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The Best Large Hot Tubs to Buy in North Carolina

5-6 Person Hot Tubs For The Whole Family

A hot tub can be a great way to provide both physical and mental relief for you and your family. Hot tubs provide physical relief through warm water and massage jets as well as give you somewhere to go to destress and unwind from your day and also can be a great place for socialization. Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes typically ranging from two to eight people.

If you have a larger family, plan to host friends in your hot tub, or simply want a more spacious hot tub, you should be looking at larger hot tubs with a greater seating capacity. We're going to look into the best large tubs to fit the whole family and compare our favorite models.

Family Best Large Hot Tubs

The Benefits of a Large Hot Tub

Before we embark on comparing some of our favorite large hot tub models, let's first take a moment to discuss why you should consider getting a large hot tub and its many benefits:

Greater Seating Capacity

A smaller hot tub can definitely serve the purpose of a hot tub. You can certainly relax in the warm water with massaging jets. However, if you have a larger family a small hot tub won't be very useful. A hot tub won't be comfortable when it's not spacious.

A 5-9 person hot tub will have more seating space with additional benches and loungers. This will ensure the whole family can enjoy the hot tub without feeling cramped.

More Footwell Space

Many people consider a 7' or 8' square hot tub to be "large," but the reality is that when four individuals sit in the spa, it feels much smaller.

With more people sitting in a smaller hot tub it can feel as if there's hardly any footwell space, which leads to uncomfortable bumping and shuffling around.

Larger hot tubs are often rectangular, with a considerably larger footwell to accommodate all of those legs.

More Jets

A larger hot tub means more space for massaging jets. More jets equals more massage possibilities and a more soothing atmosphere. Having a large number of jets also ensures that everyone receives the excellent massage that you would expect from a personal spa.

A larger spa also allows each seat to have customizable jets to provide a personalized massaging experience to every person.

Entertaining Guests

A hot tub experience instantly becomes more enjoyable with more people. The best part about a large hot tub is that you can entertain guests or host a hot tub party whenever you want to.

A larger hot tub has a greater seating capacity and is more spacious meaning your guests will be thoroughly comfortable and entertained.

Epic Hot Tubs' Favorite Large Hot Tubs

Let's take a look at some of our favorite large hot tubs:

Our Best Large Hot Tubs #1

Amore Bay Hot Tub

Dimension One Spas are designed with a larger focus on creating the ultimate massage experience. With over 40 years of experience, Dimension One has worked to perfect its hot tubs. Dimension One has patented over 30 unique parts to contribute to the best massage possible from a hot tub. Most notably, their hot tubs feature their patented Jet Therapy Pillow™ which adds an extra level of relaxation to your soak. 

The Amore Bay is a 7-person hot tub with 2 loungers. With 60 powerful jets, this hot tub has the ability to provide an amazing massage experience. The hot tub is the perfect way to relax, and it has all of your favorite features. Its soft curves make for an unmatched experience with its cutting-edge design that you won’t find anywhere else!

Our Best Large Hot Tubs #2

Executive Hot Tub

If you’re looking for a hot tub with the greatest number of seating options, the Executive hot tub is your way to go.

This model showcases the most seating options D1 has ever offered, with a seating capacity of 9 people. The large open bench seating makes sure there is room for everyone when you’re hosting a lot of people. 

Our Best Large Hot Tubs #3

Baikal Hot Tub

Everest Spas carries a large line of different-sized tubs with relaxation and socialization in mind. Their products are designed with the comfort and durability to be enjoyed for many years to come. Many of their tubs are designed for families and have room for everyone.

The Baikal hot tub is a 7 person hot tub. This hot tub has 69 jets, with each seat having a different number of jets to provide a personalized therapeutic experience. Underwater lights and an underwater fountain add the perfect taste for a relaxing atmosphere.

Our Best Large Hot Tubs #4

Superior Hot Tub

The ‘Superior‘ model is a five-person hot tub with one lounge seat. This model provides the ultimate full-body massage with its 64 jets and two jet pumps.

What is distinctive about the Superior is the targeted leg jets. While most hot tubs have massage jets, not many focus on a full body experience and only focus on the back and shoulders.

Our Best Large Hot Tubs #5

Chairman Hot Tub

This Dimension One model has a seating capacity of 6 people.

The Chairman is an exclusive hot tub that offers a number of unique features such as the UltraLounge with programmable massage sequences and two powerful jets pumps for ultimate relaxation or meditation effect. The controlled multi-level seating will fit everyone in your family and still be comfortable. 

Our Best Large Swim Spa #1

Como 45 Swim Spa

The Como 45 Swim Spa is the perfect way to get away from it all and relax in an endless pool with private hot tubs.

This luxurious aquatic facility has six seats for lounging or massages, as well as five individual massage jets layout specifically targeting different muscle groups so you can enjoy your time spent swimming and get an added massage. And if easy access wasn’t enough reason alone this unit offers steps which means getting into any part/all parts within seconds

Our Best Large Swim Spa #2

Sorrento 48 Swim Spa

The Sorrento 48 Infinity Swim spa is the perfect alternative for a swimming pool with infinity swim jets. Sorrento Swim Spa 48 was introduced as the most advanced infinity swim spa in the Everest Spas’ lineup.

With a seating capacity of 5 people, this swim spa has room for the whole family. It has 33 massage jets to provide a therapeutic experience and promises a relaxing evening for everyone!

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