spring spas: the Highlife, Limelight, and Hot Spot Collections. Here is a quick summary of each one.

  • Soak in ultimate luxury with the Highlife Collection. These tubs feature the Moto Massage DX Jet, 100% no-bypass filtration, wireless remote control, and six different designer shells.
  • Hot Springs’ Limelight collection features tubs with multiple jet options, including the Combination XL jets, FiberCor insulation, a custom-designed spa cover, and the FreshWater Salt System.
  • The Hot Spot collection is the least expensive line of Hot Springs models available. Each one features gorgeous finishes, LED lighting, the SmartJet system, and the FROG @ease in-line sanitation system.

Hot Springs Website and Recommendations

For more information, you can visit the Hot Springs website and download product brochures, compare models, and explore the options.

Hot Springs is a great brand for those seeking energy efficiency, quality builds, or a smaller hot tub with the features of a larger model.

Caldera Spas

288 votes
caldera spas

Caldera Spas launched in 1976 and works with Watkins Wellness, a manufacturer that has built more than 1 million hot tubs. Caldera Spas’ product range focuses on affordability instead of variety. This means they have fewer models available with a smaller number of features, but their hot tubs may be far more affordable than luxury brands.

Key Features of Caldera Spas Hot Tubs

Caldera Spas features hot tubs built for mass market use, so their feature list is slightly more limited. However, they do offer several significant upgrades and design characteristics.

First is their commitment to energy efficiency. They build hot tubs with FiberCor insulation, which is up to four times denser than polyurethane foam. This keeps running costs down, even in colder climates.

Second, their hot tubs all have hydrotherapy massage jets as standard fittings. These jets are positioned well and provide a good spa experience.

Finally, several of their hot tub models can be upgraded with saltwater sanitation. This improves the cleaning and filtering of the water, thus lowering operating costs and reducing maintenance time.

Main Models and Product Lines of Caldera Spas

Caldera Spas offers hot tubs in three main lines:

  • Their top line, the Utopia range, comes with touchscreen controls, saltwater filtration, and extra jets for your hips, wrists, and neck. Models seat between 3-8 people.
  • The next range available is the Paradise line, featuring hot tubs that seat 3-7 people. A unique feature of this range is the Circuit Therapy setup, which gives users a full massage as they switch seats in a 20-minute massage session.
  • The budget-conscious shopper can look at the Vacanza series. These 2-7 person hot tubs feature simple designs, in-line filtration, and the Circuit Therapy massage jets.

Caldera Spas Website and Recommendations

Interested shoppers can find more information on the Caldera Spas website. We recommend Caldera Spas for those looking for an affordable hot tub. Also, their 2-person model is a great choice for a couple with a tight space for installation.

Everest Spas

281 votes

Everest Spas has been producing hot tubs and spas for over 20 years. Their mission is to create elaborate products designed to enhance your life and leisure. They feature high build quality and innovations to reduce running costs.

Key Features of Everest Spas Hot Tubs

Everest uses a four-stage water filtration system to keep your water clear at all times. This includes a 100% no-bypass filter, 24 hour circulation pump, and Crystal Summit Ozone purifiers. Balboa, an industry leader in quality hot tub parts, supplies the internal parts and components.

Lower electrical costs are achieved by using the HeatBank Insulation system. This includes a sturdy aluminum frame, insulated floor, and high-density insulated panels to reduce heat loss through the sides of the spa by up to 68%. Cold bridge protection and thick covers complete the insulation envelope.

Technical and electrical innovations are just the beginning. Everest also includes beautiful LED lighting and user-friendly Balboa control systems to make every moment of the spa experience as enjoyable as possible.

Main Models and Product Lines of Everest Spas

Everest groups their spas by size instead of product lines. Here are their three size categories:

  • 2-3 person – There are three models in this size available. The smallest seats two, while the largest can fit four people in at a pinch. Each one comes with a waterfall, massage jets, and LED lighting.
  • 4-5 person – Six models are available to accommodate up to 5 people. They can be customized with waterfalls, hydro-massage therapy loungers, and up to 38 jets.
  • 6+ person – A further six more models complete the Everest product range of hot tubs. The top of the range is the Baikal model, seating up to 7 people. All six feature waterfalls, hydro loungers, and up to 70 jets.

Everest also offers a huge variety of colors. Each hot tub can be delivered in one of up to 15 colors.

Everest Spas Website and Recommendations

Everest is a well-known name in the hot tub and swim spa industry. Their products are known for low running costs, beautiful design, and high durability. You can view all of them on the Everest Spas website.

