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How Much Does a Hot Tub Weigh?

Hot Tub Weight info

Investing in a hot tub can completely transform how you spend time relaxing in your backyard. However, buying a hot tub is a big investment. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration while making your decision. One of the prominent questions you should ask your hot tub dealer or research before making your final decision is, “how much does a hot tub weigh?”

Hot tubs are extremely heavy and require a proper foundation or support in order to be installed and function properly. To prepare your backyard for your new purchase, you need to know the weight of a hot tub.

The experts at Epic Hot Tubs want to make the hot tub buying process as simple for you as possible. We’re sharing how much a hot tub weighs and the factors that affect its weight.

How Heavy is a Hot Tub?

This is one of the foremost questions that pops into a new buyer’s head. You’ve seen different models, shapes, and sizes of hot tubs, but how much does a hot tub weigh in reality? While there are several factors that affect the answer to this question, let’s first discuss the average weight of a hot tub. Generally, you can expect a 56-square-foot empty hot tub to weigh 900 pounds without water. When filled with water, the hot tub’s weight can increase up to 6,000 pounds.

Factors That Affect Hot Tub Weight

While we’ve discussed the average hot tub weight, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no one hot tub weight. When it comes to hot tubs, there are different shapes, sizes, and specific weights for each. Several factors come into play when determining the weight of a hot tub. These can include the following:

Hot Tub Material

While the quality and cost of a hot tub are greatly determined by its material, weight is another aspect that material can affect. For instance, a small hot tub made of plastic will weigh 300 pounds. When the same-sized hot tub is made of acrylic, its waterless weight increases to 450 pounds. So, when you’re buying a hot tub, make sure you know whether it’s fiberglass or molded plastic.

Hot Tub Size

Along with the material, the size of the hot tub will greatly influence its final weight. There are 2 main factors that determine hot tub size:

Dimensions of the Hot Tub

You need to carefully evaluate the hot tub’s dimensions because this will determine if there’s enough space in your backyard, and where to place it. Hot tub sizes will vary based on the manufacturer or shape. Typically, hot tubs vary from 5 feet to 9 feet in width and 29 inches to 39 inches in height. A small hot tub with a length of 5′ and a width of 6′ will weigh around 300-500 pounds. In contrast, a larger-sized hot tub with a length of 7′ and a width of 9′ will weigh 800-1000 pounds.

Number of People in Hot Tub

How many people plan to use a hot tub also says a lot about its exact weight. A four-person hot tub will not weigh the same as an eight-person hot tub. When you’re out shopping for a new hot tub, carefully think about the number of occupants it will have. If you’re a 3-person family, you’ll probably opt for a smaller hot tub. If you plan to host people for hot tub parties, you’ll want to consider buying a large hot tub.

Don’t Forget Water Weight!

The size and material of a hot tub along with the number of people in it determine the weight of a hot tub. However, there’s one important factor that shouldn’t be forgotten; the water weight!

An empty hot tub weighs drastically different than a hot tub full of water. When you’re planning where to place your hot tub and calculating how much its foundation should be able to support, make sure you don’t forget that you’re going to fill it with water.

A gallon of water weighs around 8.5 pounds. A typical 4-person hot tub contains 300 gallons of water.

Best Types of Foundations To Support Hot Tubs

So, why is determining the weight of a hot tub important anyway? Well, in planning for your hot tub installation, you need to establish what kind of foundation is required to support it.

What sort of foundation you choose greatly influences the structural integrity of your hot tub. You want a solid foundation that can support your hot tub with water added and not damage your backyard in any way.

Let’s take a look at the different hot tub foundations

Spa Pads

A spa pad is a kind of foundation that is made up of interlocking plastic squares. These can make a solid and durable foundation for your hot tub and eliminate the need to pour concrete.

This is also a good foundation if you want to move a hot tub frequently and change locations. Moving a spa pad won’t be difficult.


A concrete base is perhaps the most recommended foundation and what most hot tub owners use. Since concrete is strong and durable, it is a good choice to support your hot tub weight.

A drawback is that a concrete foundation is most likely permanent. If you are looking for a portable hot tub and wish to change its location often, a concrete slab is not the best option for you.


If you’re shying away from using concrete, you may want to consider a deck for your hot tub foundation. You’ll need to hire a team of contractors to build a suitable deck that will support the weight of your hot tub. Also, make sure to keep in mind the water capacity and weight of the people inside. A deck certainly adds to the aesthetic appeal of a hot tub and makes it more accessible.


A brick foundation is similar to a concrete foundation and is sure to be durable and sturdy. The material for the base can include gravel, sand, or rock. In order to provide optimum support, the brick base should be at least six inches.

The Bottom Line

A hot tub can be a wonderful addition to your backyard and transform it into a year-long recreational spot. Taking care to research hot tub weight and the right foundation will add to your hot tub experience and ensure you don’t face any problems in the future.

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