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Dimension One vs Hot Spring Spas

Key Differences of Premium Brands in 2022

Dimension One Spas

Dimension One Spas

Dimension One Spas Dealer Raleigh NC

D1 Spas is a California-based company that manufactures hot tubs and spas. Dimension 1 hot tubs has become one of the leading brands throughout the USA, offering award-winning hot tubs known for:

  • Luxury
  • Clear Water
  • Low Operating Costs

The Dimension One spa prices are known to be some of the best values in the hot tub market.

Founded back in 1977, Dimension One Spas has been offering top-notch performance to satisfy consumer needs. The dimension one spas older models made D1 the first and only hot tub manufacturer awarded the Silver Medal Shingo Prize in 2007.

The quality swim spa manufacturer attributes its success and award-winning service to its core values:

  • Integrity
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Family

Dimension One Spa Features

Dimension One spas are particularly known for their unique features. The few mentioned above were just the beginning. From Glass Touch Control all the way to the Dynamic Massage Sequencer, there’s no doubt as to why this spa brand is an award-winner.
Here are the most iconic features that have gotten Dimension One to where they are today:

SmartHUB™ Glass Touch Control
SmartHUB Glass Touch Control

Glass touch control technology has taken over modern-day technologies. Hot tubs and spas aren’t lagging behind. With D1’s Smarthub Glass Touch Control you’ll be able to manage all key functions of your hot tub straight from your spa, within seconds. No more buttons or dials that can get fidgety when wet.

D1 Spa lQ APP

Don’t minimize your use only to the large touch screen located within your spa or hot tub. You can equally access all of the key functions directly from any device in which the app has been downloaded. You can easily warm your hot tub up on your way home!


The Ultralounge feature is enhanced with a no-float design. The lounger has been sculpted to your body shape. It is enhanced with slotted spaces for your legs and arms. These provide slanted jets that will keep your body in position throughout your entire soak.

Patented Adjustable Jets

Accent jets provide D1 hot tub users with a patented, personal touch. With a contemporary shape and easy-to-twist motion, you’ll find comfort from every angle.

But wait… there’s more.

The jets located on the floor of the hot tub provide a typhoon-like massage that pinpoints pressure points and other important massage spots throughout the feet, calves and thighs.

Flex Therapy Pillow

Flex therapy pillow allows for the user to adjust the neck and shoulder pillow to accompany any height or position. Making for quite the comfortable relaxation position, for any user.

Dynamic Massage Sequencer

The Dynamic Massage sequencer provides hot tub lovers with a customizable, more personable experience:

  • Personal controls
  • Six different massage combinations
  • Customization of both speed and pause

D1 Spa Collections

Bay Collection

One of the most unique and pleasurable spa options on the market, the Bay Collection offers a series of three options.

  1. Amore Bay Spa
  2. Lotus Bay Spa
  3. Serena Bay Spa

Individual models all offer their own unique qualities. The Bay Collection features outstanding details that put it above other hot tub options in the spa industry.

  • Stainless steel jets, do not corrode
  • Terracina
  • Soothing light options
  • Bubbling foundation
  • Water Management system
  • Echo underwater switches
Reflection Collection

The Reflection Collection offers seven high-quality spas. Each spa is formulated with its own unique features, but all share these core benefits:

  • Flex therapy pillows
  • UltraLounge seating
  • Tactile therapy
  • Backlit waterfall
  • External status light
  • Stereo
Home Collection

A collection designed for the whole family to enjoy. This collection is not only family-friendly, but it’s also designed for a family budget. Still, it is packed with valuable features:

  • Accent jets
  • Select models include UltraLounge seating
  • ClearZone PRO
  • Stereo
  • Crystal FX


Swim spa purchases have various spending and financial aspects to be considered. Not only is a spa owner responsible for monthly operating costs, but also for extra energy costs. Dimension One Spas offer a range of pricing options based on one’s preferred feature sets and model variety.

Very Expensive: Luxury
Expensive: Premium
Mid Range: Mid-Level
  • Triad 36″
  • Sojourn
  • Wayfarer
  • Meridian
  • Latitude
  • Triad 30″
Most Affordable: Entry-level


Dimension One Hot Tubs come with top-notch warranties. Experienced dealers will provide buyers with all information needed to understand your swim spa warranty. Here’s a low down on a few of the warranties offered. Of course, the life of a hot tub depends on various aspects, the most important part of how long a hot tub lasts, reflects on the overall hot tub manufacture.