Arctic Spas

278 votes
arctic spas

Arctic Spas has been an innovator in hot tub design for a number of years. They were the first to deploy smartphone monitoring technology for their hot tubs and the first company to develop an all-weather hot tub for use anywhere in the world. Their hot tub ranges also provide many seating and price options, making them accessible for almost every buyer.

Key Features of Arctic Spas Hot Tubs

The most significant positive feature of the Arctic Spas’ models is their commitment to insulation and energy efficiency. Their FreeHeat system uses heat from the equipment in the cabinet to maintain hot tub temperature. The unique Forever Floor means every hot tub comes with a built-in pad, making installation simple.

Arctic Spas also developed the OnSpa and Spa Boy apps to make it possible to monitor and control your hot tub from your phone. The Spa Boy app also helps monitor specific water parameters for those who want a customized water mix.

Main Models and Product Lines of Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas offers a wide variety of tubs across three product lines. Here are a few highlights:

  • The top-end Custom series features a wide range of seating options, from the small Arctic Fox to the massive Summit XL. All of the hot tubs come with the smart control features and up to six different jet configuration options are available.
  • The Classic series offers more options at a slightly lower price point. Capacity ranges from 3-person models up to 7-seaters. These models have fewer jets and pumps, but maintain the same build quality and smart features.
  • The Core series is the lowest-priced model and features the smallest hot tub, the 2-person Cub model. These hot tubs maintain the same level of insulation, but have fewer jet options.

Arctic Spas Website and Recommendations

Those interested in one of these models can find more information on the Arctic Spas website. We recommend these hot tubs for anyone interested in extreme energy efficiency or those looking for a small hot tub for a couple of people.

Cal Spas

270 votes
cal spas

Cal Spas launched in 1978 as a product of California Acrylic Industries. What they are most known for is their variety of models. Their 2022 lineup includes 46 different models, including several swim spas. They don’t just build in bulk, though. Their innovations in the hot tub industry help them offer acrylic tubs made from top materials that look amazing without breaking the bank.

Key Features of Cal Spas Hot Tubs

To promote health, Cal Spas use hydrotherapy jets designed with their patented Adjustable Therapy System. Each of the seats comes with jets that can be adjusted according to nine programs to provide just the right level of massage pressure and intensity.

Another great feature of Cal Spas is their Cal Salt filtration system. This system uses salt electrolysis to produce pure chlorine from the very low salt levels in your hot tub. Using a lower salt level than a human tear, the hot tub can produce chlorine constantly to keep your hot tub clean and clear.

Main Models and Product Lines of Cal Spas

Unlike other manufacturers, Cal Spas offers many product lines, including accessories and surrounds. Their main hot tub systems are available in six different lines:

  • The Patio series offers four hot tubs seating 3, 5, or 6 people. Each one uses a special HP pump, has an LED waterfall, and also boasts an efficient 5.5 kW titanium heater.
  • The Escape series is a step up and offers 14 different models each equipped with elite cabinets, touchscreen controls, cascade waterfalls, and a dual pump system.
  • Building on the Escape series, the Escape-X series offers even more quality, with the Cal Armor covers, Touch2 full-color touchscreen, dual pumps, and beam LED lighting for gorgeous illumination.
  • Platinum series hot tubs offer the top of the range luxury for a total body hydrotherapy experience. You can use the Cal Spas Touch to control your tub or connect through your smartphone. Each hot tub maintains water flow with the Twin Pure Silk System, a titanium heater, and the DynaFlow filtration system.
  • The Swim Spa series, and the Swim Spa X-series feature many jets to create the wellness benefits of great exercise in the comfort of your backyard.

Cal Spas Website and Recommendations

For loads more information, you can read the Cal Spas website. We recommend Cal Spas for anyone willing to put time in to find exactly the right hot tub for your backyard.


267 votes
thermo spas

ThermoSpas is unique in the hot tub industry because they offer far fewer models than other companies, but their customization level is off the charts. Their entire range contains only ten models, but the options for each hot tub are immense.

Key Features of ThermoSpas Hot Tubs

ThermoSpas focuses on jet options to produce unique hydrotherapy massage sessions. Their jet choices include therapy jets, swirl jets, whirlpool jets, pulsating jets, and laser jets. These can be combined in their models to produce a huge variety that is unique among spa manufacturers. Each person can also control their own experience through the Total Control Therapy system.

Other innovations include a unique bubbling system, ThermoOzone Water Purification, and ThermoFiltration. ThermoFiltration is different because it filters 100% of the water up to 144 times per day.

The ThermoBoard top rails and cabinet ensure low maintenance and a long service life. ThermoSpas also uses top-notch continuous cast acrylic to create tub shells that are designed for long life and attractiveness.

