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How to Clean and Sanitize a Hot Tub Between Guests at Your Rental Property

Having a hot tub at your rental property can be a great way to attract and delight guests. Here is how to best keep your water clean and keep good reviews coming.
How to clean your rental property hot tub

Having a hot tub at your Airbnb or other rental property is a great way to attract and please your guests; however, a dirty, smelly tub will ensure they never come back. Cleaning your hot tub in between guests is extremely important, but how exactly should you do it? Is it necessary to drain and refill each time? Below outlines the easiest and best way to perform rental property hot tub cleaning and keep the great reviews coming.

Remove Debris

The first step in cleaning your hot tub after having guests is to remove any obvious debris. Typically this will be things like dirt and leaves. To get larger particles from the bottom of the tub, you can use a hot tub hand vacuum, or simply turn on the jets to stir up the particles and allow them to be caught by the filter. 

Test The Water

Testing the water is crucial to maintaining the cleanliness of your hot tub. You can use an at home test kit, or take a sample of your water to your local water care experts to get a more in depth analysis done. If the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level is greater than 2,500 Parts Per Million, you will want to drain the hot tub and start with a fresh fill. More commonly though, simply adding your sanitizer, this is your Chlorine or Bromine, shock, and a few balancers is enough to keep your water balanced and clean.

It is also good protocol to increase your dosage of shock if you plan on repeatedly having many people in your hot tub. Using 1.5x the recommended dose is generally a good amount to start, but this can be adjusted up or down as needed. Spa fragrance can also be added to the water to add a light fresh scent, though smell can be highly subjective and certain guests may not prefer this. To give them the option, leave your fragrances within reach and allow the guest to add them if they want to do so. 

Wipe Down The Tub And Accessories 

Finally, you will want to wipe down the water line inside your hot tub in case there is any buildup. It is also good practice to wipe down the pillows and the cover regularly to keep them looking and smelling fresh. Cleaners for spa pillows and covers can be applied with all-in-one wipes or spray applied to a microfiber cloth.

Having a hot tub at your rental property can be one of the best ways to delight your guests. If you follow these steps regularly between guests, your water will be sure to be sparkling and your reviews glowing!

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