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Hot Tub Review: Dimension One vs Sundance

Looking for the best hot tub for your family?
Compare these American made spa brands, Dimension One Spas vs HotSpring.

Looking for the best hot tub for your home and family? Read this article that compares the two top American made spa brands; Dimension One Spas vs HotSpring.

In this article, we'll put them to these test. You can check out their:

  • Features
  • Collections
  • Pricing
  • Warranty

Ready to see which one is best? Let's get started.

Dimension One (D1) Spas

Dimension One Spas Dealer Raleigh NC

About the Dimension One Spa brand

Dimension One Spas launched in 1977 and grew to be one of the largest manufacturer of hot tubs in the USA. They introduced the first curvilinear spa. Their products have been installed in thousands of homes. As innovative leaders, they have been granted over 30 patents for their advances in spa technology.

Dimension One Spa features

What makes D1 so special? Their innovative features are focused on creating the ultimate home spa experience. Let's take a look at the top four trademarks of a D1 spa.

SmartHUB™ Glass Touch Control

SmartHUB Glass Touch Control

Control your Dimension One hot tub at a touch with the sleek touchscreen SmartHUB. Adjust the heat, power, and more effortlessly from inside the tub. You can link your controls to the D1 SpaIQ app to get your hot tub ready remotely. Switch it on and heat it up during your drive home so it’s ready when you pull in the driveway.

D1 Spas offers the unique UltraLounge seats for brilliant hydrotherapy massage. Every UltraLounge delivers total therapy using carefully designed angles. This clever design massages your body while also keeping you in just the right place. No more holding yourself down!

Most hot tubs have adjustable jets. But Dimension One Spas took this one step farther. They patented a new spa jet style that is easy to grip and adjust. Each jet can be adjusted precisely. Now, you can fine-tune your hot tub to give you the perfect amount of pressure in all the right spots.

Controls, jets, and loungers are all great, but pillows add a whole new dimension of comfort. Dimension One spas incorporate their unique Flex Therapy Pillow. Its adjustable neck and shoulder jet pillows can be set to any height for maximum relaxation.

The Dynamic Massage Sequencer uses individual controls and pre-programmed massage combinations to gradually ease muscles all over your body. When you’re ready, you can customize the speed and pauses to get the best jet massage ever.

D1 Spa Collections

Dimension One Spas come in three main collections. Each one is built to meet exceptional quality standards and 'wet tested' to ensure they are ready for use.

Bay Collection

The Bay Collection is Dimension One Spas premier line. They feature a modern curvilinear design, an excellent water management system, and fully adjustable stainless steel jets. Each one also incorporates all four of the key features we just mentioned, including the Dynamic Massage Sequencer and UltraLounge seats.

Other highlights and optional extras of these gorgeous models include:

  • Terracina natural wood skirting
  • Stereo and exterior lighting packages
  • Fountains and water features

The Reflection Collection is a set of hot tubs perfect for those who want affordable quality. They still have the same quality as the Bay Collection, but feature straight sides and slightly fewer bells and whistles. You can still expect excellent stainless steel jets, low maintenance water system, and a strong warranty from the company.

Other features and extras include:

  • Auxiliary control button and an external status light
  • D1® SpaIQ™ App
  • Terracina™ wooden skirting

The Home series is great for adding luxury to your house and backyard without breaking the bank. It is the most affordable option in the Dimension One Spas lineup. Customers still appreciate the quality of these hot tubs that come with fully adjustable jets, simple controls, and optional UltraLounge seats on some models.

You can also expect:

  • ClearZone PRO Water Management System
  • Terracina™ wooden skirting
  • Crystal FX™ Lighting Package


Dimension One Spas offers a 7-year warranty on its shell and skirting. The low-maintenance Terracina skirting has the look and feel of real wood. However, it will not fade or crack and is highly resistant to water damage.

Who is it for?

Dimension One Spas are great for everyone. The wide range of models offers something for every family. The price points for the three main product lines include the highest quality you can find and hot tubs that are more affordable to provide easy access to a new spa for everyone.

Dimension One is also good for those who are sensitive to water conditions. Their progressive water care system won numerous awards. It will give your family super clean water to enjoy all year round.

Dimension One vs Sundance Hot Tubs

Sundance Spas

Sundance Spas logo

About Sundance Spas

Sundance Spas has been delivering top quality acrylic hot tubs since 1979. They are known for their UV water treatment system, customizable fit and finish, and their electronic controls. Newer models have Wi-Fi controls to allow remote operation and maintenance.

Sundance Spa Features

Sundance really focuses on water quality. Their knowledge and expertise has gone into designing some of the best water systems available for hot tubs and swim spas. Here are some of their outstanding features.

CLEARRAY® Water Purification System

Enjoy fresh water through the power of UV-C. These ultraviolet rays sterilize the water and kill any pathogens. Less chlorine is needed, making the hot tub feel fresher. Treat yourself to clean and healthy water without the public swimming pool smell!

Another feature to bring you the cleanest water possible is the CLEARRAY Active Oxygen system. This brings together the UV-C filtration and an ozone purification stage to oxygenate your water. You’ll feel the silky smooth texture of the clean water on your skin and wonder why everyone doesn’t use this system.