Main Models and Product Lines of ThermoSpas

ThermoSpas offers the following product lines:

  • The Aquatic series has only one model, the Maui, that seat 2-3 adults. With 24-34 jets, the Maui can be customized with Pillow Jets, underwater LED lighting, and uses a titanium heater.
  • The Designer series offer four models with seating options for either 4 or 5 people. These feature dual built-in massage therapy seats, deep foot wells, and powerful whirpool jets.
  • The Executive series contains just one model, which seats 6-8 adults. With up to 125 jets, this top-quality hot tub offers an extra-wide lounge and corner therapy seating style with acrylic grab bars and cushioned head pillows.
  • The Fitness series has four models, ranging from the small Aquacisor up to the 17′ Swim Spa. These models come with LED lighting, adjustable currents, and air mixture to buoy swimmers. The large models also come with the unique FORM Swim Googles, a smart wearable that displays exercise results right in front of your eyes.

ThermoSpas Website and Recommendations

If you’re interested in totally customizable spas and hot tubs, check out the ThermoSpas website. We recommend these hot tubs for people with a clear idea of what they want or those who are committed to aquatic exercise in their backyard.

Master Spas

255 votes

Master Spas has a solid product line featuring 21 models across four separate lines. Michael Phelps, Olympic Gold medallist and swimming legend, backs their hot tubs and swim spas.

Key Features of Master Spas Hot Tubs

Master Spas offers a unique EcoPur filtration system across all their models and product lines. This system filters out dirt and debris using a filter cartridge infused with copper and zinc to mimic the way nature purifies water. The filtration system eases regular cleaning by reducing algae buildup and scale on the plumbing.

All the Master Spas models also incorporate their Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System. Professional athletes and physical therapists turn to magnetic therapy to aid performance and recovery. Each spa comes with a therapy seat as standard equipment.

Main Models and Product Lines of Master Spas

Master Spas offers the following product lines:

  • The Michael Phelps Legend series contains four models seating 4-8 people. These are fully loaded with magnetic therapy loungers, a massage footwell, and StressRelief Neck & Shoulder Seats.
  • Twilight hot tubs come in 7 sizes accommodating 2-8 people. Each model comes with EcoPur filtration to keep the hot tub water clean, dual pumps for plenty of pressure, and the Orion Light System.
  • Clarity models seat 5-8 people and feature EcoPur filtration, backlit cupholders, and the BioMagnetic Therapy System.
  • The most affordable model in the Master Spas stable is the Getaway product line. These include Icynene foam technology to improve the insulation and make each hot tub more energy efficient to lower running costs.

Master Spas Website and Recommendations

Master Spas offers a good range of 21 models all made in the USA. They have solid build quality and plenty of extra features. To get an accurate price, you’ll need to contact an authorized dealer.

Marquis Spas

252 votes
marquis spas

Marquis Spas strives to be the best hot tub for every type of spa owner, with a focus on hydromassage, extensive customizability, and a luxurious experience all at once. With its upgrades including aromatherapy treatments, anti-aging treatments, and variable LED lighting, the Marquis Spa is sure to make you feel supremely comfortable. There are over 23 models available in Marquis Spas’ many collections, so you will find one that suits your needs.

Key Features of Marquis Spas Hot Tubs

According to their website, Marquis Spas focuses on three main features.

  • High flow therapy involves delivering as much water as you can at a low pressure in an attempt to soothe muscle discomfort.
  • Their ConstantClean system, which runs cleaning cycles automatically for you to keep the water clean whenever you’re ready for a dip.
  • The MicroSilk program, which uses gentle exfoliation and soothing ingredients to help cleanse and soothe the skin without irritating it.

Marquis Spas also offers LED lighting, twin bluetooth speakers, and built-in coolers to keep your beverages cool.

Main Models and Product Lines of Marquis Spas

Marquis Spas offers four main product lines:

  • The Celebrity collection offers a wide variety of standardized features, from an illuminated waterfall to a Bluetooth-enabled audio system.
  • Marquis Elite Series spa systems use a better system architecture than traditional spas. They deliver quieter, more efficient operation, and a better hydrotherapeutic experience. Compared to similarly equipped hot tubs from the leading brands, Marquis Elite provides a superior combination of performance, quality, and value.
  • The Marquis Spa’s Signature Series go all out on style with surrounding wooden cabinetry. Their model The Show has 82 jets, whereas their model The Euphoria has seven seats. Incorporating both luxurious and hydrotherapy treatments, the Signature range is certain to dazzle, but for a high price.
  • Their flagship product is called the Crown Collection, which they claim is “a masterpiece of innovation.” That’s because this new collection takes features from the Vector 21 line, which features six tub baths and is geared toward hydrotherapy with upgraded features at every turn.

