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Can a Hot Tub Help With Arthritis Pain?

While arthritis has no cure, hot tubs can certainly help manage and relieve its symptoms.
Hot tubs for arthritis

It a well known fact that hot tubs help in de-stressing and relaxing the body. Nothing is more calming than ending a busy day with a soothing soak in your hot tub. However, what is not commonly known is that hot tubs are also extremely beneficial in terms of medical relief for many patients. This leads us to ask, is a hot tub good for arthritis? Read on to learn why experts say yes!

Before we dive into how hot tubs can help with arthritis pain, let’s first take a look at what arthritis is.

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is the inflammation of one or more joints which causes stiffness and pain. This condition, which becomes worse with age, can appear in many forms. It can cause chronic joint pain and swelling, which decreases the range of motion.

While there is no cure of arhtritis, there are several ways and treatments in which its symptoms can be managed. Some people control their diet and weight, while others take herbal supplements.

One of the easiest ways to manage the pain of this condition is using a hot tub! The process of using hot tubs to relieve pain is called hydrotherapy. We're sharing how exactly hot tubs can help patients of arhtritis deal with their pain.

Benefits of a Hot Tub

Enhanced Circulation

Hot Tub jets Enhanced Circulation

Arhtiric pateints have their mobility reduced due to stiff joints and swelling. Even climbing a couple of steps or bending can seem difficult. The lack of movement results in a decrease in blood circulation and an even more increase in inflammation.

The combination of heat, water pressure, and massaging jets, can increase circulation in the body. This mechanism is behind the healing of hydrotherapy. Soaking in a hot tub has been reported to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and stimulate joint mobility as well.

 hot tub massage for joints relax

No hot tub experience is complete without massaging jets. The massaging function of hot tub jets combines with the warmth of water to provide the ultimate spa experience. These jets are designed to apply pressure and massage targeted areas of the body to provide relief and comfort.

Hot tub jets, by pumping out pressured water, allow you to focus on specific areas of the body. This is especially beneficial for people with arthritis or bad backs. Jets allow muscles to be stimulated, pain to fade away, and enhance relaxation.

Regular use of a hot tub’s message jets can prove to be extremely beneficial in helping joints relax and alleviate pain.

One of the greatest drawbacks of arthttis is that it limits the mobility of its victims. In order to manage the symptoms of arhtris, doctors recommed exercise to patients. However, given the inflammation already present in joints, patients of this condition can find it daunting to exercise.

Hot tubs provide patients the chance to do water exercises. Since the bouyancy of water makes you feel light, it lifts pressure from stiff joints and allows a greater freedom of movement. Thus, water can provide the perfect pain free exercise environment for arhtrtic patients.

Pain can reduce your ability to sleep soundly. Soaking in a hot tub regularly every night a few hours before bedtime, can help the body relax and fall asleep more quickly and peacefully.

Additionally, hot tubs also raise and lower the body’s temperature, as you soak in hot water and cool down afterwards. This is also known to improve sleep quality and provide a restful night’s sleep.

When the body is in any kind of pain, doctors often recommend a heat massage. Heat helps in reducing swelling and inflammation. The process by which it does this revolves around the body’s blood vessels. Heat allows vessels to dialate, which in turn will increase blood circulation.

The heat of a hot tub can provide a massaging theraphy that can help relieve pain and help the body calm down.

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