Sundance brings their easy to control hot tub system to you. Wherever you are, you can use the SMARTTUB system to monitor the temperature, turn on the jets, or put the system on hold to save a few bucks.

The Fluidix Jets by Sundance are stainless steel so they will never corrode underwater. Their design creates a perfect blend of water and air to hit all the right spots with a luxurious hydrotherapy massage. Each jet can be adjusted so you can maximize your comfort.

Sundance Spa Collections

Splash Series

Sundance brings every family the hope of an enjoyable hot tub life with their Splash series. These affordable spas feature sculpted bench seating to bring people together, supportive full-foam insulation, and a precision fit cover. The great covers help lock heat into the hot tub, saving money on running costs.

Take a step up with the 680 series. These nifty tubs add splashes of luxury with waterfalls, lounge seating, wrist jets, and a clever foot dome. The asymmetric foot dome makes it easy to move around the hot tub. These models all feature the enhanced filtration and controls Sundance is known for.

The 780 series adds in some of the best parts of the Sundance hot tubs. There are options for up to seven people. You can enjoy the Fluidix jets, the SMT seat exclusive to the 780 series, and two pumps for greater reliability and jet flow. Multicolor SunRay LED lighting is added to really make your backyard into party central or the calm zone you’ve dreamed of.

Sundance’s 880 series sits near the top of their product lines. The sleek SunSide cabinet is incredibly elegant and also low-maintenance. SunScents aromatherapy jets bring calm and comfort to another one of your senses. Some models also feature a full-body lounger with the Intelli-Jet system and Accu-Ssage massage for total relaxation.

At the top of the Sundance product range is the 980 series. These superb hot tubs feature unique siding with corner illumination that really stands out. Integrated SunCooler cold storage areas and lounge decks make these beautiful spas into a perfect place to relax, chill, or celebrate with friends.


Sundance Spas come with different level of warranty depending on the product range. Here is what it looks like:

  • The 680 series comes with a shorter warranty. The spa shell structure comes with a 5-year warranty. The shell surface, equipment, and controls come with a 2-year warranty. There is only a 1-year warranty on the cabinet.
  • The other three series come with longer warranties. Each comes with a 10-year warranty against water loss through the spa shell. They have a 7-year warranty against blistering or cracking of the interior shell. Most of the equipment comes with a 5-year warranty.

When you’re ready to buy a hot tub, it’s pretty important to look through the warranty documents. Specific components frequently have different warranty lengths and terms. This is common in the industry and means you should pay careful attention so you don’t get caught by a poor warranty agreement.

Who is Sundance best for?

Sundance does have spas available at the entry level, but their focus is definitely on the upper end of the market. Their focus on cabinet quality, water filtration, and the Fluidix jets creates high-quality hot tubs. However, those who want a larger hot tub to seat eight or more people might want to look elsewhere.

sundance spa

Dimension One vs Sundance Spas - Which to Choose?

Both manufacturers offer quality hot tubs. Both have excellent build quality and water systems. Which one should you choose?

Dimension One Spa Pros & Cons


  • Superb water filtration systems
  • Great controls, including the mobile app
  • Strong warranty for all models


  • Not very many small options
  • Could do more with extras for beverages and parties

Sundance Spas Pros & Cons


  • Large number of shapes and sizes available
  • The Fluidix jets are brilliant
  • All models work with the mobile app


  • Not as many entry-level models
  • Larger sizes are not in their lineup


We think there is one thing you can do to make your buying journey successful:

It's vital for you to connect with a local dealer.

A local dealer will have the knowledge you need to make a great choice. They can give you advice about a few critical points:

  • Which hot tub or spa is going to fit into your budget once all the costs are considered.
  • Local installers who can deliver to your site and get everything set up correctly.
  • The chemicals and service you will need once everything is up and running.

If you feel ready to make a purchase, then find a local dealer. Go into their showroom, look over the models in detail, and ask for their support. They'll answer your questions and let you see, feel, and maybe even test out your favorite model. Don't worry about getting the hard sell. Most dealers are family-owned and super friendly.

The Most Luxurious D1 Hot Tub

Amore Bay Hot Tub

The Amore Bay hot tub from Dimension One Spas will transform your backyard into an oasis of comfort and luxury that’s ideal for relaxing with your partner or entertaining friends and family. The modern design and soft curves will elevate your space while the modern features offer an unbeatable experience!

Aurora Hot Tub

The Aurora hot tub from Dimension One is designed with your comfort and relaxation as the top priority! Featuring Dimension One’s proprietary Flex Therapy Pillows™, this jet-equipped headrest provides a custom massage while the textured surface offers strategically placed acupressure points to release stress and tension.

Breeze Hot Tub

Experience soothing relief from head to toe with The Breeze™ hot tub from Dimension One Spas. This model features headrest pillows, an adjustable waterfall, 35 powerful jets that are strategically placed to target common areas of tension, plus a footwell that soothes tense, aching feet. The result? You’ll experience hydromassage that both relaxes and invigorates you.