Marquis Spas Website and Recommendations

If you’re interested in superb hot tubs with extra features, then you should check out the Marquis Spas website. These hot tubs are suitable for those with a substantial budget who want to add some bling to their backyard.

Vita Spas

246 votes
vita spas

For over 30 years Vita Spa has been synonymous for quality, comfort, and innovations. They’re committed to offering exceptional experiences with our company, products, and services for life. For those who sell, install, and own spas, and for those who enjoy them, Vita Spa relentlessly pursues programs that make owning a luxury spa easier and more fun.

Key Features of Vita Spas Hot Tubs

All the Vita Spa features enhance your spa experience by making it a peaceful place where you can relax and find full-body rejuvenations.

AquaGlo provides gentle lighting that helps you relax so you can lose yourself completely. Vita Spa control panels allow you to choose your preferred settings easily and eliminate any hassle. Enjoy your favorite music when you soak in the spa with the easy-to-use Vita Tunes.

Northern Exposure® is an innovative thermal barrier technology that recycles the free heat energy for efficient heating. All four sides of this spa, including the floor and cover, have copper lining to reflect radiant heat energy created by the pumps back into the water. The plumbing and shell absorb the heat to help maintain water temperature at a lower cost.

Main Models and Product Lines of Vita Spas

Vita Spas offers four main hot tub lines to help everyone find the hot tub features and entertainment options they are looking for.

  • The 700 Series is the largest set of spa models Vita Spas offers. They have seating options for 6-7 people, the CleanZone ozone system, and AquaGlo lighting to set the perfect mood.
  • The 500 Series is slightly smaller, but still packs in plenty of customization options at an affordable price. The Smart Touch II Control Panel and massage options help you find the perfect model for your backyard.
  • The 300 Series features a composite wood cabinet and offers seating options for 2-7 people. The small Amour Couples’ spa is a brilliant choice for a couple with limited space on their deck.
  • The 100 series is at the low end of the hot tub prices for Vita Spas. This is a quality hot tub for 4-5 people at very competitive prices for those who want to have luxury in their backyard without spending a fortune.

Vita Spas Website and Recommendations

To explore their products further, head over to Vita Spas’ website. Their price range includes models suitable for most budgets.

Saratoga Spas

234 votes

The Saratoga Spa Company has been around for almost 50 years. They have a very rich history in spa design and innovations because they’re part of the Imperial Pools family. One of the significant benefits of Saratoga Spa models is that they are made by hand from the original mold designs. Each Saratoga tub will give you a unique and high- quality look.

Key Features of Saratoga Spas Hot Tubs

Saratoga Spas builds hot tubs with a focus on efficiency and durability. Their Protegrty shell Rigidizing System increases the strength and quality of their entire spa shell. This added rigidity extends your spa’s life and its durability for years of enjoyment and use.

Saratoga Spas can create a wonderfully relaxing experience with a Luxury Splash stylish lighting system and the Saratoga Spa music system. These work together to create a brilliant audio and visual system that will help you enjoy every moment of your soak.

Main Models and Product Lines of Saratoga Spas

Saratoga Spas offers 19 hot tub models across three lines. Here is a quick summary of each of them.

  • Looking for the best in hydrotherapy and ultimate design convenience? Look no further than the Luxur­y Spas line. With the Versa-Flo air control system and ProJet stream valve, you can enjoy high-quality valve systems that deliver maximum efficiency.
  • There are eight spa types to choose from in the Special Edition series. Just like the Luxury Spa lineup, the Special Editions spa lineup is known for its durability. You get a Multi Weather Cabinet, a Tri Layer Spa Shell, Custom Circulations Cycles, a Deluxe spa cover, and Thermal Bond Wrap insulation.
  • The Cottage Spa lineup has three hot tub models with seating for 4-5 people. These have up to 38 jets and affordable options you can find on higher-end models.

Saratoga Spas Website and Recommendations

There is plenty of information on the Saratoga Spas website. We recommend Saratoga Spas for those who are looking for a boutique hydrotherapy experience.

Viking Spas

204 votes

Viking Spa offers a variety of spa features, including spa controls, cabinetry, and therapy components. Viking chooses the most reliable manufacturers for each category. All Viking spas feature stainless steel jets that offer a variety of therapies with different jet nozzle sizes. They offer beautiful premium cabinetry that looks and feels just like real wood and requires no maintenance. With high end components, Viking can offer one of the best warranties available in the industry.

Key Features of Viking Spas Hot Tubs

All Viking spas have passed and are listed on the California Energy Commission (CEC) website. This is the most stringent energy testing in the spa industry. All Viking Spas meet or exceed these standards. Look into the Arctic Package to get the most energy efficient Viking you can afford.

