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Hot Tubs in Stock and Ready for Delivery to Youngsville

Cut out the wait, Epic Hot Tubs has hot tubs in stock and ready to deliver to Youngsville. We have a large selection of high quality hot tubs. Our hot tubs are made with reliable components, innovative water purification system, modern control systems and contain powerful jets that will provide an amazing hydromassage. Check out our selection of hot tubs, we’re sure we have one that will fit your needs!


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Hot Tubs in Stock and Ready for Delivery to Your Home in a Few Days

Each Hot Tub Comes With

Every hot tub needs accessories! We got you covered with our hot tub starter pack!

Epic Hot Tubs | How to Clean, Maintain, and Protect Your Hot Tub Cover

$700+ Value

Cover Lifter
$250+ Value

$125+ Value


Starter Chemicals
$100+ Value

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Benefits of Soaking in Our Hot Tubs

Improved Sleep

Recent studies show that relaxing in a hot tub can actually help with insomnia and aid in more peaceful sleep.

Pain Relief

The warmth of the water and jet massage help ease back pain, arthritis, and keeps pressure off of the joints.

Stress relief

Soaking in a hot tub can bring about a release of tension that helps ease stress and bring about stress relief.

Muscle Relaxation

The higher temperatures can help with sore muscles from daily activities or exercise.

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Financing Options

At Epic Hot Tubs, we offer a variety of financing options to qualified customers with credit approvals. Call our sales team or visit one of our locations to learn more about our financing options and current promotions!

Why Choose Epic Hot Tubs?

Knowledgeable staff who aren’t pushy

Our friendly team will help you begin to relax even before your hot tub arrives. We’ll answer your questions, show you the possibilities, and never push you to buy something just so we can make a quick sale.

The lowest prices on hot tubs in Youngsville, NC

Our prices are super competitive. We even think we’ll give you the best deal on a hot tub you’ll ever find. Are we the cheapest? Not always. But you don’t really want cheap, do you? You want luxury, value, and comfort. Our hot tubs are the best value for your money.

Covana Automatic Covers

Covana automatic hot tub covers are the ultimate way to cover your hot tub with a sleek design.

Covana Oasis Hot Tub Cover
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Concrete Pad
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Contact the team at Epic Hot Tubs to learn about getting a custom concrete patio for your backyard. Our expert team specializes in traditional and stamped concrete patios and can even add on to an existing pad.

Concrete patios are perfect for hot tubs, swim spas, saunas or just a space to hang out.

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Quality Hot Tubs in Youngsville

When you’re looking for a high quality hot tub in Youngsville, look no further than Epic Hot Tubs. Our hot tubs are made from high quality, long-lasting materials and are designed to last year round! Our hot tubs have invigorating massage jets, an ergonomic design, and all of the latest electronic control systems. Whether you are looking for a hot tub for the health benefits or recreation, Epic Hot Tubs has a hot tub that will suit your needs.

Find the Perfect Hot Tub for Your Youngsville Back Yard

Epic Hot Tubs has hot tubs that will make any Youngsville back yard look amazing. We have different sized hot tubs that can seat anywhere from two to nine people. There are many ways to integrate a hot tub in your back yard. You could build it into your deck or opt to get custom concrete patios to compliment your backyard. Whether you have limited space or plenty, Epic Hot Tubs has a hot tub that will make your backyard into a staycation destination.

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Hot Tubs are for Relaxing

Epic Hot Tubs can deliver the best hydrotherapy hot tubs to your Youngsville home. Hot tubs provide many therapeutic benefits from the warm water that relaxes your muscles to the strategically placed massage jets. Our hot tubs are designed for comfort and can help you de-stress after a long day, spend time with your family or entertain guests. Epic Hot Tubs has financing options  on our hot tubs for everyone in the Youngsville area. When you choose a hot tub from Epic Hot Tubs, expect high-quality products at prices you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an electrician to install my hot tub?

It depends. "Plug and Play" hot tubs run on 110 V and can simply be plugged into a household outlet. However, 240 V tubs require an electrician for installation.

How often do the filters need to be changed?

The size of the filter impacts how often you should change your filters. Smaller filters may need to be replaced every 3-4 months, whereas larger filters could last more than a year.

How can a hot tub improve my lifestyle?

Using a hot tub can provide many physical benefits such as relieving muscle and joint pain. It can also improve your mental well being by giving you time to distress.

How much does it cost to run a hot tub on a monthly basis?

While this answer can vary depending on weather, location, size of tub and chemical regimen, most experts say you can expect to spend on average $1 per day on your hot tub.

Can you install add-ons like Wi-Fi controls and speakers?

Yes, we can install various add-ons to your hot tub! Speak with your hot tub consultant to learn more about what we offer.

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