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Why Fiberglass Pools?

The top reasons a fiberglass pool will be a great choice for your backyard improvement project.

So, you're thinking about having a pool installed and feeling overwhelmed with options? In-Ground or Above-Ground? Concrete, Vinyl, or Fiberglass? Here at Epic Hot Tubs, we specialize in inground fiberglass pools and that's for good reason. We're going to break down the benefits of choosing fiberglass for your backyard swimming pool project.

Quick Installation

The installation process when it comes to fiberglass pools is relatively quick and easy. The pool itself comes pre-assembled in one piece. To install the pool, the location is mapped out and the site is excavated and leveled with gravel. The shell is then placed in the hole, equipment is hooked up and the hole is backfilled while the pool is filled with water. The entire process can be completed in as few as three days which is significantly quicker than the weeks or even months it takes to install a vinyl liner or concrete swimming pool.


Fiberglass pools are known to be extremely durable. The shell is designed to have some flexibility so it does not crack as the ground around it shifts due to freezing temperatures or other circumstances. Due to its durability, there is little to do in terms of long-term maintenance. After 8-12 years, concrete pools need to be resurfaced and vinyl pools typically need to have the liner replaced. This maintenance can easily cost $5,000-15,000 depending on the size of the pool and the finishes. Alternatively, if you have a fiberglass pool, there is no long-term maintenance to the shell whatsoever. So, while it is a larger cost upfront, over the life of your pool you will have significantly lower costs in terms of upkeep. 

Smooth Finish

To achieve a silky smooth finish, a clear gel coat is applied to the fiberglass shell during manufacturing This coating creates a shiny, completely smooth surface. It also makes the surface of the pool completely non-porous. This makes it harder for algae and debris to stick to the surface of the pool and keeps the shell looking clean with minimal scrubbing. The gel coat is also made of non-slip material to keep you from slipping and falling in your fiberglass pool.

Built In Features in a Fiberglass Pool

Built In Features

Fiberglass pools can have an assortment of built-in features which give the pool a more high-end feel as well as make it more functional. Having these features built in means that there won't be any extra installation time since they will come as part of the shell already. These features can include:

  • Tanning Ledges 
    • Large shallow areas, typically 8" deep, for lounging without having to fully submerge yourself
  • Seating
    • Can be in the form of bench seating or individual seating
  • Steps
    • Walk-In Steps are a common feature in fiberglass pools
  • Hot Tubs  
    • Give your backyard a high-end luxury feel with an attached hot tub built in to your fiberglass pool
    • Adding a "spillover ledge" makes the pool and hot tub feel more connected

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