1. UltraLife Shell

Dimension One Spas shells have been manufactured to and warranted not to crack throughout the entire lifetime of the hot tub. A full warranty will cover all expenses to the shell of the spa for 7 years. After 7 years, only the shipping expenses are to be paid by the swim spa’s owner and all other expenses paid by Dimension One.

2. Durable, Well-made Skirting

Dimension One’s Envirotech skirting is made out of an environmentally friendly material that is durable and weather resistant. Making it strong enough to uphold any outside circumstances that may affect it. Making the warranty, again, good for 7 years.

Dimension One’s Terracina skirting is also a durable and weather-resistant material. The skirting is proven to not fade, crack or require any serious upkeep.

3. Limited Upkeep Promise

Dimension One has set out to provide customers with swim spas that will provide a backyard sanctuary with little to no upkeep throughout the years. With a promise that your hot tub will continue to look new after years of use.

Any Dimension One licensed dealer can provide extra information about warranties or questions one may have before purchasing any swim spas.

Who is it for?

Low Budget Options

Hot tubs are set up with premium features, for premium customers. Due to the full-foam insulation and a more progressive heating element, the D1 hot tubs provide users with lower monthly operating costs than other manufacturers.

Water Quality Enthusiasts

Dimension One hot tubs have been awarded various times throughout the years specifically for its water filtration system. D1 makes water care simpler and easier to understand.

Anyone New to Hot Tubbing

Understanding water chemistry and other maintenance issues within a hot tub can be troublesome to new hot tub owners. D1 gets that. Within the control panel on all D1 hot tubs, owners will be notified of any issues or required maintenance needed. This electronic control panel is enhanced with touchscreen controls and is quite easy to understand.

Repairs Are Far and Few Between

Dimension One Spas has an extensive dealer network, making for a quick customer service response. Replacing or finding any parts or service won’t be an issue.

Hot Spring Spas

Watkins Wellness Logo

Hot Spring Spa Reviews

Manufactured by the well-known and high-quality brand Watkins Wellness. Also known for their manufacture of:

  • Behr Paint
  • Delta Faucets
  • KraftMaid

Starting off on the right foot, with a well-known manufacturing company, created a go-to spa brand with premium features. Hot Spring’s mission is to create a hot spring experience that provides users with amazing hydrotherapy, a calming backyard design, and just overall retreat and reset opportunities.

Hot Spring Spa Features

Exclusive Moto-Massage® DX

This Hot Spring Spa exclusive provides a robust massage with the Moto-Massage DX. This jet system is structured to move up and down the length of the back. Delivering a deep tissue massage with two high-powered jet streams.

Variety of Unique Jets

Although the Moto-massages DX may be available only in select models, there are plenty of other jet options that will provide maximum pleasure and flow control. All jets manufactured in the Hot Spring Spas provide pressure with customizable controls that are easy to understand.

Freshwater® Salt System

Keep your water feeling soft with the Hot Spring’s Freshwater salt system. The perks of having a saltwater hot tub are becoming better known and people enjoy the change. Keep your water feeling soft with a pinch of salt to get these benefits:

  • Keep spa water clean for up to a year
  • Automatic generation of chlorine
  • Harsh chemical smells are a thing of the past

Spend less time perfecting the water chemistry

100% No-Bypass Filtration Tri-X® Filters

Dishwasher-safe filters will help keep spa water clean much longer than the traditional filters. These filters never stop filtering, even when the jets are on! Keep your water constantly clean and filtered.

Only available in the Highlife Collection Models (see below)

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

Energy costs can heavily weigh in on which hot tub brands are at the top of your list. Hot Springs has developed some of the most energy-efficient hot tubs on the market. Each hot tub collection will determine the energy efficiency of the spa. Although that may be true, there are various features that are true for all Hot Spring spa collections:

  • Spa Covers – Dense, foam-filled spa covers are designed to fit spas tight. Not letting any warm air out, keeping it contained and warm.
  • Silentflo 5,000 Circulation Pump – Keeps water continuously circulated. Uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb.
  • WaveMaster Jet Pumps – Adjustable water jets that are activated only when you want them
  • SmartJet System – Allowing users to pick and choose which jets they need, while the others will remain off. Resulting in less horsepower put forward from the jets, and ultimately less energy.
  • Pump Shroud – Heat is transferred from within the hot tub equipment, rather than creating new heat.

Hot Spring Spa Collections

Highlife® Collection

Highlife Collection is rated as the Hot Springs’ top spa option. With some of the biggest features available for hot tubs overall.

