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Swim Spa Sizes & Dimensions – How To Choose The Best One For Your Family?

Swim Spa Dimensions: What Size Swim Spa Should I Choose?

It is typical to have several questions when planning to buy a swim spa. Most of these questions will revolve around the following key elements:

  • Average swim spa size
  • Swim spa depth
  • Smallest swim spa you can get
  • Largest swim spa you can buy

There is no clear answer to what size of swim spas will work best for you as it will depend on several factors such as your preferences, number of intended users, your budget, and the space you have.

This article explains what you need to know about swim spa sizes and measurements. But first, we explain a few factors you should consider when deciding on the swim spa to get. Knowing your answers to these questions will help prepare you to answer the question “are swim spas worth it?“.

How Much Space Do You Have for Your Swim Spa?

Swim Spa Help

As with installing traditional pools, the space you have to dedicate to the swim spa is one of the first considerations when deciding the size to get.

The space you have is important whether you want to install the swim spa indoors or outdoors. It would be best to start by measuring the space you have for a clear understanding of the maximum room you can use. Also, if you will be installing the spa outdoor, check whether the ground is even and structurally sound enough to hold the weight on the swim spa.

For indoor installation such as the basement, garage, or sunroom, you also need to measure the total amount of space available that you can dedicate to the spa. Make sure to take note of room required for other things like flooring and ventilation, as you will tackle this later.

Measuring your space ensures you do not waste time shopping for something that will not fit your home or yard. Even if you can afford it, there is no sense in shopping for a 23-foot spa when you only have a 15 or 20-foot space in your backyard.

How Many People Will Use The Swim Spa?

Next, you need to think about the number of people that will be using the spa. Do you want something that the entire family can use together? Or do you want a spa just for you and your partner?

If the spa is meant for just one person or even a couple, the smallest ones on the market could work for you. Anything between 10 and 15-foot long should be suitable for 1 or 2 people and saves you money since you do not have to invest in larger swim spa models.

However, if you want something that your family of 5 or more people can use, have kids likely to bring friends over, or plan to host regular spa parties, you will need a larger swim spa. Besides being large, the spa should also have more swim space, and here anything that is at least 19-foot long is ideal.

What are the Heights of the Regular Swim Spa Users?

The perfect swim spa for you should accommodate all the intended users. Therefore, it is also important to consider the height of the regular users and make sure you can accommodate the tallest person in the group.

The taller the users are, the more space you need to ensure they can swim in the spa comfortably. For example, if some of the users are over 6-foot tall, you should not buy a 12′-14′ swim spa, despite these being some of the most popular choices, as there may not be enough space for them to swim.

In such instances, you need a spa at least 16-foot long to ensure that taller people can enjoy continuous swimming without bumping into the seats and steps.

How Will You Swim?

swim spa exercise

How you intend to use the spa and the swimming technique you would like to try in the spa will determine the amount of space you need.

Different swim strokes will require a varying amount of space. For example, if you want a spa that will allow you to work on your butterfly stroke, you have to get a spa with more space, given the movement involved in this stroke. Also, the spa you buy should provide enough resistance and swim current to accommodate your swim styles.

Moreover, if you also want a swim spa for exercise, make sure it has enough space to accommodate things like a rowing machine and underwater treadmill. If you also need more hydrotherapy jets, perhaps a swim spa with more seating is right for you.

Will You Use The Swim Spa All-Year-Round?

The size of swim spa you need will also depend on whether you intend to use the spa all year-round or seasonally.

Unlike traditional pools, you can use swim spas all year round, even as the temperatures drop in the cold winter months. And this is more so if you get a dual temperature swim spa with a separate hot tub tank that you can soak in when the weather is cold and the swimming tank that is perfect for cooling down on hot days.

There is a range of swim spas for almost any season, but larger swim spa options have their drawbacks in colder months. Their larger size means they hold more water, making them less energy-efficient and more costly to heat.

Smaller types of swim spas are preferable for all-year-round use since there is less water, which keeps running costs lower. If you still want a larger pool, you can save on running costs by going for an energy-efficient model.

The Surrounding Space


Given the amount of money you wil spend on a swim spa, regardless of its size, it is important to make sure you understand everything about it.

Besides measuring your space and talking with your swim spa dealer, you also need to consider how the spa will look on your property.

The are many swim spa installation ideas, but the chances are you already have a specific look that you want to create for the backyard in mind. The spa size you choose should help you achieve this desired look.

Size is important if you intend to create a swim spa deck where people can relax around the spa. In such cases, the spa you choose should not just be spacious enough but also leave adequate space around it to accommodate the sitting area.

Typical Swim Spa Sizes

Swim spas come in various size options, and some companies can even make custom ones that suit your specific requirements. However, there are some common sizes that most top brands will manufacture. These common sizes include the following 4:

1. Small Swim Spas (10 – 11 feet)

Small swim spas between 10 and 11 feet are meant for one or two people. They are typically just for relaxing and soaking in the warm water on a cold day or cooling down during the summer months.

These spas do not have a lot of space for swimming but can still work as a small pool for kids or a simple splash pool. Given their smaller size, most will also have fewer features, such as only having standard seats instead of jet seats.

The small swim spas are entry-level and are hence they are the cheapest. They will typically cost around $17,000 to $22,400.

2. Medium Swim Spas (12 – 16 feet)

Any swim spa between 12 and 16 feet is a medium-level model. These sizes can be perfect for 1 or 2 people looking for something that provides a decent size swim area.

Also, they are perfect for those looking for something with more versatile exercise options. Unlike entry-level spas, those in this category will utilize a greater number of powerful jets to increase resistance. They will also be a better choice for those looking for a hydrotherapy pool as they have more hydromassage benefits.

The price for mid-level swim spas wil average between $20,000 and 36,000, depending on the actual size, brand, and features.

3. Large Swim Spas (17 – 18 feet)

The larger premium or premier swim spas are typically between 17 and 18 feet long. However, many 16 ‘-17 ‘ range spas can also fall into this category, depending on their features.

If you are looking for a swim spa for fitness, something in this category will be perfect as they are typically equipped with more advanced fitness features. Also, they are typically deeper and wider to ensure you get more workout space.

Premier spas will also have other major advantages, such as delivering a deeper hydromassage since they include targeted jets and allow you to control the type of water flow you get. Some brands will include multiple massage functions and use propellers/paddlewheels to create a non-turbulent current.

These large top-tier swim spas will cost between $28,300 and $52,800.

4. Extra-Large Swim Spas (19 – 25 feet)

The last category includes the largest and most expensive swim spas, typically between 19 and 25 feet long. These spas are also the most feature-rich given their hefty price tag and will include everything you can get on spas in the three other categories.

Also, most extra-large swim spas will have special lighting to create an ambient environment when soaking at night and other things like jet propulsion and a therapy seat to help with muscle relaxation. You should also expect to get additional exercise equipment if you opt for one of these spas and other extras like waterproof sound systems.

They will also use an ultra-efficient filtration system that ensures maximum water sanitation because they accommodate more water.


The size of your swim spa will determine the space you get for swimming and how much room it takes up on your property. Also, it has a huge effect on the swim spa installation cost.

If like many other people, you have been difficulties deciding between a spa and a hot tub because of space limitations, you should also check out this article Swim Spas vs. Hot Tubs, as it compares the two in more detail.

Do you still have more questions about swim spa sizing? If so, talk to the Epic Hot Tubs team or visit our Durham or Raleigh Swim Spa Showrooms for a free consultation.

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