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Hot Tub & Swim Spa Warehouse in Greensboro

We are currently delivering hot tubs and swim spas to the Greensboro area!
Our Greensboro location will open in the Summer of 2023!

Hot Tub & Swim Spa Warehouse in Greensboro

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Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 am  –  6:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am  –  6:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am  –  6:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am  –  6:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am  –  6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am  –  5:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm  –  4:00 pm
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The Greensboro Hot Tub and Swim Spa Warehouse

You deserve an unforgettable hydrotherapy experience, and we're here for you!

We have spas built to provide incredible hydrotherapy massages with comfortable and ergonomic designs. Our hot tubs are built with the highest quality water purification systems and modern control systems. So, if you’re looking for a hot tub, or swim spa, you can be confident Epic Hot Tubs has the best option for you. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have and help guide you through the spa buying process!

Looking For a Hot Tub or Swim Spa in Greensboro?

Our Greensboro store will open in the Summer of 2023, but don't worry you can shop online, we still deliver to your home in the Greensboro area in North Carolina.

With so many models and accessories to choose from, we understand that buying a new hot tub or swim spa can be intimidating. That’s why our experienced team of spa experts are ready and willing to answer any questions you have in route to the perfect choice for you or your family. We take pride in providing the very best customer service in the North Carolina hot tub and swim spa market.

Hot Tubs in Stock and Ready to Be Delivered to Your Greensboro Home

Fast Hot Tub Delivery to Greensboro

Benefits of Soaking in Our Greensboro Hot Tubs

Improved Sleep

Recent studies show that relaxing in a hot tub can actually help with insomnia and aid in more peacful sleep.

Pain Relief

The warmth of the water and jet massage help ease back pain, arthritis, and keeps pressure off of the joints.

Stress relief

Soaking in a hot tub can bring about a release of tension that helps ease stress and bring about stress relief.

Muscle Relaxation

The higher temperatures can help with sore muscles from daily activities or exercise.

Covana Automatic Covers

Covana automatic swim spa covers are the ultimate way to cover your swim spa with a sleek design.

Covana Oasis Hot Tub Cover
covana cover closed
covana evolution open
covana with privacy walls
covana evolution

Unbelievable Short Turnaround Time on Our Swim Spas

Probably the fastest delivery time in the entire Carolinas! No kidding!

PDC Swim Spas Delivered in 8 to 12 Weeks

See Why People Love PDC Swim Spas

Voted the best swim spa manufactured in the United States and backed up with a 35 year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Swim Spas

A swim spa combines the benefits of a hot tub for relaxation and a swimming pool for exercise into one unit. Swim spas usually have jetted seats as well as more powerful swim jets you can use to exercise.

Swim spas can be anywhere from 12 to 20 feet in length, about 8 feet in width and 4.5 feet deep making them perfect for even the smallest yard.

Due to their weight, you cannot put a swim spa on a deck; however, you can build a deck around it for easier entrance.

financing options avilable

Financing Options

At Epic Hot Tubs, we offer a variety of financing options to qualified customers with credit approvals. Call our sales team or visit one of our locations to learn more about our financing options and current promotions!

Hot Tub Store North Carolina

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