Comfort is at the forefront of Viking Spas, which is clear in their ergonomic seating arrangements. The unique seating styles include everything from zero-G lounge chairs, captain’s seats for two, barrier-free multi level seating and three-dimensional seating that allows unobstructed movement with comfort everywhere you go.

A plug-and-play is a good choice if the cost of installing a 240V line is prohibitively expensive or impractical. Plug-and-play spas come with a 15 amp GFI cord already installed. Plug it into an electrical socket and fill it with water. If you decide later on that a 240v spa works for your needs better, an electrician can easily convert this spa without the necessity of purchasing another one.

Main Models and Product Lines of Viking Spas

There are three major lines in the Viking Spas product line-up. Each one features various seating options and comfort options for your enjoyment.

  • The Elite Series line features open seating with captain seats in the corners. Barrier-free seating enables users to move easily from one seat to another to take advantage of different treatment options. These spas are so spacious that they allow for genuine conversation between bathers.
  • The Viking series contains multiple seating options, finishes, and jets to offer everyone the perfect hot tub for their backyard. Each one features LED lights, dual pumps, and stainless steel jets.
  • The Aurora series is pitched at the more affordable price range and suits those with less space for their installation. The least expensive alternatives are very affordable, while the more expensive plug-and-play options have all the features of the top of the line Viking Spas.

Viking Spas Website and Recommendations

Visit the Viking Spas website to pick out the best hot tub for you. We especially recommend the Aurora series for those who want a premium hot tub but have limited space for their installation.

Dynasty Spas

199 votes

Dynasty Spas creates a unique product by investing time into developing well-built spas using the highest quality materials and creating a state-of-­the-art therapeutic and entertaining user experience. A large amount of research has gone into the jet placement at every Dynasty Spa. These spas provide relaxation, stress relief, and therapeutic benefits. From comfortable seating with UV resistant padded seats to powerful pumps, Dynasty revitalizes both body and mind.

Key Features of Dynasty Spas Hot Tubs

Dynasty Spas has been innovating for several decades and their hot tubs have many amazing benefits for their users.

The K1000 has a color display with touchscreen capabilities and a bright, fun experience. Mode and function selection wheel, all-on/off one touch activation key with interactive display icons and on screen reminders make for a unique interface. Get immediate feedback from your spa and seamless interactions with your spa.

Dynasty Spas has also developed their SimpleClear Water Sanitization system using a high-intensity vacuum ultraviolet. This system neutralizes waterborne pathogens to reduce the chemicals you need to use in your spa.

Main Models and Product Lines of Dynasty Spas

There are 27 hot tub models and 4 swim spas in the Dynasty Spas product range. Each one has a set of options to help tailor the hot tub to your budget and installation needs.

  • The Hideaway Series has an entry level price point. Optional features include a circulation pump, in.Touch remote spa operation, and Reflectix Insulating Foil Wrap.
  • The Passport Series includes four models in 7′, 8′, with loungers and benches. These tubs feature two-tone hydrotherapy jets, LED filter well lighting, Bluetooth audio, and digital controls.
  • The Affinity Series includes five models in 7′ and 8′ sizes as well as lounge and bench seating options. With so many options available, the Affinity series is certain to please.
  • The Allure Series is the largest series and offers top of the line standard features and many options. They can be equipped with LED illuminated jets, in.Stream audio systems with Infinity speakers, and RMAX insulated panels.
  • The all new Radiance series provides stunning underwater light shows and a full range of luxurious standard features. The in.Mix adjustable and independent zone LED light system provides 113 points of bright light that shine from the footwell up the side of the seat to the spa lip and controls. The visual delight of the water flowing through a beautiful spectrum of colors adds unique charm to your spa’s atmosphere after dark.

Dynasty Spas Website and Recommendations

Discover more on the Dynasty Spas website and choose the best model for your lifestyle. These may be the best hot tubs for those who really want a delightful visual experience.

Catalina Spas

191 votes

Catalina Spas offers the best in cutting edge technology and high quality relaxation and exercise equipment. Catalina spas are built to last for years of trouble-free performance even if they’re used frequently or daily. They build spas with high-quality, energy-efficient heaters, pumps, and other components.

Key Features of Catalina Spas Hot Tubs

Catalina groups their features into the “Classic” and “Luxury” groups. The Catalina Classic options include a Balboa sanitizer, ozone sanitation system, stainless steel waterfalls, and multiple LED lighting selections.

The Luxury options include the exceptional Gecko K1000 spa controls. Buttons, programming sequence and flowcharts have now been replaced with colorful, four inch touch screen Geckos. All on/off and last used settings, messages and notifications are always within easy reach. You can set up water care and power saving settings easily. With pre-programmed settings, you can restrict operation during high demand periods, filter your water daily, or maintain the temperature at any time of day.

