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Water Testing With Epic Hot Tubs

Epic Hot Tubs is here to help with all you water testing and maintenance needs.

How to Fix Your Hot Tub Water if it Has Too Much Chlorine?

Water Testing With Epic Hot Tubs Coming Soon...

The team at Epic Hot Tubs will soon be able to test your hot tub, swim spa or swimming pool water and help to properly maintain the chemical levels.

With our SpinTouch water testing stations, get an accurate, detailed water report within minutes. This report will give you an analysis of your water as well as recommendations for chemicals and balancers to add.

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The Importance of Water Testing

Properly testing and treating the water in your hot tub is the most important step in hot tub maintenance. Water that has not been balanced can cause skin irritations or dryness. Imbalance can also lead to equipment damage or scale buildup on your hot tub itself, which can lead to expensive repairs.

If done regularly, water maintenance should be quick and easy. We recommend checking your water weekly or if a problem arises.

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