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10 Hot Tub Deck Ideas For Inspiration [2024]

While many people choose to put a hot tub on a patio, others opt for a deck. A deck can create the perfect backyard oasis because it allows for space around for people to sit and relax. Of course, everyone’s deck is going to be different depending on the space and look you’re going for. That’s why there are so many different ideas out there to suit just about any scenario.

You don’t need a large space to have a hot tub deck. Many hot tub deck ideas can suit a smaller space too. This is great for people who want to have the best of both worlds, a relaxing hot tub, and some extra area to entertain. 

These days, more people are choosing to stay home and are looking for ways to upgrade their space and make it feel more like a vacation. A hot tub deck is one way to make that happen. If you want a deck around your hot tub but just aren’t sure what design to go after, we have 10 simple hot tub deck ideas to get you thinking.

1. Hot Tub Deck with a Lot of Space

If space is not an issue in your yard, you may want to consider an idea like this. This is a recessed hot tub with plenty of room to relax. This design even has built-in mood lighting for that bonus feature.

Hot Tub on Large Deck
Photo: BobVila.com

2. Tiered Hot Tub for a Small Space

Not everyone has a lot of space for a hot tub and deck. That’s why hot tub ideas like this tiered model exist. This is an easy, yet smart way to get some deck space around your hot tub.

Small Space Hot Tubs
Photo: BobVila.com

3. Teak Deck with Hot Tub

A teak deck provides a sleek look for any hot tub. This one featured on HGTV also has a wall around it. If you have the space, why not go for it?

Hot Tub on teak deck
Photo: HGTV & Jeff Troyer Associates

4. Composite Hot Tub Deck

When it comes to hot tub deck ideas, this composite deck is becoming pretty popular. It’s more durable than wood which is great and it’s also resistant to the sun. You can build your hot tub right into the deck for a perfect look.

Composite Hot Tub Surround
Photo: BobVila.com

5. Pergola Gazebo Deck

Why not add a pergola to your hot tub deck? This design brings the best of both worlds with its elegant look.

Elevated Hot Tub Deck with Pergola
Photo:  www.pergolagazebos.com

6. Hot Tub on a Wooden Deck

This is a simple idea that gets the job done. If you don’t want to spend a lot, but still want a deck around your hot tub, this may be the way to go.

outdoor hot tub with leather cover deck setup on the backyard
Photo: www.flickr.com

7. Hot Tub on an Existing Deck

Here’s another simple idea for a hot tub deck. You’re getting some much-needed space around your deck while using what you already have. If you have the space already there, you might as well put it to good use.

close-up view of the hot tub area of the deck. Two custom benches were also built to meet the customers needs
Photo: www.flickr.com

8. Hot Tub Gazebo Deck

Don’t let any wet weather spoil your hot tub time. A gazebo hot tub deck is an idea to consider if you want to use your hot tub rain or shine and don’t want to get wet.

Hot Tub Gazebo
Photo: BobVila.com

9. Wooden Walkout with Hot Tub

If you have a lot of backyard space, this wooden walkout may be an option. This wooden walkout deck with a hot tub gives you plenty of space for entertaining and relaxing.

Wooden walkout deck with hot tub. House exterior in Tacoma. Northwest, USA
Photo: Backyardboss.net

10. Tiered Decking

If you have a lot of backyard space, consider this tiered decking look. It has space around the hot tub as well as above thanks to a couple of added steps.

Hot Tub Deck Ideas Inspiration
Photo: NetLuxury.net

Things to Consider about a Hot Tub Deck

If you’re thinking about investing in a hot tub deck, be sure that it is sturdy enough to handle your hot tub, especially if you’re putting it on an existing surface. Also, be sure the deck is on a flat surface for the hot tub for obvious reasons. You want to have enough space to relax and entertain, so sometimes smaller may be better if you can’t accommodate a large deck on a flat surface.

Many people also put a gate around their decks to prevent any accidents. You’ll want to check your local town guidelines when it comes to gates around pools and hot tubs. If you are getting a professional installer, they can also verify the guidelines for you.

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