Main Models and Product Lines of Catalina Spas

Catalina Spas offers far fewer hot tub models than other manufacturers, but their line of swim spas is much more extensive.

  • Their hot tubs are all in the Catalina Luxury series. The small Kennedy 3-seater and the much larger 7-seat Hampton all have the same options, such as LED backlights for waterfalls and headrests, and the Eternitree Forever Frame for durability.
  • Catalina Spas features a much larger selection of swim models. These range from a short 12.5′ model all the way up to a 21′ Pool. They come with adjustable flow, can be customized with LED lighting, and there are several models dual temp modes for even more personalization.

Catalina Spas Website and Recommendations

If you’re interested in a fantastic swim spa, check out the Catalina Spas website for more information. We recommend these for those interested in exercise.

Clearwater Spas

188 votes

Clearwater Spas manufactures some of the more ecologically friendly hot tubs on the market. Their EcoSpray finish contains no styrene content and does not release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They also use quality parts from top suppliers such as Gecko, Balboa, and Waterway.

Key Features of Clearwater Spas Hot Tubs

Clearwater Spas has created their CLEAR water filtration system. The system combines four technologies in one system. There are four stages of filtration:

  1. Stage one is a Copper and Silver Ionization System. This purifies water by removing harmful chemicals and inhibiting the growth of algae and microorganisms. It reduces the need for chemical sanitizing agents.
  2. Stage two uses a magnet to give the water a positive charge by polarizing its molecules. This makes the water smooth and reduces the number of particles that would otherwise pass through the filter.
  3. Stage three uses UV-C technology to kill pathogens as the spa water passes over a focused wavelength UV lamp.
  4. Stage four is an ozone generator. Ozone is an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent used to purify water. It helps to reduce the need for chemicals by eliminating bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Standard features also include LED lighting, touchscreen controls, and beautiful water features.

Main Models and Product Lines of Clearwater Spas

Clearwater Spas offers 16 spas over three main product lines. Here is a summary of each series and what they offer to the buyer.

  • The Beachcraft series offers four hot tub models seating five to seven people. There are up to 66 jets designed for a brilliant hydrotherapy experience. LED lighting and superb water features make these tubs a beautiful addition to anyone’s backyard.
  • The Northwest series boasts four hot tub models that also seat five to seven people. They have fewer jets, but still have LED lighting and the Eco-Foundation fully insulated floor, as well as a number of other features as standard.
  • The Evergreen series is the most affordably priced hot tubs available from Clearwater Spas. They have all the standard features, such as their ozone purification system and an insulated DuraTech cabinet.

Clearwater Spas Website and Recommendations

Customers looking for high quality hot tubs at reasonable prices should check out the Clearwater Spas website. We recommend these hot tubs for the buyer who is conscious of their budget.

Beachcomber Spas

167 votes

From the beginning, Beachcomber Spas has always believed in integrating form, function, and fit into every hot tub we design. They believe in building better quality hot tubs than anyone else. And they’re committed to doing so with the finest quality materials. Beachcomber’s mission is to “never create something without a purpose, but make everything they create attractive and interesting.”

Key Features of Beachcomber Spas Hot Tubs

We could all use some extra energy. Hydrotherapy is one of the reasons why so many people love beachcomber hot tubs. They provide a little boost when we need them most. But most people just want to use the absolute minimal power that’s required, so they take key measures to make sure that the massaging jets run at their lowest possible settings and use the least amount of electricity possible. The result – the most warmth with the least energy.

Beachcomber also produces environmentally friendly products, using natural enzymes to treat hot tub water. They developed a proprietary Care Free System which requires fewer products, less maintenance and less demand on nature’s resources.

Main Models and Product Lines of Beachcomber Spas

The product lines get a little blurred because of the way Beachcomber Spas describes their products. However, there are three main product lines with a few variations of models.

  • The 300 series is very reasonably priced and packs fantastic features such as the Eco3Wall with icynene foam, all-motion hydrotherapy, and an Energy Saver Management System to reduce operating costs.
  • The 500 series is a step up in quality with more jets, the Hybrid4+ system, and a lifetime warranty for the acrylic shell. There are also Britewerx FlexJets and Everlite Mood lighting.
  • The 700 series is loaded with the very best Beachcomber features. Illuminate your night time soaks with the exclusive Star Trail™ corner lighting and the soothing Roman Arch waterfall.

Beachcomber Spas Website and Recommendations

If you’re interested in Beachcomber Spas, you can learn more on their website. Beachcomber Spas offers deals regularly, so we recommend them to those looking for a discounted hot tub with solid features.

