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3 Best Swim Spa For Seniors: A Complete Guide (+ 6 Safety Tips)

Looking for a relaxing and therapeutic way to stay active at any age? Look no further than a swim spa! As a combination of a swimming pool and a hot tub, a swim spa offers the perfect solution for seniors who want to stay active but who also want the option to unwind whenever they need it.

Swim spas are not just a great way to improve your physical health – they also provide a ton of benefits for your mental well-being. From reducing stress and anxiety to improving sleep quality, a swim spa can truly enhance your overall quality of life.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the three best swim spas for seniors, considering factors like size, features, and affordability. Plus, we’ll dive into six essential safety tips to ensure that you can enjoy your swim spa experience with peace of mind.

Understanding the Need for Swim Spas for Seniors

You may have already heard the term ‘hydrotherapy’ thrown around when looking into swim spas, but what exactly is hydrotherapy, and how can it benefit older adults in particular? Hydrotherapy is also known as water therapy, and it utilizes the buoyancy of water to provide low-impact exercise, soothe pain, and improve health. For seniors, hydrotherapy has proven especially helpful in maintaining mobility, improving cardiovascular fitness, and reducing muscle pain and stiffness.

As we age, we may find our mobility and strength more limited than before, which means finding ways to maintain them becomes more important than ever. Swim spas provide a safe and controlled environment for seniors to engage in a wide range of water exercises, such as swimming laps, water jogging, or water aerobics. The gentle resistance of the water assists in strengthening muscles and joints, improving balance and coordination, and relieving pressure on sore muscles.

The Key Difference between a Swim Spa and a Regular Pool

Some use the terms “swim spa” and “swimming pool” interchangeably, but that’s not quite right. While a pool consists of just a swimming space that may have a hot tub or spa nearby, a swim spa is a combination of the two.

Typically smaller than a swimming pool, a swim spa has hydrotherapy jets and seats, making it a great spot to unwind or hang out with friends. When it comes time for a work out, the swim spa also comes equipped with swim jets that create a current, allowing you to swim or jog in place. 

Benefits of Swim Spas for Seniors

Swim spas are becoming increasingly popular among seniors looking to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These innovative combination of a pool and a spa offer a range of benefits for seniors, providing them with a low-impact way to exercise, relax, and improve overall well-being. 

Physical Health Benefits

For seniors, swim spas offer numerous physical health benefits.

The therapeutic effect of the warm water and hydrotherapy jets helps to relax muscles, alleviate joint pain, and improve overall mobility.

Additionally, the low-impact nature of swim spa exercises benefits cardiovascular health by promoting a stronger heart and better blood circulation. Seniors can also take advantage of features like under-water treadmills and a wide range of aquatic exercises, which can be particularly beneficial for those with chronic conditions.

Mental Health Benefits

Swim spas also offer their fair share of mental health benefits for seniors.

Spending time in a swim spa can help release feel-good hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin, while decreasing the production of the stress-inducing hormone cortisol. This leads to improved moods, reduced stress, and increased relaxation.

The calming effect of water, combined with regular exercise in a swim spa, can provide significant stress relief. 

Considerations When Buying a Swim Spa for Seniors

When choosing a swim spa for seniors, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

Easy Accessibility and Safety Features

When it comes to choosing a swim spa for seniors, easy accessibility and safety features are essential considerations. Look for swim spas that offer easy entry and exit options, such as spa pool steps and handrails. These accessories provide stability and support, making it easier for seniors with limited mobility to enjoy the spa.

Safety features should also be a priority. Look for swim spas that have safety covers or barriers to prevent accidental access, especially if there are children or pets in the household. Some swim spas also come with built-in safety features like motion sensors or alarms.

Size and Space Requirements for Swim Spas Suitable for Seniors

When considering swim spas for seniors, it’s crucial to take into account their specific needs and limitations. Different swim spa models come in a variety of sizes, so determining the right size and space needed for installation and accessibility is essential.

For a comfortable and safe experience, many experts recommend allowing at least three feet of space on all sides to allow room to comfortably get in and out, and for any required maintenance. , the minimum recommended size should be considered. It’s a good idea to measure the space you plan on using for your swim spa, and finding an option from the wide range of sizes that can fit. 

Type of Installation: Above-ground vs. In-ground

Above-ground swim spas offer easy installation and can be set up quickly. They don’t require any major construction work, making them a popular choice. Additionally, above-ground swim spas are generally safer for families with children or pets, as they have barriers or covers that can prevent accidental access.

