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The Best Swim Spa Brands You Can Buy in the USA

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Selling Swim Spa Brands in the USA

The best swim spa brands help treat sore muscles and boost your endorphins- all in the comfort of your own place. We’ve ranked the best swim spa brands for you and covered everything from their features to model lines. The swim spa prices may differ, but it’s important to consider them an investment, as they don’t come cheap.

The swim spas are decked with heavy power jets to develop a current to swim against. You can adjust the speed of the jet according to your fitness needs. Meanwhile, the speed can be kept low for a comfortable soak if you want to unwind.

The swim spa can also be used as a hydrotherapy pool as you have a large surface with an efficient grip to prevent users from slipping. You can also add water weights and other machines to swim spas. You can perform a complete gym session without leaving your spa.

The swim spas can also be used as swimming pools and swimmers can practice swimming laps with ease.

You can adjust the temperature of the water so you can work out according to your comfort, and some models also offer built-in speakers to let you listen to your favorite songs. If all of these features don’t answer the question, “Are swim spas worth it?“, we’re not sure what will.

Here is a list of the best swim spa brands. If you are unsure about which swim spa you should opt for, our guide will help you.

Best Swim Spa Brands

Wellis Spa

66 votes

Wellis Spa creates some of the best Swim Spas on the market and are known for their luxury design, ergonomic features, and state-of-the-art technology. Their innovative designs come with low energy consumption and are easy to set up and use. With Wellis Spa, you can get the perfect combination of relaxation, exercise, and fun in your own backyard. Whether you want to just relax or enjoy an invigorating massage session, their swim spa provides you with the perfect solution for your needs.

Key Features of Wellis Spa

With their amazing W-Flow technology, you can enjoy a fully customizable exercise experience, perfect for any fitness level. Whether you’re training for competitive swimming or wanting a swim spa for water aerobics, Wellis will offer a fully custom experience for any needs.

Wellis also offers Scandinavian insulation and semi-recessed in-ground variants that allow you to truly find the perfect spa for your needs and climate. In addition to the color therapy lighting, bluetooth speaker options and WiFi integration, a swim spa from Wellis Spa comes with everything you could want.

Main Models and Product Lines for Wellis Spa

Wellis Sps have a unique range of SwimLine models and products to offer:

  • The Danube W-Flow is a smaller 15 foot swim spa perfect for fitting a fully featured swim spa into smaller places.
  • The Amazon W-Flow is the larger Wellis swim spa perfect for those very dedicated to swimming at the highest level. It features two seats and 26 jets for the perfect hydrotherapy relaxation spot after your workouts.
  • The Rio Grande W-Flow is the dual zone option that comes with all of the possible features you could need with it’s hot tub and swim spa combo. The hot tub side comes equipped with 40 hydro massage jets and a lounger, and the swim spa size features a 12 foot long fitness area and it’s W-Flow system.

Wellis Spa Website and Recommendations

To learn more about one of the best swim spa manufacturers, you can check out the Wellis Spa website. We recommend Wellis Spa to everyone looking for an amazing swim spa experience.

Everest Spas

63 votes

Everest Spas has been a hot tubs and spas producer for the last 20 years. They aim to design elaborate products for quality life and leisure. They work towards innovation and aim to develop high-quality products and lower running expenses.

Key Features of Everest Spas

The technical and electrical advancements of Everest Spas are noticeable. Everest offers LED lighting and a user-friendly Balboa control system to make your spa experience memorable and enjoyable.

Lower electrical costs are possible with the help of the HeatBank Insulation system, which lowers the heat loss through the sides by up to 68%.

Everest Swim Spa uses a four-level water filtration system to keep the water clean. It has a complete no-bypass filter, round-the-clock circulation pump, and Crystal Summit Ozone Purifiers.

Models and Product Lines of Everest Spas

  • 2-3 person: You have three models available in this size. The smallest model has a two-person seating capacity, while the largest has four bench seating. It includes a waterfall, LED lighting, and massage jets.
  • 4-5 person: The company offers six models in this range, including a hydro-massage therapy lounge, waterfall, and jets.
  • 6 person: The company offers six models in this range. The top of the line is the Baikal model with 7 seating.

Everest Spa Website and Recommendation

Everest Spa is a big name in the hot tub industry. It aims to produce a low running cost, durable and beautiful products. For more information, you can check out their website.

Endless Pools Swim Spas

62 votes

Endless Pools have revolutionized home fitness for decades, and they continue doing it. With Endless Pools Swim Spas, you can get the benefits of swimming, private workout sessions, and fun time for the entire family in one package. At Endless Pools, they create experiences and develop exceptional products. The company set standards in portable swim spas and aquatic fitness technology.

Key Features of Endless Pools

Endless Pools swim spa range is available between 1,200 gallons to 2,395 gallons which is big enough for a whole family.

A dropdown menu option, “Build your Endless Pool,” helps you customize your spa according to your requirements.

The Swim spa develops a current using a 16-inch propeller, which is stronger than that produced in jetted swim spas. This makes the current bubble-free and deeper.

