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the best dual zone swim spas

The 4 Best Dual Zone Swim Spas in North Carolina

Looking into a dual zone swim spa but don’t know what’s best for you? We analyzed all the swim spas on the market and compiled our top four available in NC. Learn more!

Salt Water Hot Tubs Pros and Cons

Salt Water Hot Tubs: Pros and Cons

Looking into a hot tub but not sure if you should go with a salt water hot tub or not? Learn all you need to know in this article including 11 pros & cons.

The Best Swim Spas for Family Fun

The 4 Best Swim Spas for Family Fun

Swim Spas are great for entertaining friends or spending quality time with your family. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite swim spas for family fun and entertaining to help make the spa buying experience as easy as possible.

how to use a hot tub without chemicals

How to Use a Hot Tub Without Chemicals

Create a sanctuary-like atmosphere and enjoy natural hot tub relaxation with minimal chemicals. Discover all the ways to reduce chemical use, for a low maintenance, sustainable spa experience.

Are New Hot Tubs More Energy Efficient? Is it Worth the Investment for Energy Savings?

Looking into buying a hot tub but have questions about energy costs? We’ve taken a look at what makes a hot tub energy efficient, and if newer models are worth the investment for energy savings.

How much does a sauna cost to run

How Much Does a Sauna Cost to Run?

Having an at home sauna is an amazing necessity, but how much does it cost to run? We answer those questions and more. Read more.

Are Wellis Hot Tubs Energy Efficient

Are Wellis Hot Tubs Energy Efficient?

Get the facts on Wellis hot tubs and energy efficiency. Discover cost savings and brand specifics in our 2023 guide.

is a hot tub tax deductable

Is a Hot Tub Tax Deductible?

You may be able to deduct a portion of your expense from your tax returns when purchasing a hot tub as a medical expense. Learn how!

barrel sauna benefits

Benefits of a Barrel Sauna

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits, as well as some possible drawbacks and common questions about this type of sauna.

Jacuzzi vs Dimension One Spas

Jacuzzi vs Dimension One Hot Tubs [2023]

Jaccuzi and Dimension One are two similar yet popular hot tub brands in the United States. Want to find out which one is better, and what’s the difference? Read more.