In-ground swim spas, much like in-ground pools, have the advantage of seamlessly blending in with the yard’s landscaping. They can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the property and potentially increase its value. However, in-ground installations can be more costly and time-consuming due to excavation and construction work involved. Plus, they come with safety risks, as the absence of those barriers or covers can pose a potential hazard. 

Hydrotherapy Features

Hydrotherapy features in swim spas offer numerous benefits for seniors and individuals with limited mobility. These features can help alleviate muscular and joint problems, arthritis, and even conditions like fibromyalgia.

Swim spas equipped with AcuFlow Swimjet systems provide a therapeutic experience by creating a swim current for low-impact aquatic workouts. This is particularly beneficial for seniors looking to stay active and maintain a healthy exercise routine.

Additionally, swim spas with Hydromassage jets offer targeted relief for sore muscles. The adjustable jets provide a soothing and invigorating massage, helping to ease tension and promote relaxation.

Customization options allow for a personalized experience. Filtration systems ensure the water is kept clean and free of impurities, while internal shell colors add a touch of style to the swim spa. Depending on what hydrotherapy benefits you’re looking for, you can customize your swim spa to include features that will enhance your experience. 

Exercise Equipment and Options

As you may have noticed by now, not all swim spas are created equal, and that’s just as true for exercise features as with hydrotherapy features. Different kinds of swim jets, propeller systems, and other variations in swim spa lines can make a huge impact on the type of work out you’ll get. 

 One key feature of many high-end swim spas is the V-Twin swim current system, designed to provide a powerful, smooth, and controllable swim current. This system ensures a low-impact exercise experience that is gentle on joints, making it ideal for seniors.

In addition to the swim current, swim spas can be equipped with various exercise equipment such as resistance bands, rowing kits, and exercise bike attachments. These tools allow seniors to target different muscle groups and engage in a variety of exercises for a full-body workout.

Cost Analysis

When it comes to swim spas for seniors, cost analysis is an important factor to consider. Swim spas can vary in price depending on their size, features, and brand. While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest swim spas, it’s crucial to consider the quality and durability of each model. Investing in a higher-quality swim spa may be a wise choice to ensure it lasts longer and requires fewer repairs or maintenance in the long run.

Additionally, it’s important to evaluate the energy efficiency of the swim spa to minimize operating costs. By comparing the upfront costs, maintenance expenses, and energy efficiency, seniors can make an informed decision that aligns with their budget and ensures long-term value.

Initial Purchase Costs

When considering the initial purchase costs of a swim spa for seniors, several factors can impact the overall price. The size of the swim spa is an important consideration, as larger models tend to be more expensive.

The more features and extra equipment included, the higher the cost will be. The swim spa’s current power also affects the price, with stronger currents typically being pricier.

On average, swim spas for seniors range in cost from $6,000 to $8,000 for basic models. However, for those looking for a swim spa with a wide variety of features and extra options, prices can exceed $30,000. Despite the initial investment, swim spas offer cost savings compared to traditional pools.2

Installation Costs

When it comes to installation costs, several factors and considerations come into play for swim spas. 

  • Variety of sizes: Larger models may require more extensive site preparation, such as leveling the ground and ensuring proper drainage.
  • Electrical work is another important component of the installation process. Swim spas require a dedicated electrical circuit, and the electrical wiring may need to be installed by a professional to meet safety standards.
  • Plumbing is also a consideration, as swim spas often require connections to the existing water supply and drainage systems.
  • Permits may be required for the installation of a swim spa. Local regulations and building codes can vary, so it’s essential to check with the local authorities before proceeding with the installation.
  • Landscaping costs should also be taken into account. Depending on the location, landscaping may need to be adjusted or modified to accommodate the swim spa. This can include creating a suitable foundation, building a deck or patio, or adding privacy features.

Ongoing Maintenance and Energy Costs

Ongoing maintenance and energy costs are important considerations when owning a swim spa for seniors. Compared to a standard swimming pool, regular maintenance is simplified, making it easier for seniors to enjoy their swim spa. 

Depending on the manufactures and lines of swim spas you’re looking at, some swim spas are designed with energy-efficient features that help reduce ongoing costs. These may include insulation, high-quality covers, and energy-efficient pumps and heaters. These features not only minimize energy consumption but also help maintain the water temperature, ensuring seniors can enjoy their swim spa all year round.