Nordic Hot Tubs

144 votes
nordic spas

Nordic Hot Tubs offers some of the most affordable models on the market. They keep everything as simple as possible to focus on providing comfort, therapy, and leisure at the best value. Nordic offers a limited lifetime warranty for their shell and shorter warranties for the systems in the hot tub.

Key Features of Nordic Hot Tubs

Nordic is different because they focus on simplicity of design without ignoring the attractive features currently taking over the hot tub market. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • The topside controls are simple, so you’ll only have to learn how to use them once.
  • Nordic offers a dual therapy system with a high-volume whirlpool water flow and targeted jets to provide direct pressure massage for maximum therapeutic benefits.
  • Many of their most popular models come with a 110v plug and play option. This makes installation convenient and puts a hot tub within the reach of anyone’s budget.

Main Models and Product Lines of Nordic Hot Tubs

Nordic Hot Tubs offer five different product lines with 26 different models to choose from. Of these, six models are plug and play remakes of other models.

  • The Luxury series has three hot tubs that seat either 6 or 8 people. These have all the features of expensive hot tubs, such as the Northern Lighting Package option and the dual pump system for better pressure.
  • The Sport series offers five hot tubs seating between 2-7 people. This series features fully adjustable Nordic Star jets, a 3HP pump, and the No-Float lounger.
  • The Modern series provides a choice of six hot tubs that can accommodate between 2-6 people, including three very nice options for two and three seat hot tubs.
  • The Classic series is a throwback to the days of the round hot tub. There are six models available with seating for five or six people. Each model has a deep footwell and Nordic Star jets for soothing therapy.

Nordic Hot Tubs Website and Recommendations

For those looking for a hot tub with a limited budget, check out your options on the Nordic Hot Tubs website.

American Whirlpool

133 votes

American Whirlpool Hot Tubs continue their tradition of building hot tubs that are enjoyed for the lifetime of their owners. It shouldn’t be surprising that American Whirlpool is made by MAAX Spas, an industry leader in luxurious hot water products.

MAAX® was founded in 1969 with the founding modern fiberglass and metal technology. From the beginning, they have been committed to long-lasting, high-quality products, innovation, and customer satisfaction. MAAX® Spa has earned a good reputation for sticking to its original values. Today, MAAX® Spas continues the tradition by offering the world‘s first appliance grade hot tubs.

Key Features of American Whirlpool Hot Tubs

American Whirlpool builds hot tubs that feel luxurious and smart to use. One of their big selling points is the range of hydrotherapy options and jets available with each hot tub. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Comfort Collar – This unique pillow supports your neck and cradles your head while providing gentle massages to your neck and shoulders.
  • Physician Designed Performance – Each seat is designed for maximum comfort and performance.
  • Foot Relief Zone – The Foot Relief Zone provides relief for the feet by targeting the upper and lower parts of each foot.
  • TheraMAAX Jets – Our scientifically designed TheraMAAX™ jets maximize performance and enhance the massage action.

American Whirlpool hot tubs also come with proprietary smart touch screen controls, ergonomic control valves, and a 3-layer insulation system for maximum performance.

Main Models and Product Lines of American Whirlpool Hot Tubs

American Whirlpool doesn’t divide its models into product lines quite as clearly as other hot tub brands. However, there are several distinct set of spas you can choose from.

  • The 100 series has three hot tubs with seating for between 2 and 7 people. These are great for the budget-conscious buyer who still wants to feel a luxurious hydrotherapy experience with up to 40 jets.
  • There are seven hot tubs in the 200 series, with the smallest being the 4-person 250 and the largest, the 281, accommodating up to six people. Optional factory-installed Bluetooth audio and CleanZone Ultra filtration add value to these models.
  • In the 400 series, 8 models can accommodate between 2 and 8 people. These come with steel sub-structures, underwater LED lighting, Shiatsu massage seats, and loads of optional extras.
  • The 800 series has only two models, seating either 5-6 people or 6-7 people. However, these are luxurious hot tubs featuring multiple jet configurations, three pumps for full pressure, and factory-installed options to make every experience more enjoyable.

American Whirlpool Website and Recommendations

American Whirlpool has a good website with a wealth of information for you to discover. We recommend these hot tubs for anyone living close to one of their dealers.

Tuff Spas

120 votes
tuff spas

Tuff Spas focuses on a smaller lineup than many other manufacturers and builds hot tubs designed to last for years. Their shells come with a lifetime warranty and their Tuff Top Covers are superior to many others on the market. Tuff Spas also offers financing options to spread the payments over a 60-month period.