Main Models and Product Lines for Endless Pools

  • Their E-Series offers four models with incomparable resistance current, robust, smooth, and easy to adjust for exercising, unwinding, and swimming. Combined with their exclusive current technology, luxurious seating, and appealing cabinets, your family will love the luxury and convenience.
  • Their X-series models offer it all. Experience airless 4-jet current for relaxation and variable resistance. Check out their two models and know how you can make the most of these exercise systems more than any other jetted swim spas.
  • Their R-series models offer a perfect balance of resistance and relaxation. It is recommended for family fun, pool parties, and good memories. Teamed with three airless VIP jets, the current is great for playtime and aquatic workouts. The two models exude quality, value, and versatility.

Cal Spas

59 votes

Established in 1978 as a California Acrylic Industries product, Cal Spas is known for its various models. The company’s 2022 lineup is comprised of 46 unique models, including their swim spa lines. They have innovated in hot tubs and offered cost-effective, top-material acrylic hot tubs and swim spas.

Key Features of Cal Spas

Cal Spas has hydrotherapy jets crafted with an Adjustable Therapy System for health. Every set has a jet that can be altered according to programs to offer just the perfect massage pressure and intensity.

The second best feature of Cal Spas is its salt filtration system. It uses salt electrolysis to manufacture pure chlorine from the low salt levels in the tub. Cal Spas can manufacture chlorine consistently and help keep the tub clean using the salt level.

Main Models and Product Lines of Cal Spas

Cal Spas has several product lines to offer and spare parts and surrounds.

  • Their Swim Spa Series and Swim Spa X-series have several jets to offer wellness advantages of great exercise in your backyard.
  • Their Patio Series offers 4 hot tubs for 3, 5, or 6 people. Each tub has an HP Pump, waterfall, and a 5.5KW titanium heater.
  • Their Escape Series includes 14 unique models, and every model has high-quality cabinets, smart controls, cascade waterfalls, and a double pump system.

Michael Phelps Swim Spas

60 votes

Michael Phelps Swim Spas help you balance your fitness and wellness goals with a fun time with family. A Michael Phelps Swim Spa comes with a wide and smooth current to help you swim, jog, run or exercise in the water with zero stress gravity. The massaging spa jets calm your muscle pain and tension, and the water temperature is perfectly adjustable according to your mood and weather.

Key Features of MP Swim Spas

The Wave XP Pro Propulsion system offers a broader, deeper, and smoother current which is modifiable.

The MP line of swim spas is high-tech, offering insulation, heating, and filtration systems.

Main Models and Product Lines for Michael Phelps Swim Spas

  • Their MP Momentum Deep Swim Spa offers two water bodies, a hot tub on one part, and a swim spa on the next. It offers the best of both worlds, providing fun, relaxation, and exercise in one place.
  • Their MP Signature Deep Swim Spa Series has the biggest swim area, highly recommended for fitness lovers and swimmers.
  • Their MP Force Deep Swim Spa is designed to offer health and wellness needs and a smaller area for a smaller backyard.

Arctic Spas

52 votes

Arctic Spas offers you hot tubs engineered smartly to withstand the world’s harshest climate. With their innovative engineering, you can enjoy your hot tub luxury spas in your personal space. The company aims to meet its customer needs with high-quality employee dedication and a great dealer network. It consistently strives to offer innovative solutions to make the hot tub an amazing experience.

Key Features of Arctic Spas

The OnSpa technology lets you assess and control your hot tub status from anywhere in the world through your phone.

SpaBoy automated saltwater system tests and adjusts the water to maintain the perfect conditions in the hot tub.

The Core Series comes with vacuum-formed long-lasting ABS Bottom, which is insulated and seals the spa’s underside.

Main Models and Product Lines for Arctic Spas

  • Their Custom Series with eight models offers uncompromised excellence with amazing comfort and high technology that is fully custom-designed according to your top-class hot tub needs.
  • Their Classic Series includes five models designed with classic engineering to showcase the best of their hot tubs.
  • Their Core Series with five models showcases their core values to fit nearly any budget.


43 votes

Since 1986, SwimEx has been producing top-quality swim spa pools and aquatic exercising and therapy machines, consistently evolving to withstand time. Their products are known for appealing fiberglass construction, universality, and water current technology. SwimEx offers an incredible experience for training, exercising, unwinding and rehab.

Key Features of SwimEx

SwimEx exclusively offers paddlewheel water current technology providing the smoothest, broadest, and deepest current flow.

The SwimEx Edge is a touchscreen monitor that helps to operate the pool. The touchscreen helps with scheduled exercise routines, adjusting current speeds, and running the underwater treadmill.

It features a self-powered treadmill to help you exercise against the smooth resistance of water.

