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What Makes a Swim Spa the Best Swimming and Exercise Experience

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When you think of swimming at home, you usually envision laps in an inground swimming pool. However, a conventional swimming pool not only takes up much more spaces, but also costs more to construct and maintain. 

A Swim Spa offers an excellent alternative to a swimming pool when it comes to the best swimming and exercise experience. The best part? It’s right from the comfort of your own backyard! We’re sharing how a swim spa differs from a traditional swimming pool and the components that ensure it provides the ultimate recreational and exercise experience!

How is a Swim Spa Different from a Swimming Pool?

The main differentiating feature of a swim spa is the current of the water. Similar to how a treadmill benefits a runner, a swim spa enables the swimmer to move in place. 

Swim spas are also much smaller than swimming pools. A swimming pool is a huge investment that will take up a great deal of your backyard and involve in ground digging as well. In contrast a swim spa is a compact structure which provides you the perfect swimming experience without any big hassle.

Swim spas also differ greatly from swimming pools in terms of investment and maintenance costs. Building a swimming pool in your backyard means taking on a large scale construction project. A swimming pool will also have to be maintained for its lifetime and the cost can depend on its size. In contrast, however, the cost of a swim spa starts at 16K and goes up to around 50k depending on the manufacturer and model. Since its size is smaller it will also have considerably less maintenance and lifetime costs.

Factors That Make A Swim Spa The Best Experience

The Pump

The swim spa pump is at the heart of its operation. The right sized pumps and efficient plumbing help a swim spa create a current that provides the best swimming experience. 

Powerful Swim Jets

Swim spa jets are integral to the current system that allows the swimmer to swim in place. 

The jets produce a flow rate that is smooth and consistent. This in turn creates a powerful flat current, which is ideal for swimming. A series of stabilization jets have the ability to push you into the middle of the swim lane.

Jets also help create the ideal workout experience as well. Water workouts are beneficial because water provides more resistance than air. This makes the swimming movement challenging to each and every muscle of the body. Exercising in water also helps to prevent overheating and doesn’t induce a higher heart rate as well. 

 LED lit swim jets are also a favorable feature to add to your swim spa as they can help you identify your position in your swim spa.

Resistance Customization

One of the best features of a swim spa is that it lets you customize the intensity of water resistance.  This means that no matter what skill level, all swimmers will be able to use a swim spa. As a swimmer becomes more adept at swimming they can increase the water resistance to make their workout more intensive. Being able to adjust the resistance also makes a swim spa a good opportunity to learn swimming for children.

Year Round Access

Swim spas provide a swimming experience that is available all year round. As winter approaches, we are often forced to cover up our pools and wait for warmer temperatures. With a swim spa, however, you never have to worry about a gap in your swimming routine. 

The temperature of a swim spa’s water can be regulated to ensure you are comfortable all swim season. No matter whether its a hot summer day or a cold winter night, your swim spa will be available to give you the best swim and workout!

Enhance Your Swimming Experience With a Swim Spa Today!

If you’re interested in choosing the best swimming and exercise experience, it’s time to invest in a swim spa! The experts at Epic Hot Tubs can help you find the perfect swim spa that suits all your needs! Whether you want a relaxing dip, an intensive workout, or an enjoyable afternoon with friends, we’re here to help you get the best experience possible! Call us at 888-884-3742, visit our Raleigh or Durham Swim Spa Showroom or fill out the form below.

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