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Hot Tub Dimensions: A Quick Guide to Your Sizes and Options

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Many homeowners are fascinated at the thought of having a luxurious hot tub right in their backyard. Imagine coming home after a long, hard day and being able to soak your stress away in the relaxing, hot water.

However, finding the right hot tub size, dimensions, seating options, and configurations can easily put you in an indecisive state.

Not to worry; this guide will walk you through the entire process of deciding and getting the ideal hot tub for your backyard. 

Let’s start with the most crucial question: What size hot tub should you get?

Some Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Hot Tub.

Perhaps you’re not sure what hot tub sizes would comfortably fit in your yard? Hot tubs are available in a variety of sizes from two to nine or more people. Is bigger better for you? How many hot tub seats are you looking at? What space measurements would suit your incoming tub?

The size of your hot tub and the number of seats will be determined by the number of people that will be using it. If you plan on hosting a lot and having guests, large-sized hot tubs are the way to go, and vice versa.

 The average hot tub ranges from 7 to 8 feet square in width- while some are as wide as 9 feet. The height can also be anywhere from 29-39 inches. Deciding on the hot tub size is your first step towards those soothing spa dates. So, grab your tape measure and figure out how large of a tub you can fit. Be sure to allow extra room for steps, a cover and access for future maintenance.

1. What Hot Tub Shape Should You Choose?

Just like sizes, hot tub models come in various stylish and more common shapes.

The shape of your hot tub accompanied by its dimensions determine the capacity. It influences your purchasing decision, as well as the location of your hot tub and what size it should be.

If you want to feel like you’re at a private spa, a triangular tub is a good option. It is smaller and can be smugly tucked into any corner of your yard. Whereas if you have a lot of room and want your spa open to the public, square hot tubs are the way to go.

Some Choices and Their Features:

Durasport Antigua Lifestyle COB
DuraSport Antigua Lifestyle COB

Circular Hot Tubs: 

These spas are round and appropriate for limited spaces. There are no clear compartments to utilize as hot tub seats in circular tubs, as there are in triangular and square tubs. If you want a more intimate space, circular tubs are designed to fit one or two people, and they are typically cheaper than other shapes.

Rectangular Hot Tubs:

Because they are spacious, a rectangular hot tub allows you to relax freely. These are great for a narrower space and usually have molded seats for support.

Square Hot Tubs:

The biggest advantage of square hot tubs is that they fit neatly on your porch . They have equal dimensions on all sides, if you need a portable tub with deep seating, get a square hot tub. They are the most common shapes spa manufacturers offer.

Triangular Hot Tubs:

This group is the least common. However, they fit into smaller locations.

2. Why Energy-Efficient Hot Tubs?

An energy-efficient hot tub will cost you more initially, but less to maintain in the long run. Traditional hot tubs are not energy efficient and as a result, lose more heat to the surroundings and therefore need more energy to warm up. Energy-efficient appliances can help you save anywhere from 9% to 33% on your electricity bill.

The spa shell material, full-foam insulation, superior manufacturing materials, and a tight-fitting cover all contribute to good energy efficiency in your hot tub. All of these things help to keep the heat in the spa and increase efficiency.

If you’d like to know more about how it all comes together, you can read our post:

How Does a Hot Tub Work?

4 Factors for an Energy-Efficient Hot Tub.

  1. Strong solid hot tub base and foundation to support the weight of the hot tub, the water, and people in it (altogether about 6,000 lbs).
  2. Good insulation – spas are insulated in three ways( full foam, partial foam, and no foam). Full foam is the best for great energy efficiency.
  3. Air-tight seals to prevent leakage.
  4. Dual spa pump systems for better circulation.

3. Installing Your Hot Tub

Epic Hot Tubs | How to Prep My Home for My First Hot Tub Delivery

Your hot tub dealer should have plenty of expertise installing and delivering a large number of spas as a lot can go wrong. Get a local dealer that can lead you through the process.