When it comes to cleaning, swim spa filters play a crucial role. These filters trap debris and contaminants, keeping the water clean and clear. Fortunately, maintaining swim spa filters is relatively minimal compared to traditional pools. Regular cleaning and occasional replacement are necessary to ensure optimal performance and water quality, and regular checks of pH levels and alkalinity are vital to ensure the water remains clean and safe for use.

Financing Options and Warranty

When considering purchasing a swim spa, it’s essential to take into account financing options and warranty coverage. Investing in a swim spa is a significant decision, so having a solid warranty and service agreement is vital. This can provide peace of mind and protect against any potential issues that may arise in the future.

The price of a swim spa can vary depending on factors such as size and extra features. Larger swim spas tend to be more expensive, while additional features like advanced jet systems and entertainment options can also affect the pricing. Manufacturers often offer different financing options to help make the purchase more affordable.

When exploring financing options, be sure to consider the terms and interest rates offered by various lenders. This can help determine the most suitable financing plan that fits within your budget and makes owning a swim spa more accessible. Taking the time to research and compare different financing options can lead to finding the best solution for acquiring your ideal swim spa.

Warranty coverage is crucial when it comes to swim spas: A comprehensive warranty that covers essential components such as the shell, electrical systems, and plumbing can make all the difference if something goes wrong down the road. Service agreements can also provide support and maintenance services to keep your swim spa in top condition.

The 3 Best Swim Spa for Seniors

So we’ve covered the numerous benefits swimming and water exercise can provide for seniors, including low-impact workouts, pain relief, and improved mobility. Now, we’ll explore some of the top swim spa options available for seniors, taking into consideration factors such as accessibility, safety features, and therapeutic benefits.

#1 PDC TSX19 Swim Spa

Brand: PDC Spas
Dimensions: 19 x 7.7 x 4.7 ft
227 x 92 x 56 in
Total Number of Jets: 18 jets
Swim Jets: 2 jets

The PDC TSX19 Swim Spa is an excellent option for seniors looking for a safe and effective way to exercise and enjoy hydrotherapy at home. This swim spa is packed with features and specifications that cater to the needs of older adults.

With dimensions of 19 x 7.7 x 4.7ft, the PDC TSX19 provides ample space for seniors to swim comfortably. It offers a wide range of jet options, allowing individuals to customize their hydrotherapy experience and target specific areas of their body for relief from muscle pain and soreness.

The propulsion system in the PDC TSX19 is designed to create a powerful and smooth current, perfect for swimming laps or engaging in water exercise routines. Seniors can maintain an aquatic workout routine without having to rely on access to public pools or traditional swimming pools.

In terms of safety, the PDC TSX19 has a reliable filtration system that keeps the water clean and free from debris. Seniors can enjoy their swim spa without worrying about water hygiene. Additionally, the PDC TSX19 offers customization features such as LED lighting and audio systems, providing a fun and enjoyable experience for the entire family.

#2 PDC SX19 Swim Spa

Summit SX219 Swim Spa
Summit SX219 Swim Spa
Summit SX219 Swim Spa
Summit SX219 Swim Spa
Brand: PDC Spas
Dimensions: 19 x 7.7 x 4.7 ft
Seating Capacity: 2 People
Total Number of Jets: 36 jets
Swim Jets: 3 jets
Headrest Pillows: 1

The PDC SX19 Swim Spa is a versatile and feature-rich swim spa that is perfect for seniors. With its spacious dimensions, seniors can comfortably swim and exercise in the water. It offers a wide range of jet options for hydrotherapy, providing relief from muscle pain and soreness. The propulsion system creates a smooth and powerful current, ideal for swimming laps and engaging in water exercise routines.

In addition to its health benefits, the PDC SX19 Swim Spa offers quality family time. It’s size makes it a great place for a pool party or just an afternoon of family fun, making it an excellent investment for creating lasting memories. With its customizable features like LED lighting and audio systems, the PDC SX19 Swim Spa provides a fun and enjoyable experience for every swimmer.

Whether seniors want to engage in aqua therapy exercises or spend quality family time, the PDC SX19 Swim Spa has it all.

