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Choosing a Swim Spa for Your Charlotte Home

At Epic Hot Tubs, we don’t just sell premium swim spas, we are dedicated to providing you with the lifestyle upgrade you deserve! From luxurious massage jets and hydrotherapy to soothe away tension to the opportunity to swim and exercise all year long (without the gym!), we want to help you live your best life.

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What You Should Look For When Shopping for a Swim Spa

When you’re shopping for a swim spa, there are several factors to look at so you choose the one that’s right for you. At Epic Hot Tubs, we offer swim spas in different sizes to suit your needs. There is also a variety of styles because we know that not all swim spas are created equal. When you shop for a swim spa in Charlotte, a member of our knowledgeable sales team will be happy to help you find the right swim spa for your space and your needs. Whether you’re looking for a new swim spa for relaxation or exercise, you can trust Epic Hot Tubs to deliver a high-quality product.

Relaxing Swim Spas at Epic Hot Tubs

Swim spas offer many benefits that regular pools don’t. For one, swim spas are much more affordable than traditional pools. Not only do you save on the initial cost of installation, but you also save on long-term costs like water, maintenance and energy bills. Another benefit of swim spas is that they take up much less space than traditional pools. If you have a small backyard or live in an apartment, a swim spa is a perfect solution. You can still enjoy all the benefits of a pool without sacrificing your space. Swim spas are also great for people who want to stay fit but don’t have the time to go to the gym. With a swim spa, you can get a great workout without even leaving your backyard! If you’re ready to transform your backyard in Charlotte into the perfect oasis, contact Epic Hot Tubs today.

financing options avilable

Financing Options

At Epic Hot Tubs, we offer a variety of financing options to qualified customers with credit approvals. Call our sales team or visit one of our locations to learn more about our financing options and current promotions!

Why Choose Epic Hot Tubs As Your Swim Spa Dealer in Charlotte?

Swim Spas for Sales

Wide Selection

Browse through our collection of premium swim spas and find the perfect one for your family!

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Helpful Staff

Schedule a consultation with one of our swim spa experts to find the right option for your property and lifestyle needs!

Best Swim Spa Delivery

Quick Delivery

After you purchase your swim spa, either through our website or our showroom, we can deliver it straight to your home!

Covana Electric Swim Spa Cover
Covana Legend Automated Swim Spa Cover

The LEGEND swim spa cover is available for both oval and rectangular swim spas. It’s great for any weather condition due to its high grade of insulation.

This solid, fully automated and durable cover can also protect your equipment from animals or prevent children from entering when closed. The LEGEND swim spa cover comes in two luxurious colors, Mocha and Slate.

Concrete Pad
concrete pad with chairs
round concrete pad

Contact the team at Epic Hot Tubs to learn about getting a custom concrete patio for your backyard. Our expert team specializes in traditional and stamped concrete patios and can even add on to an existing pad.

Concrete patios are perfect for hot tubs, swim spas, saunas or just a space to hang out.

Swim Spa FAQs

Is a Swim Spa Good for Exercising?

Absolutely! Equipped with powerful jets, swim spas have a current designed to support endless swimming or providing the resistance you need to walk and work out with ease. No more going to the gym to swim and work out.

Swim spas can have anywhere from 30 to 70 total jets with two to three designated swim jets.

Not at all. In fact, it’s generally much easier than a swimming pool or even a hot tub. While you will want to test the water regularly for chemical balance, chemical stability is greater and the total dissolved solids concentration are often easier to maintain in a swim spa.

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