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Energy Efficient 6 Person Hot Tub

Wellis Lugano Life Hot Tub

One of the world’s most energy efficient hot tubs! It only consumes only 3.0 kWh per day!

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Lugano Life Hot Tub


Hot Tubs in Stock and Ready to Be Delivered Within a Few Days

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Product Description

An upgrade to its little brother the Malaga, this performance hot tub comes with all of the essential features a quality hot tub should have is offered at a very reasonable price. The Lugano hot tub was crafted to ensure it’s one of the simplest to own and operate while providing an unmatched experience. This combination makes this tub a great value for its price and a great investment in a tub that is built to last.

This spacious tub is not only perfect for hosting family and friends but features a spacious lounger for taller guests. It offers a large number of strategically placed, powerful, hydrotherapy jets designed to target various muscle groups, providing stress relief and rejuvenation for up to 6 people.

The circulation pump, Scandinavian insulation, and efficient jet design contribute to minimal energy use while maximizing heat retention, ranking this spa among the market’s most energy-efficient tubs in it’s class.

The innovative OzMix system is ozone with a mixing chamber, which is 20% more effective than ozone without a mixing chamber. This system eradicates a broad spectrum of bacteria other systems may miss. This reduces the need for as many chemical treatments, which can be beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin.

Also ask us about our automated spa cover lifter solutions to open and close your hot tub with a push of a button.

Product Specifications

Category Hot Tubs


2311 x 2311 x 889 mm, 7.6 x 7.6 x 2.9 ft, 91 x 91 x 35 in

Seating Capacity

Number of Loungers

Headrest Pillows


Total Number of Jets


Water Features

Illuminated Waterfall

Water Sanitation


Spa Jet Pumps

2 x 3 HP (1 Speed), Circulation Pump

Control System Brand


Control Panel Type



4 KW

Max Temperature

104 F

Power Support

Circuit Breaker Amperage

50 Amps

Water Capacity (Gallons)

365 Gallons

Water Capacity (Liters)

1382 Liters


1770 kgs Filled, 387 kgs Dry, 3900 lbs Filled, 853 lbs Dry

Shell Material


Shell Color in Inventory

Sterling Silver

Shell Color Options for Special Orders

Ice White, Midnight Canyon

Cabinet Color in Inventory


Lead Time for Special Orders

6-10 Weeks

Structural Frame

Recycled Composite

Cover Color Inventory

Graphite Gray

Included Add-Ons

Crystal Clean System, OzMix, Scandinavian Insulation

Premium Add-ons

Bluetooth Audio, Smart In-Step System, WiFi Controls

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The Lugano Life Hot Tub

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