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6 Things To Consider When Buying a Used Hot Tub

investing in a used hot tub

If you’re a first-time buyer in the hot tub market, you may be inclined to invest in a used hot tub. After all, how bad could it be?

The truth, however, is that you should only buy a used hot tub if you’ve thoroughly inspected it. Buying a used hot tub can be risky business and you should only do so if you’ve carefully assessed it. Read more to see our comprehensive list of the things to consider when buying a used hot tub.

6 Factors To Consider When Buying a Used Hot Tub

Limited Availability

The refurbished hot tub market will not always have a wide variety of hot tubs available. Therefore, you will probably be limited in the options you have. While it is possible that you may find a great deal on a hot tub, that particular hot tub may not suit your needs.

When you set out to buy a new hot tub, you are at liberty to pick and choose a hot tub that will be customized for you. You can pick one that is big (or small) enough for your family and has the exact number of hot tub jets that you want. 

No Delivery Or Installation Services

If you’re purchasing a used hot tub from a private seller, chances are that you are going to be responsible for the delivery and installation. This can be highly inconvenient and difficult to manage.

When you purchase a brand new hot tub, the hot tub company may be able to provide delivery and installation services. This can take a huge load off your back. Their team will have the expertise and professionalism to install your hot tub flawlessly in its location without any hurdles. Epic Hot Tubs provides free hot tub delivery to Raleigh and its surrounding areas. 

No Warranty

One of the drawbacks of purchasing a used hot tub is that it does not come with a warranty. Used hot tubs are typically sold as-is. This means that if you run into any maintenance issues down the line, you’ll be left on your own trying to solve them

New hot tubs normally always come with a warranty. The specifics of the warranty will depend on the make and model of the hot tub, but most usually cover damaged parts. This guarantees that if you have any problems with the hot tub in the future, you’ll be able to seek maintenance or replacement.

Wear and Tear

No matter how good of a used hot tub deal you find, chances are that the hot tub in question has undergone wear and tear. To ensure you are investing in the right product, it is crucial that you carefully inspect the used hot tub to make sure that it is in working condition. Some of the things you should look out for are:

  • Leaks or cracks in the outer cabinet
  • Cracks in the shell
  • Damage to the access panel
  • Faulty pumps
  • Broken massage jets

The benefit of investing in a new hot tub is that you know for certain that all the components of the hot tub are in working condition. 

No Financing Options

When you purchase a used hot tub you are not normally given a variety of payment options. The only choice typically given is upfront cash. This can often be difficult to manage.

Buying from a dealer or hot tub company is more convenient because they offer multiple payment options. Epic Hot Tubs offers financing options on all hot tubs and swim spas.

The Bottom Line

While you may find a good deal on a used hot tub, it is still risky to invest in it. It is preferable to invest in a new hot tub and save yourself the thousands of dollars that you will spend on maintenance and repairs. A brand new hot tub comes with the promise of working parts, maintenance services, and a warranty. If you’re still inclined to purchase a used hot tub, make sure to inspect it carefully before you make your final decision.

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