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Do I Need a Fence Around My Hot Tub?

A guide to hot tub regulations in Wake County, North Carolina

Getting a hot tub requires a lot of research and preparation to make sure you are following all of the local regulations. Regulations can vary from state to state or even by county within states. It is always best to double check your local ordinances. Talking with your hot tub salesperson can help you to understand the specifics on hot tub fencing where you live. We will look into the regulations in North Carolina, specifically Wake County where Epic Hot Tubs is based out of.

Do you need a fence around a hot tub NC

Do I Need a Fence In Wake County?

Sort of. In Wake County, it is required to have a fence around hot tubs if there is not a cover that is ASTM F 1346-91 certified. Most hot tub covers today, do carry this certification, so a fence is often not necessary. Also, as with swimming pools, building and electrical permits are required prior to the delivery and installation of the hot tub. Your salesperson should be able to help you find and complete all necessary permits. If the hot tub is going on a deck, there must also be an inspection and certification that the deck is structurally sound.

Fence Requirements

If you do not have a certified cover, your fence must adhere to the following. The top of the fence must be 48″ from the ground on the side facing away from the pool or hot tub. The fence must also not have gaps large enough for a 4″ diameter sphere to pass through. Even if you already have a fence around your yard, it is a good idea to get a proper cover as well. A solid cover adds a further barrier to keep small children or animals from entering while unattended. Covers also help to keep your tub insulated which can lead to significant cost savings.

Check Your Local Guidelines

These guidelines do vary by state or even county, so it is always best to check with your local government to ensure you are adhering to local regulations. Your local hot tub dealer will have this information for the counties that they service.

Wake County

For more information on Wake County’s pool and hot tub specifications, visit the link below.

To learn more about ASTM F 1346-91 certified covers, visit the following link.

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