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Hot Tub Season is Year-Round!

With a hot tub in your backyard, every day feels like a holiday. Epic Hot Tubs boasts a beautiful inventory of hot tubs to meet your exact needs.
Friends celebrating in a hot tub

Whether you want to relax, entertain, host parties, or enjoy intentional family time, you can do these things –– and more –– year-round in your hot tub! With a hot tub in your backyard, every day feels like a holiday, no matter the temperature outside. A hot tub is your ticket to celebrating 365 days of the year!

Celebrate the Holidays with a Hot Tub

The holidays are upon us. Winter is ushering itself in, and that means shopping, time with family and friends, good food, and all the warmth that we associate with this time of year. When New Year's Day rolls around, don't you wish you could extend the holiday season?

Having your own hot tub allows you to do just that. When you've got a hot tub, you can enjoy a holiday in your backyard every day of the year! Hot tubs are the perfect avenue for enjoying a cozy, intimate time with those you hold dear during the holidays ­­–– and all year long!

As you host friends and loved ones during this season, a hot tub allows you to slow down and relax from the fast-paced nature of the holidays. Relive stress and embrace the beauty of the season with a hot tub right in your backyard.

Entertain Every Day with a Hot Tub

The holidays mark a time where everyone is eating, celebrating, and reminiscing on beautiful memories. You're likely attending parties and celebrations –– and maybe planning a party of your own! Having a hot tub in your own backyard allows you to host fun and memorable parties and entertain guests during this season and throughout the year.

Hot tubs are ideal for parties, whether you've invited a group of close friends or want to facilitate new relationships along the way. The warm, soothing waters provide a relaxing atmosphere where your guests can unwind at the end of a long, busy day. Hot tubs create a cozy, exclusive atmosphere where your friends will feel totally at ease.

Putting a hot tub on your deck creates the perfect space for entertaining as well as time with your family. The holidays are a time for celebrating with loved ones, but it's also a notoriously busy –– and sometimes hectic –– season! Regardless of what the day has in store, a hot tub facilitates intimate and intentional family time. Instead of gathering around the television, your family can wind down together in your hot tub and simply enjoy being with each other.

But the winter holidays aren't the only time you can use your hot tub to entertain. Hot tubs are ideal for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying friends and family in every season.

Use a Hot Tub All Year Long!

No matter the weather, owning a hot tub allows you to entertain and relax all year long. You don't need to wait for the weather to get better; jump in your hot tub any time!

Hot tubs are the ultimate entertainment center for any home, regardless of the season. Everyone wants to gather at the home with the hot tub. It's the ideal setting for celebrating throughout the year.

1. Enjoy Your Hot Tub Every Day of the Year

If you want to enjoy your outdoor space throughout the year –– even in those cold winter months –– a hot tub is the right choice for you. From New Year's Day to New Year's Eve, a hot tub provides entertainment, relaxation, and fun.

Most people only utilize their pools for a few months out of the year. When summer ends, pool parties do too. But when you own a hot tub, you extend parties through the fall, winter, and spring. Having a hot tub means the parties never stop!

Every month –– and sometimes every week –– you, your family, or your friends have something to celebrate: a birthday; an anniversary; a promotion, or a new job. Throughout the year, you're celebrating special occasions and holidays. Having a hot tub means it's a holiday in your backyard 365 days of the year!

2. Everyone Has Room for a Hot Tub

Pools require a significant amount of space. Unless you live in a detached home with a yard, you likely don't have the option of owning a pool. But because hot tubs require only a small space, almost anyone can own their own hot tub.  

Even with a small backyard space, you, your family, and your friends can enjoy the luxurious experience of soaking in a hot tub. From January to December and all the months in between, celebrate every day like it's a holiday with your hot tub.

3. Hot Tub Installation is Simple

Installing a pool is a multi-day endeavor. Big machinery must roll through your yard and dig out a place for your pool. Then installing the pool itself requires hours of work –– and stress! After the pool is in the ground, you'll need to build a fence for safety purposes. By the time the pool is finally full of water and ready for swimming, you only have a few months to enjoy it before it's too cold to swim.

But hot tub installation is completely different and much simpler. Your hot tub is delivered to your home, and set up is a breeze. No big excavation projects, no need to spend time and money building a fence. And the best part: you get to enjoy your hot tub all year, not only during the summer. You can celebrate every season from the luxurious comfort of your hot tub. Just a few steps to your deck or backyard, and you can relax and entertain all year long!

Hot Tubs Provide More Than Entertainment

When you have your own hot tub in your backyard, you'll find that it's a hot spot for parties and the perfect way to entertain and show hospitality to your friends. But hot tubs provide more than entertainment. They're the best way to relax and rejuvenate after a long day of working, parenting, running errands, or holiday prep. The massaging jets and warm water soothe tired muscles and relieve stress.

Many hot tub owners utilize their backyard spas as a sleep aid. Hot tubs surround you with warm, relaxing waters that melt away the worries of your day. This helps many people with a hot tub more easily drift into sleep. A hot tub serves as a natural sleep aid, which is better for your body and mind than synthetic sleep aids.

Hot tubs provide endless entertainment all year long. But they do more than entertain. Hot tubs promote relaxation, better sleep, and reduce the stress often associated with the holidays. Enjoy the relaxation a hot tub promotes this holiday season, then reap the benefits all year long.

How to Enjoy Your Hot Tub Year Round

Hot tubs provide year-round enjoyment. Whether winter, spring, summer, or fall, hot tubs are perfect for relaxing, entertaining, and celebrating! With the holidays approaching, there's never been a better time to purchase a hot tub for your home.


In the winter months, you and your guests sink into the warm, soothing water while enjoying the crisp wintry air. There's nothing quite as magical as a relaxing dip in the hot tub surrounded by frosty air and snow on the ground. When the hot water soothes your tight, tense muscles, you'll be glad you decided to buy a hot tub of your own this season!

Because winter temperatures drop so low, hot tubs require more energy to heat up and stay warm during these months. To maintain temperature levels and keep your energy costs low, keep an insulated cover on your hot tub.


As winter fades away, spring arrives, and with it comes blooming plants, pollen, and plenty of rainstorms. Your hot tub provides a soothing environment for you to clear your allergies and soothe congestion resulting from the new blooms.

Protect your hot tub from falling pollen and other debris by keeping it covered even on mild, sunny days. A tight cover keeps your water clean and reduces maintenance costs.


Summer is a great time to use your hot tub. Everyone is in the mood to gather and enjoy one another's company. Hot tubs provide the perfect atmosphere for relaxing long into those summer nights.

As we go deeper into summer, we get more daylight hours, which means greater potential for sun damage to your hot tub. Protect your hot tub by keeping it out of direct sunlight whenever possible. An awning, gazebo, or even an umbrella provides sufficient shade to maintain the integrity of your hot tub for years.

As in other seasons, keep your cover on your hot tub even when it's sunny and beautiful out. Otherwise, the hot sun will evaporate the water from your tub.


Fall brings about gorgeous leaves, but those leaves can fall into your hot tub, clogging your filter and affecting your plumbing. When you set up your hot tub, keep clear from trees. Always keep the cover on your hot tub, especially during the fall.

Fall is also the perfect time to flush your tub's plumbing system before the cold of winter sets in.

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