#3 Wellis Amazon W-Flow Swim Spa

Amazonas W-Flow Swim Spa
Brand: Wellis Spa
Dimensions: 18 x 7.5 x 4.8 ft
216 x 90 x 57 in
Seating Capacity: 2 People
Total Number of Jets: 27 jets
Swim Jets: 1 jets
Headrest Pillows: 2
Ozonator: Included

The Wellis Amazon W-Flow Swim Spa is a top choice for seniors seeking a swim spa that offers both exercise and relaxation.

One of the standout features of the Wellis Amazon W-Flow Swim Spa is its hydrotherapy capabilities. It is equipped with hydrotherapy massage jets that target specific areas of the body, helping to relieve muscle pain and promote overall relaxation. Seniors can enjoy a soothing hydrotherapy session to ease sore muscles and relieve joint discomfort.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to swim spas for seniors, and the Wellis Amazon W-Flow does not disappoint. It is equipped with safety grab rails and slip-resistant steps, ensuring seniors can safely enter and exit the spa without any risks of falls or accidents. This peace of mind allows seniors to fully enjoy their hydrotherapy and exercise routines without worry.

In terms of specifications, the Wellis Amazon W-Flow Swim Spa offers a wide variety of options to suit different needs and preferences. It comes in a variety of sizes, allowing seniors to choose the one that fits their space requirements. The swim spa is also energy-efficient, contributing to cost savings in the long run.

With its exceptional hydrotherapy capabilities, safety features, and customizable options, the Wellis Amazon W-Flow Swim Spa is a fantastic choice for seniors looking to improve their overall well-being and enjoy the benefits of water exercise and relaxation.

6 Tips for Seniors Using Swim Spa Safely 

Swim spas can provide a great way for seniors to enjoy the benefits of swimming and hydrotherapy in the comfort of their own homes. However, it’s important to use them safely to prevent any accidents or injuries. Here are some tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with your swim spa:

1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Before using your swim spa, thoroughly read the user manual and follow all safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. This will help you understand the proper operation and maintenance of the swim spa.

2. Use slip-resistant steps: To prevent slips and falls, make sure to use slip-resistant steps when entering or exiting the swim spa. These steps provide added stability and grip, reducing the risk of accidents, especially for seniors who may have mobility issues.

3. Install safety grab rails: Installing safety grab rails around the swim spa can provide extra support and stability when getting in and out of the water. These grab rails are especially beneficial for seniors with balance or mobility concerns.

4. Maintain proper water chemistry: Regularly test and balance the water chemistry of your swim spa to ensure its cleanliness and safety. Improperly maintained water can lead to skin irritations, eye infections, and other health issues.

5. Supervise children: If you have children using the swim spa, it’s important to supervise them at all times. Keep a close eye on their activities and ensure they understand the rules and limitations of using the swim spa.

6. Avoid alcohol and medications: Swimming or using a swim spa while under the influence of alcohol or certain medications can impair coordination and judgment, increasing the risk of accidents. It’s best to abstain from these substances when using the swim spa.

By following these tips, seniors can enjoy the benefits of their swim spa while prioritizing their safety and well-being, and that of their families. Remember, it’s always better to be cautious and prevent accidents than to deal with the consequences later on.

Important Precautions for Caregivers

When using a swim spa with seniors, caregivers must take important precautions to ensure their safety and well-being. Close supervision is crucial, as it allows caregivers to quickly respond to any potential accidents or emergencies.

Additionally, caregivers should ensure that all safety features of the swim spa are in place and functioning properly, such as slip-resistant steps and safety grab rails. Caregivers should also be aware of the seniors’ physical limitations and health conditions, as these may affect their ability to safely use the swim spa. It is important to adjust the jet power to an appropriate level for each senior, taking into consideration their age and swimming abilities. By following these precautions, caregivers can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for seniors in the swim spa.


In conclusion, there are several excellent swim spa options for seniors to consider. The PDC TSX19 Swim Spa offers a wide therapy selection to target specific muscle groups and alleviate pain. The PDC SX19 Swim Spa features a paddlewheel current system that allows for a customizable workout routine. And the Wellis Amazon W-Flow Swim Spa combines the benefits of hydrotherapy jets with a spacious swim area. All three models can be customized with additional features such as LED lights and extra jets.

Whether seniors are looking for a low-impact exercise option or a way to soothe sore muscles, these swim spas provide the perfect combination of fitness and relaxation.

If you’re located in North Carolina, and interested in buying a swim spa, contact Epic Hot Tubs. We have locations in Raleigh, Durham, & Charlotte and can service almost the entire state!

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