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How Much Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?

We're giving you a detailed guide on how much you should expect to spend on installing your fiberglass pool and its lifetime cost.
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When you first begin your hunt for a fiberglass pool you'll have many questions on your mind. The foremost will probably be; how much will it cost? No worries, we've got you covered! Epic Hot Tubs is one of the few contractors who can start inground swimming pool projects in a matter of months.  We're giving you a detailed guide on how much you should expect to spend on installing your fiberglass pool and its lifetime cost.

The Average Cost of a Fiberglass Pool

On average a fiberglass pool can cost between $45,000 to $85,000. This wide range exists because there are a number of factors that contribute to the final cost. The number of accessories you add to your pool or the type of installation package you choose greatly affects the price. The 2 decisive factors, however, are:

  • Initial Cost
  • Lifetime Maintenance Cost

Initial Cost

The initial cost of fiberglass pools greatly depends on the type of installation package you choose to go ahead with.  You may wish to simply have the pool shell delivered to your doorstep and take it from there yourself. Or, you might want the pool installed in your backyard along with a couple of add-on features. Whatever route you choose to take, your cost will be adjusted accordingly. Installation processes for fiberglass pools can be categorized into 3 types:

  1. DIY Installation
  2. Basic Installation 
  3. Turn key Installation

The DIY Installation

This installation package consists of only the pool shell and its delivery to the customer's home. Thereafter, the responsibility lies with the customer. This price is thus mostly determined by the size of the pool shell. The greater the size of the shell, the greater the cost. On average, a small pool shell can cost upto $15,000, whereas a large pool shell ranges up to $30,000. The delivery cost is determined by the location of your house.

While the DIY Installation can save you money in terms of installation, it can also be a hassle. Additionally, you would also be deprived of any features and assistance that a pool company could provide. Keeping this in mind, most customers prefer to have professional help.

The Basic Installation

Many customers opt for the basic installation package. Typically this package includes the pool shell and delivery and also covers the entire installation process. It covers everything from the pump and filter systems to the gravel and concrete that cements the pool. Often the basic installation package also takes care of acquiring a building permit and concludes with filling the pool with water as well. This package may vary depending on the pool company you choose, so it is pertinent to inquire about its specifications. The basic installation for an average sized pool can cost from $45,000 to $85,000. This range is determined by the size and shape of the pool you opt for. 

Turn-Key Package

The turn-key package, along with all the features of the basic installation, also manages the overseeing of the process. If you opt for this package, not only will the pool company be responsible for hiring contractors, but also getting bids and ensuring the entire process runs smoothly. The greatest perk of this package is its convenience. It ensures your pool project is handled by one company alone and saves you the stress of managing the process. All it requires from you is to sit back and wait for your pool to come to life!

Lifetime Cost of Fiberglass Pools

The lifetime cost of a fiberglass pool is the amount of money that will be required to maintain it throughout the years. One of the defining features of fiberglass pools is their durability. Greater durability means lower lifetime costs. For a 10 year span, the maintenance cost for fiberglass pools is approximately $3,800. For vinyl liner pools the cost is $11,500, and $27,500 for concrete pools. This makes fiberglass pools a better and more affordable choice.

The secret to the durability of a fiberglass pool lies in its gelcoat layer. This is the surface layer of the pool. The gelcoat layer is extremely durable and is thus long lasting. This is in stark contrast to vinyl liners that need replacing every few years. Similarly, concrete pools too require resurfacing. Fiberglass pools are thus the economical option as they'll save you thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise spent on maintenance. 

Cost of Additional Features 

In addition to the installation and lifetime costs, the add-ons and extra services you choose for your fiberglass pool can also affect its price. Many customers want to spend extra on pool lighting. This can add $600-$1000 to your final cost. Other features like pool covers, fencing, and tiling, all bring with them their additional costs. While these features definitely add to your expenditures, they also enhance your overall pool experience. If you're looking to make your swim time more enjoyable and comfortable, it can definitely be worth spending more on customizing your pool to your needs.

The Bottom Line

Building a pool in your backyard is a huge commitment. To make the process more convenient for yourself, you'll want to go in equipped with all the necessary information. Consider carefully the right installation packages, which optional features to add on, and keep in mind the maintenance costs. All of these factors can help you manage your final cost.

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