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Wellis Spa Dealer in Raleigh & Durham, NC

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Wellis Spa Dealer in Raleigh & Durham, North Carolina

Epic Hot Tubs is an authorized Wellis Spa Dealer in Raleigh & Durham North Carolina. We offer Wellis products at amazing prices and with immediate delivery to the Triangle. Every one of our Wellis products comes with everything you need including a cover, steps and starter chemicals.

Give us a call at  919-444-8500 or contact us to get your backyard project started!

Wellis Spa Hot Tubs

The Wellis hot tub lineup includes a variety of hot tubs from three product lines. The CityLine, MyLine and PeakLine hot tubs offer all of the hot tub choices you could want. Whether you’re looking for a large hot tub for parties, one designed for hydrotherapy, or accessible plug-and-play options, Wellis has you covered.

You can view our selection of Wellis Hot Tubs online or in our Raleigh & Durham showrooms.

Wellis Swim Spas

Wellis Spa swim spas are designed for everyone, from families to swimming enthusiasts, you can find a Wellis Spa perfect for your backyard. The W-Flow system integrated in their swim spas allow for users to adjust the flow to their desired intervals and intensity, perfect for all fitness levels. Equipped with state of the art technology, Wellis swim spas can be the ultimate training device.

Wellis Swim Spas are available in a semi-recessed design for semi-inground setups. This setup looks amazing and makes your swim spa incredibly easy to access.
Shop our Wellis Swim Spas online or visit our showrooms in Raleigh & Durham to learn more.

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Wellis Spa Warranty Information

The Wellis Difference

Wellis is known for providing high quality hot tubs & swim spas. You will feel the difference with a Wellis Spa. Made with premium materials, superior hydrotherapy, and unmatched comfort, you’ll find why Wellis is known for providing the leading luxury spa experience.