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How to Prep My Home for My First Hot Tub Delivery

Follow this guide about prepping your home for your first hot tub delivery and you'll be in good shape for many awesome hot tubs soaks to come!

Getting your first hot tub delivery is very exciting and, at the same time,  anxiety-inducing. For example, you might be fearful that the site isn't going to work and that the delivery team may not do a good job. But, with proper planning, everything should be worked out ahead of time and the installation should go smoothly. At Epic Hot Tubs, we help our customers think of everything so the preparation is complete and your delivery goes like clockwork. Follow this guide and you'll be in good shape for many awesome hot tubs soaks to come!

Epic Hot Tubs | How to Prep My Home for My First Hot Tub Delivery

Select the Appropriate Site

The site for your hot tub location is extremely important. You will want to take into consideration such factors as privacy, accessibility, and your view. Make a point of assessing what you are looking at while in the spa as well as what neighbours may be seeing. Don't forget to consider adequate drainage for rainwater and water that splashes out of the tub. 


Accessibility for both the people using the hot tub as well as accessibility for service technicians (and yourself) to the control panel and hot tub equipment such as pumps and heater is critical. You will need access to the front of the spa and all of the sides. If your tub needs service in the future like a light or plumbing repair, it may require access on the side instead of the front. The access panel should be accessible to anyone performing service on the tub.

If you are going to sink the tub into a deck, you will need to include a trap door, hatch, or crawl space that allows easy entry. Give 18" to 24" of space for an adult to access the inside of the tub. You may want to build removable access panels around your sunken spa.

Completely Supported

You will need to ensure that the hot tub is fully supported. Your hot tub is heavy, even without any water in it. With water added, it could easily be as heavy as a ton. The base needs to be level and able to support that weight. You can accomplish this by a level concrete pad, a combination of crushed gravel with patio stones, or a deck that is properly constructed to hold the tub. Don't just put the hot tub on the ground. The ground will shift over time causing the water levels in the tub to shift. This can potentially create a problem with the pump and eventually damage the shell of the spa.

Utility Requirements

Your hot tub has specific requirements for electricity. You will want to coordinate with an electrician to ensure that the electrical needs are met and the power source is close enough that the hot tub can reach it. All spas must connect to a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). In case of an electric short, the GFCI cuts power in as 1/40th of a second. 240 Volt spas run on hard-wired GFCI protected circuits. 120 Volt plug-and-play spas run off standard 15 amp household circuits with the GFCI built into the electrical cord.

Check the Delivery Path

Most spas that are purchased online are delivered curbside at the end of your driveway. If you purchase a spa from a dealer, more than likely it will be delivered to the final site location. Be sure to measure the path the installers will be taking to place the tub on your site. (You may want to do this several times.) The delivery team moves the hot tub in on its side, which requires a clearance width of 42" and a minimum clearance height of 8 feet from your driveway to where the hot tub will be located.

It is a good idea to walk the actual path they will use to bring it in. Ensure that there is enough clearance through gates and any tight areas. Note any uneven ground and structures like A/C units. If you find any trouble spots, make a plan for getting through or around them. Clean up the route being sure to remove patio furniture, children's toys, garden hoses, lawn equipment, and any other obstructions that can be safety hazards.

Delivery Day

Here are some tips for the day of delivery:

  • Be sure to be present on delivery day to inspect the spa for any damage. 
  • If you are moving the hot tub yourself, line up at least two other people to help. The spa is delivered on a pallet so you will need to use a pallet jack to move it.
  • If you have pets, be sure they are put up and aren't underfoot.
  • If possible, schedule your electrician to be on-site in order to hook up the electrical when it is delivered.
  • Inform your neighbors what is going on so they will understand if a truck is parked in front of their house or you have to use your side yard for the delivery.

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