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How Often Should I Test My Hot Tub Water Quality?

Keep your hot tub safe, healthy, and clean with these guidelines on how often you should test your hot tub water quality.

Your spa is a relaxing space where you can soak away the stress of everyday life or ease aches and pain in your joints and muscles. You want your hot tub to support your health, not endanger it, which is why it's absolutely essential you test your water regularly to make sure it's properly balanced and clean. But what does "regularly" mean? Our hot tub dealership in Raleigh is sharing everything you need to know.

Epic Hot Tubs | How Often Should I Test My Hot Tub Water Quality?

Why Is It Necessary to Test Your Hot Tub Water Quality?

The water in your hot tub is much more delicate than you may realize, and keeping it in balance requires regular care.

  • You need to make sure there is proper levels of sanitizer, such as chlorine, to keep bacteria and algae from growing in your hot tub;
  • If the pH of your water is out of balance, or there's too much chlorine or bromine, the water can irritate your skin and eyes. 
  • Excess chemicals can oversaturate the water, leading to scaly buildup on the surface of your hot tub and within the jets. Over time, this can cause clogs.
  • Unbalanced water can lead to metal components corroding and plastic and rubber components breaking down and cracking over time. 

Basically, making sure your water is properly clean and has the right chemical balance ensures the water is safe for you and safe for your hot tub. 

How Often Should You Check the Quality of Your Hot Tub Water?

At a minimum, you should test your hot tub water once a week, making sure to pay close attention to the chlorine or bromine amounts and the pH so you can make careful adjustments. If your water stays balanced easily with only minor adjustments needed, continuing to test at home regularly is fine. However, if you struggle to keep your water balanced due to pH that's consistently too low or water that quickly turns cloudy or forms algae or odors, you may need to have your water professionally tested to pinpoint any concerns. They will check for excess minerals and metals, as well as phosphates that can cause algae and bacteria to grow more quickly. 

Tips for Accurate Hot Tub Water Testing

 In addition to regularly testing your water, you want to make sure you're following best practices when it comes to testing. This includes: 

  • Testing the water while the hot tub is circulating so you get a more even sample that's indicative of the overall quality;
  • Pulling the sample from at least 12 inches below the surface of the hot tub. Water at the surface interacts with oxygen which can actually affect the balance, so testing below the surface is more accurate.
  • Avoid testing water close to the return jet as the chlorine level will be higher than the water than other areas of the hot tub. 
  • Label the date you open your hot tub chemicals as well as your testing reagents. Reagents only have a shelf life of about one year, and after that, they may not display proper readings, causing you to overtreat your hot tub.

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