There are only a few things left after you’ve found the perfect tub, and the delivery process is complete. Now it’s time to install your new hot tub.

Your hot tub could be delivered to your home on a tub cart. In this case, the extra space left around the hot tub in your backyard comes in handy for access.

Your location should have solid surfaces or a level concrete pad.

Talk to your local dealer about the foundation requirements for your spa model. We’ve prepared a whole guide on how to determine if a deck can support a hot tub.

Electrical requirements for hot tub installation

To work properly, hot tubs require 110v or 240v of electricity. If you want to know how much electricity does a hot tub use, you can read our info post.

  • 110V Hot Tubs- These tubs do not need electrical work, which lessens installation costs and the time spent setting up your new hot tub. The spa may be plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • 240V Hot Tubs – Although they take longer to set up, they heat up faster than the previous tub. You’ll need a professional electrician to make sure you have the electrical capacity to power this spa.

4. How Do Hot Tub Sizes Affect the Cost?

The local price of a new hot tub ranges from $5,000 to $20,000. However, the prices vary depending on the number of jets, hot tub size, size of the heater, and so on. Meaning the largest hot tubs come with a bigger price tag. To ensure you get value for your money, you must consider the ongoing maintenance fees

Keep in mind that a large hot tub will cost more than smaller hot tubs, which is where your budget comes into consideration. If you’re trying not to break the bank, avoid larger-sized hot tubs.

Small Hot Tubs

If you wish to save room with your new hot tub, small hot tubs are designed to have 2-4 sitting capacities with an average of 18 jets. They do however include all the premium features- in a more compact packaging. For a small family with limited space, a four-person hot tub will suffice. You can see our selection of 3 seat hot tubs and 4 seat hot tubs here.

Medium Hot Tubs

In medium hot tubs, there is enough space to socialize without getting in each other’s way. With the ability to accommodate 5-6 guests, they have a larger capacity than small hot tubs. We have many options for 5 seat hot tubs and 6 seat hot tubs

Large Hot Tubs

A large hot tub can take approximately seven or more people. If you’re looking to have a large number of guests and family members in the spa, a large hot tub is the best bet. Check out our range of 7 seat hot tubs.

Extra-Large Hot Tubs

These are also called party spas. A large hot tub can seat 12 people upwards. Apart from socializing, they can also be used for swimming and exercise. We offer 9 seat hot tubs to suit most budgets and size requirements.

Standard Hot Tub Sizes

A five-person hot tub may comfortably hold three people depending on their body shape or need for personal shape. Two hot tubs of the same size may also have different number of seats. Hence why there is no such thing as “standard hot tub dimensions”. To narrow down your options you should know:

  • Small spa (2-4 guests) – 5’6″- 6’8″ x 5’4″- 6’8″ x 28″ – 35″ (LxWxH)

Average price of a small spa – $3,500-$8,000

  • Medium spas (4-6 guests) – 6’4″ – 7’8″ x 6’4″- 7’9″ x 33″ -39″ (LxWxH)

Average price of medium spas -$4,000 – $13,000

  • Large spas (7-10 guests) – 7′-9″ x 7′-9’2″ x 36″- 38″ (LxWxH)

Average price of large spas- $5,000- $20,000

  • Extra large spas (12+ guests) – 8′-13′ x  42″ -52″ (LxH)

Average price of extra-large spas- $12,000- $16,000


Choosing the right hot tub is both complicated and simple. We know all the details can be very complicated and there are many things to think about. On the other hand, it’s also simple: choose the highest quality hot tub that fits your space and budget.

About The Author:

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Manny has been in the Pool & Spa industry for over 15 years and is considered a pool, swim spa, & hot tub expert. He has been a Certified Pool & Spa Operator (CPO) since 2009 and worked 15 years in aquatic training and development for the largest pool chemical and customer care company. He also has been an outside consultant for the Pool and Spa industry in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles since 2018. In the past few years Manny has become Director of Operations for Epic Hot Tubs with a priority of providing customers with the most reliable information and best service possible.