Key Features of Tuff Spas Hot Tubs

The Tuffest Spa on the market just got Tuffer. This new and exclusive design holds over 1,000 pounds and never needs to get replaced, saving you hundreds of dollars. The cover makes your spa even more energy efficient and is covered by the same lifetime warranty as the shell of the tub.

Tuff spas feature a solid one-piece base, which allows you to set them up on any flat, level surface. You don’t need to spend extra money to have a pad poured for your spa. All spas come with large access panels located on each side of the tub which allow for easy access to the tub’s equipment, including the pump, heater and plumbing, jets, control board, electrical hook-up and light and drain. It makes any maintenance on the spas simple and easy.

Main Models and Product Lines of Tuff Spas Hot Tubs

Tuff Spas has a much smaller product line than other hot tub manufacturers, but this may work to your advantage. It is easier to choose a hot tub when there are fewer choices.

  • The Standard line features four models with seating capacity between 2 and 7 people. These are competent hot tubs, with well-placed jets, a light, and a digital display.
  • The Platinum series seats between 2 and 5 people. These models are upgraded with more jets, multi-colored LED lights, and full body therapy solutions.

Tuff Spas Website and Recommendations

For more information, head over to the Tuff Spas website and read about their hot tub models. We recommend Tuff Spas for those looking for a solid entry-level tub built to withstand heavy use and harsh weather.

Atera Spas

11 votes

Atera Spas is a USA hot tub manufacturer that offers a unique product: their AnyTemp spas. They feature hot tubs that can also cool the water for those who want a refreshing dip in cool water for therapeutic or personal reasons. The company is base in Arizona, but delivers across the USA.

Atera Spas Key Features

The most significant feature of Atera Spas is their patented AnyTemp construction. Refined and built in Arizona, these hot tubs can also be chilled so they are just as refreshing in the middle of the summer heat as they are in the winter chill.

The spas can achieve a temperature difference of 30 degrees below ambient temperature, meaning they can cool you off on a summer day and be easily changed to warm you up when the chill sets in.

The spas also use an enzyme purification system based on nature’s own use of bacteria. This keeps your water clean without the need for bromine, chlorine, or ozone.

Main Models and Product Lines of Atera Spas

Atera Spas offers five different spa sizes with multiple options for each one. Every spa features a cabinet made from recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact of producing a hot tub. The cabinets are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

The hot tubs are also heavily insulated with polyurethane foam, an integrated pad, and the Comfort Cover designed to fit snugly on top of every hot tub.

Models are available with seating options for 2-8 people, with a lower and higher number of jets per size. Each model also comes with the optional AnyTemp technology for those who want a cool pool as well as a hot tub.

Atera Spas Website and Recommendations

For more information, please visit the Atera Spas website. We recommend these spas for those who live somewhere with very hot summers who want to use their hot tub all year round.

Dream Maker Spas

88 votes

Dream Maker Spas manufactures rotational molded spas. It was one of the first companies to introduce this type of manufacturing to spas.

Dream Maker Spas has been innovating and leading the way for years. It’s the exclusive manufacturer of products that use their patented and proprietary Syncrylic technology.

Their goal is simple. They want to provide superior products that allow people to enjoy leisure, recreation and wellness — no matter how much space they have for a hot tub, or how much they choose to invest in the best marriage of health and pleasure.

Key Features of Dream Maker Spas Hot Tubs

Dream Maker Spas’ proprietary formula for spa products is lighter and more durable than traditional acrylic and available on all spas made by Dream Maker Spa. Syncrylic was developed to provide the beauty of acrylic while retaining the toughness of polyethylene.

Dream Maker hot tubs can be equipped with a factory-installed Bluetooth audio system. The speakers and controls are mounted in the shell and available on any Bluetooth enabled device.

The outside of the hot tub can also be jazzed up with a factory-installed LED lighting package. This lights up the perimeter of the tub to create a brilliant effect for your backyard.

Main Models and Product Lines of Dream Maker Spas

Dream Maker groups their hot tubs into two main line-ups. Each one has different seating options and numbers of jets.

  • The Crossover Collection offers hot tubs seating 5-8 people. Each hot tub is made with the proprietary Syncrylic material and has numerous options for jet numbers, color combinations, and can be fitted with factory options such as Bluetooth audio and upgraded lighting.
  • The Cabana Collection provides hot tubs to seat 4-5 or 5-6 people with vari-flow adjustable jets, digital controls, and a dual pump system. A suite is available with steps, planter, handrails, and a cover lifter.

Dream Maker Spas Website and Recommendations

For more information, check out the Dream Maker website. While some of their models have been discontinued, their suites are a good choice for people who want a matching set of accessories to fit into their backyard.

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