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Cost of Hot Tub Maintenance (Monthly & Yearly)

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If you’re considering adding a hot tub to your home, now is the time to be thinking about the cost of hot tub maintenance. The true cost of a hot tub is its initial price plus the cost of maintenance, service, and repairs that you will require throughout the year. We’re giving you a detailed guide on how much you should expect to spend on your hot tub maintenance.

Are Hot Tubs High Maintenance?

In general, hot tubs are not high maintenance products. If given the proper care and attention, your hot tub will most likely not inconvenience you. If you stay on top of your hot tub’s maintenance schedule, you are likely to save thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise spent in making hot tub repairs and replacements. Factoring in hot tub maintenance costs will help you understand the true cost of running a hot tub.

Hot Tub Repair Cost

The cost of hot tub repairs is something you should also consider. Hot tubs can experience many issues that can lead to costly repairs if the hot tub maintenance schedule is not properly followed. These could include electrical issues, heater failure or jet pump issues.

How to Calculate the Cost of Maintaining a Hot Tub?

When calculating the cost of maintaining your hot tub, there are several aspects that need to be kept in consideration. Electricity and water are the basic factors that keep a hot tub running. Then comes the cost of cleaning water filters, testing the water, and keeping the tub clean. Sound like a lot? It really isn’t! We’ll help you break down the various things that will go into your hot tub maintenance cost: 

Electrical Cost

A modern hot tub, which is built to be energy efficient, can cost you as little as $30 in terms of electricity per month, and $300-400 per year. Thus, it is important while making your tub purchase, to keep in mind the latest quality and design. It is better to invest in a higher initial cost rather than to pay extra every month for additional electricity charges. You can calculate the average monthly cost of running your hot tub by taking into consideration the kilowatt hours in use and the local rate of electricity per hour. Most experts say you can expect to spend $1 per day on your hot tub. 

Water Cost

Your monthly or annual water cost will depend largely on the size of the hot tub you purchase. A bigger hot tub holds more gallons of water and will accordingly add to the water and electricity costs. You can calculate the cost of water by keeping in mind the local rate per gallon. 

Filter Cleaning Costs

Filters are an integral part of a hot tub’s operation. They require a good cleaning in order to go on working smoothly. Experts recommend cleaning your hot tub’s filters once every two weeks. In order to clean the filters, you’ll have to spray and soak them with a hot tub filter cleaner. A hot tub filter cleaner can cost up to $20, but can be reused for multiple cleanings. Epic Hot Tubs can give you a detailed explanation of how to clean your hot tub filters.

Hot Tub Cleaning Costs

Experts recommend changing your hot tub’s water every 3-4 months. While draining and refilling the hot tub, it is also recommended to give it a thorough cleaning to prevent contamination and ensure it keeps running smoothly. This involves adding a chemical cleaner to clear out the hot tub pipes while draining and refilling it. Such a chemical cleaner can cost anywhere from $15 to $30 every 3-4 months and over $100 every year, depending on the brand and product you choose.

Water Testing Costs

In order to ensure its smooth operation, you should regularly test your hot tub water quality. You need to make sure there are proper levels of sanitizer, such as chlorine, to keep bacteria and algae from growing in your hot tub. If the pH of your water is out of balance, or there’s too much chlorine or bromine, the water can irritate your skin and eyes. The process of testing your hot tub’s water is fairly simple and forward. The water can be tested with strip tests or a special test kit. A simple water testing kit costs no more than $20. 

How to Save Money on Hot Tub Maintenance

Are hot tubs expensive to maintain? It depends. There are several ways in which you can save money that would otherwise be spent on maintaining your hot tub. Factors such as clean water and filters add directly to the longevity of a hot tub. Making sure they are in running order means adding to the life of your hub and avoiding maintenance. Listed below are some tips to maintain your hot tub’s quality:

A Regular Cleaning Schedule

A regular cleaning schedule can go a long way for your hot tub and save you the hot tub cleaning cost you would have to pay a hot tub technician. Doing this yourself requires you to know how to main ten a hot tub. Regularly check your water line and clean away any loose material or debris. This can prevent the pipes from getting blocked or build up of any unwanted materials. If not possible weekly, do try to maintain a regular cleaning schedule every two weeks. Outdoor hot tub maintenance is much different than indoor, and prices may vary depending on where your hot tub is placed.

Hot tub cleaning service cost can be affordable if you find a good service technician and purchase a yearly package for the lower rate. This will save you the hassle of hot tub water maintenance, and a technician may prevent and spot potential issues before the turn into costly repairs, ultimately saving you money.

Invest in a Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover can add to your hot tub’s life. Not only does it protect a hot tub from harsh or extraneous weather conditions, but can also prevent unwanted waste or materials from falling into the water. A hot tub cover can also add to the efficiency of your hot tub by saving energy. However, it is necessary to clean and protect your hot tub cover in order to ensure it keeps working properly. It is a best practice to clean your hot tub cover every 1 to 3 months

Stay on top of Repairs

If any damage is done to your hot tub it is pertinent to take immediate action. Prolonging repairs can seriously damage your tub and affect its life. If your hot tub has faulty plumbing or a broken jet it is recommended to seek professional help to ensure the matter does not get out of control. Epic Hot Tubs offer hot tub services and repair to help your hot tub stay in quality condition.

Bottom Line

While hot tubs require some maintenance, they are not difficult to handle nor are they overly expensive. If you maintain a regular cleaning schedule, invest in proper equipment, and keep a keen eye on the conditions, your hot tub could last for a long time and save you money on maintenance.

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