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The Best Small Hot Tubs

Feeling stuck trying to pick the right hot tub size? We break down the benefits of going small and share our favorite smaller hot tub models.
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Purchasing a hot tub can be a great investment for both your physical and mental well-being. They provide physical relief through warm water and massage jets as well as give you somewhere to destress and unwind from your day. Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes typically ranging from two to eight people.

If you have a smaller yard, you might have the misconception that you’ll never be able to fit a hot tub there. However, that’s far from the truth. We’re going to look into the best smaller tubs for when a large tub just doesn’t make sense and compare our favorite models.

Benefits of a Small Hot Tub

Takes Up Less Space

There’s no reason why a smaller backyard should restrict your enjoyment and relaxation. If you’re worried about fitting a hot tub in your limited space there’s no need to fret.

Smaller hot tubs take up less space while still making sure your backyard is transformed into a personal oasis.

If you have a 2-3 person family a large hot tub often doesn’t make sense. If it’s just you and your spouse what will you do with all that extra room in your hot tub?

A small hot tub is more suitable for smaller families. It also creates a more intimate and personal experience.

Having a smaller tub means a smaller to-do list when it comes to maintaining your water quality. A smaller volume of water requires smaller chemical dosages, which in turn leads to a lower chemical cost.

Also, when it comes time to drain and refill, it is much quicker to restart a smaller hot tub.

Smaller hot tubs also have smaller covers which are easier to remove and replace with just one person compared to a larger, more awkward cover.

A smaller hot tub is more lightweight. This means it will be easier to move if need be.

If you want to change up the placement of your backyard, moving a small hot tub won’t be that difficult as compared to a larger one.

Our Picks for the Best Small Hot Tubs

Now that we've gone over the perks of small hot tubs, let's take a look at some of our favorite and best small hot tub models:

Our Best Small Hot Tubs #1

Serenade Hot Tub

The ‘Serenade‘ model is a 2-3 person tub with one full lounge seat. It has 18 jets and runs on 240V, keeping this model tiny, but powerful.

Its rectangular shape reinforces its simple, stress free design. The 3 seats are at different heights allowing you to submerge more or less of your body which creates three unique experiences in one tub.

Our Best Small Hot Tubs #3

Tahoe Hot Tub

The ‘Tahoe‘ model is a four person tub designed with socialization in mind. It does not have a lounger which allows everyone in the tub to sit facing each other and carry on conversation.

It’s simple rectangular design is classic and easy to manage. The Tahoe has 19 jets and runs on 240V which ensures it has the power you need to enjoy.

Our Best Small Hot Tubs #4

Plitvice Hot Tub

The ‘Plitvice‘ model is a tub designed with a focus on style. Its unique rounded edge gives it a sleek and different look that commands attention.

It comes with one lounge seat for deep relaxation and 2 varying depth seats. This means you can have 3 unique experiences depending on where you sit. It has 24 jets in total and runs on 240V, which is what most large tubs use, so it is small, yet mighty.

Our Best Small Hot Tubs #5

Durasport G2B Diamond Plus 36 Hot Tub

This Strong Spas model is a 6ft tub without any lounger. This saves precious real estate that is often required in a small hot tub.

The Dursaport G2B Diamond Plus 36 is equipped with a DuraShield Hard Cover, which is ideal for rental, beach house, and mountain cabin properties.

Although it’s not one of our larger hot tub models, it features quite a variety of massaging jets to provide a hydrotherapy experience.

Our Best Small Hot Tubs #6

Durasport G2L 36 Hot Tub

The Durasport G2L Diamond Plus 36 is one of our best selling Strong Spas model. It has a single lounger which makes it a good choice for small hot tubs and smaller families.

This hot tub is equipped with a 36 jet system, a lighted ice bucket, and tray. It also comes with an easy to use hard cover that is super durable. The best part is that the hard cover comes with a lifetime warranty!

Our Best Small Hot Tubs #7

Verona Hot Tub

The Verona is one of our most popular dual lounger hot tubs. The two loungers are strategically situated so that you and your partner can both comfortably relax and enjoy the therapeutic massaging jets.

With 3 headrest pillows and 38 jets, the Verona can seat up to 5 people.

Is a Small Tub The Right Choice For You?

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