Main Models and Product Lines for SwimEx

  • Their 400 Series has a flat floor, ideally recommended for relaxation, exercising, and entertainment. The efficient paddlewheel water current spreads across the pool and features 99 adjustable speeds to manage all levels.
  • Their 500 Series involves a compact water therapy machine with limitless versatility. It comes with different performance zones, access steps, and plyometric pads.
  • Their 600 series is a powerful swimming lap pool with extreme versatility and function.
  • Their 800 series offers an open workspace with a 66-inch water depth and 30-inch water current depth. It is recommended for exercising and swimming.
  • Their 1000 series is the company’s biggest and most versatile pool, with a 99-speed modifiable water current, three different water depths, and a big still-water treatment part.

Barefoot Spas

42 votes
arctic spas

Headquartered in Chesterfield, Barefoot Spas’ product line includes hot tubs and swim spas. It is one of the cheapest swim spas to meet your budget. Every Barefoot Spa product is designed to meet the needs of an American family.

Barefoot Spas Features

Advanced technology for energy saving and efficient hydro-treatment performance. The spa is decked with air control valves that collect air injected into the hydrotherapy system.

Exo-Jet Hydro Therapy systems are a new-gen jet design. The company uses Pro-Loc, which amazingly enhances the performance and look of the jet bodies.

Models and Product Lines of Barefoot Spas

  • Their Classic Series is one of their most budget-friendly swim spa models. It offers high-quality construction and comes with a tagline of a “just set once and forget it” control system. The hot tub is decked with a comfortable lounger, offering space to relax and stretch.
  • Their Limited Series offers comfort and luxury with good upgrades and an efficient seating system. It has dual adjustable jet zoning to offer an amazing spa experience. During the night, you can enjoy the enhanced perimeter lights.
  • Their Platinum Series has everything you need, from quality and functioning to configuration. The hot tub is made of high quality and is amazing for those looking for beauty and effective performance. The perimeter lighting and lustrous interior fountain add to the look.

HydroPool Swim Spas

41 votes

Headquartered in Mississauga, Canada, Hydropool Swim Spas belongs to Hydropool Hot Tubs Inc. The company was established in 1970 as an industrial swimming pool company, and in 1978 it emerged as one of the first hot tubs and swim spas retailers in North America.

Key Features of HydroPool

You can enjoy hot tub unwinding sessions without any stress of cleaning. Its Self-Cleaning Pure Water technology cleans the water every 15 minutes.

Hydropool tubs are designed to be the most energy-efficient swim spas globally.

The hot tubs surpass your expectation with a high-quality ergonomic design. All seatings are crafted for full-body comfort and support.

Main Models and Product Lines for Hydropool Swim Spas

  • Their Play Collection has one model, which is the best for individual cross-training mini-pool designed specifically for athletes. It has 2 round swim jets and 4 lit waterfall jets.
  • Their Aquatic Collection is a family of six swim spa models offering all exercise benefits at reasonable prices. It offers self-cleaning support, LED lighting, Core Stream jets, and a Soft-Stride floor mat.
  • Their Exclusive Collection is the best fitness pool known. All four models have a patented current collector with dual Hydropfall Pillows and AcuFlow Swimjets.

H2X Fitness Swim Spas

40 votes

Owned by Master Spas, H2X Fitness Swim Spas is known for its high build quality and unique exercise pools. The Master Spas brand offers the combined benefits of water exercise and separate hot tub therapy so you can keep wellness in check and enjoy your day too.

Key Features of H2X Fitness Swim Spas

Different swim spas of H2X Fitness Swim Spas have different stainless steel jets to create current resistance to make you swim against. This makes the pool one of the best swim spas for in-pool strength training and cardio exercising.

Their swim spa models include a Wi-Fi module to help you control specific pool features through the app.

It comes with a Soft-Tread floor system included in the entrance and middle of the swim spa to offer higher traction and cushioning below your foot.

Main Models and Product Lines for H2X Fitness Swim Spas

The Master Spas company has three different model lines to choose from:

  • Their Challenger Series offers airless swim current and elite performance with programmable speed. It is recommended for athletes and trainees.
  • Their Trainer Series offers an air-injected swim current which adjustable speed. It is recommended for therapy seekers and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Their TheraPool Series is majorly fitness-oriented and offers an air-injected flow stream with double speed. It is recommended for aqua therapy.

Swim Spa Reviews

Finding the best spa brands can be challenging, and just because they rank high on our swim spa manufacturers review, it may not be the best option for you. Make sure you take into account the key features from each of our swim spa reviews above and decide which features are most important to you. Perhaps you are searching for the cheapest swim spa or have a higher budget and would prefer a high quality but still affordable swim spa. In either instance, you may want to look more in depth at particular swim spa models from each swim spa manufacturer to see the options within your price range.


So, now that you have gone through the swim spa models offered by every company, you know different brands in different series offer several swim spa models. We preferred companies that offered wide therapy selections, paddlewheel current systems, and jetted swim spas.

Every model is unique and has its pros and cons. The best thing is that you can customize most swim spas according to your preference and add features like lights, and more jets, making them more comfortable.

So, do your research and then make a proper selection of the swim spa model you prefer for your family. Different models meet different requirements. While some have amazing health benefits, others give you a fun time with your family.

Choosing a reliable Swim Spa USA dealer in your area is also suggested to make the most of your purchase.

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