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How To Get Your Swim Spa Ready For Use

Step 1: Fill Your Hot Tub

Congratulations on buying your swim spa! Here’s how to fill it up with water.

  1. Remove your bracket and take your filter out.
  2. If your swim spa has a bleeder valve, open that up to make sure there’s no air bubbles trapped.
  3. Make sure all of the jets are set to the open position.
  4. We recommend buying a pre-filter to attach to your garden hose.
  5. Wait for the swim spa to fill up!

Step 2: How to Do Initial Chemical Treatment

Starter chemicals are extremely important for your hot tub startup! Refer to your cheat sheet, and check out the box of starter chemicals Epic provided with your purchase.

Step 3: How to Perform Water Adjustments & Maintenance

There are many different options for keeping your water clean and comfortable so you can use your swim spa year round. In this video we go over a few of the many options you have and what they do to for your water.

We Provide Swim Spa Maintenance, Repair, and Water Testing

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Swim Spa Repair

If you notice something not right with your swim spa, let us come take a look! Our swim spa experts can fix jet pumps, heaters, plumbing issues and more.

Deleting Bacteria and viruses from Hot Tub

Swim Spa Maintenance

Performing swim spa maintenance has never been easier! With Epic Hot Tubs’ water treatment & maintenance packages, you’ll never have to break a sweat. Keep your water safe, healthy, and clean 365 days a year!

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Swim Spa Water Testing

Bring in a sample of water to one of our stores and get a water report within minutes. We’ll provide a report and recommendations for chemicals and balancers to add.

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