  • MotoMassage DX Jet
  • 100% No-Bypass Filtration
  • Super Energy Efficient
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Polymer Structure and Base Pan
  • Choose from 6 Cabinet color options
Limelight® Collection

The Limelight Collection is a close second to the Highlife Collection. Although it may not be enhanced with the MotoMassage DX Jets, it still promises to provide users with a customizable massage that won’t disappoint.

  • Fresh Water Salt System
  • SilentFlo 5,000 Circulation
  • Large, Color LED Display Control Systems
  • Multi Color Lighting
Hot Spot® Collection

The most simple collection of Hot Spring spas. It has all the basic amenities and surely will not disappoint anyone looking for a more basic model.

  • Fresh Water Ozone System
  • FiberCor Insulation
  • Advanced Control System
  • Multi Color Lighting


Hot Springs spa models’ price range can accommodate any size budget. The most luxurious hot tubs can be upwards of $13,000, but their product line also includes hot tubs in the $7,000 to $10,000 range.


Hot Springs warranty differs greatly depending on the collection you decide on. It’s important to note that the more expensive collection options will provide the best warranty. There’s no doubt that whichever spa you decide to purchase, you’ll receive a 5-year-component warranty.

Who is it for?

Easy to Maintain

These spas are perfect for anyone looking for an easy-to-maintain water system. The saltwater option is offered for various Hot Spring tub models. This unique feature allows for more time to enjoy and less time to perfect the chemical balance.

High budgets, means higher quality

If you’re in the market for a new hot tub and willing to spend a large amount of money, then Hot Spring is the right option for you. Their lower budget models don’t hold up quite as well as their higher budget models. Although they’re not a bad hot tub option by any means, you’ll just get more bang for your buck with a higher-end model.

Repair and Parts aren’t difficult to find

There are dealers all over for Hot Spring hot tubs. This in turn, will make finding parts, keeping up with regular maintenance, and handling any issues simple.

Dimension One or Hot Springs

Dimension One vs Hot Spring – What to Choose?

Dimension One Spa Pros & Cons


  • Full-Foam insulation to keep heat in and cold out
  • Standard adjustable jets for a more customizable massage experience
  • Easy to use smart connectivity options across models and collections


  • No small hot tub options
  • Cannot see pricing options without a quote

Hot Spring Spas Pros & Cons


  • Hot tub options of all sizes, including small, medium and large
  • Energy-efficient options that are much more in tune with consumers than other hot tub brands
  • One of the few hot tub brands to offer a saltwater sanitation system
  • Broken down pricing structure


  • Not many affordable hot tub options
  • Adjustable water jets aren’t available with all models
  • Due to such a large focus on energy efficiency, jet systems have fewer customization options

Which Hot Tub Brand Should You Choose?

It really comes down to the hot tub you’re in the market for. There are certain things to look out for when searching through both Dimension One and Hot Spring hot tubs, consider the following:

#1 Budget

Hot Springs offers some of the best and most unique premium and luxury hot tub options, but their lower budget options tend to lose some of the important aspects. Dimension One, on the other hand, continues to supply consumers and hot tub lovers with premium features even in their lowest budget options.

#2 Energy Consumption

If you’re in the market for an energy-efficient hot tub, then there’s no doubt that the Hot Spring brand will provide you with exactly that. Hot Springs has worked hard to bring some of the most luxurious options into energy-efficient models.

#3 Features

If you’re looking for a hot tub decked out with all the bells and whistles, then Dimension One is the best option for you. Premium features are offered across the entire collection of Dimension One spas. Of course, there are options for an upgrade, but the overall entertainment aspect can still be filled with the most basic model.


In conclusion, Dimension One and Hot Springs hot tubs all have their own, unique take on the hot tub experience. With water feeling soft and delectable in the Hot Spring options, and the touchscreen controls taking over in the Dimension One options, there are benefits to both. Deciding which model is best for you depends on exactly what you’re looking for. Choosing the right hot tub isn’t easy, but once you have a brand in mind, it just comes to deciding on the right model for your specific needs and budget.

About The Author:

Manny Brambila

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Manny has been in the Pool & Spa industry for over 15 years and is considered a pool, swim spa, & hot tub expert. He has been a Certified Pool & Spa Operator (CPO) since 2009 and worked 15 years in aquatic training and development for the largest pool chemical and customer care company. He also has been an outside consultant for the Pool and Spa industry in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles since 2018. In the past few years Manny has become Director of Operations for Epic Hot Tubs with a priority of providing customers with the most reliable information and best service possible.