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How To Prep My Home For an Indoor Swim Spa?

An indoor swim spa allows you to relax, swim, and exercise right from your home! We're sharing how to prep your home for an indoor swim spa installation.

An indoor swim spa offers you the opportunity to swim, relax, and exercise, all from the comfort of your own home!

Before you install a swim spa in your home, however, you need to properly prepare your space for its installation.

You'll need to think about everything from the site to the walls and flooring.

At Epic Hot Tubs, we're committed to making the swim spa installation process as easy as relaxing in one. We're sharing everything you need to know about prepping your home before your swim spa arrives.

Plan the Swim Spa Delivery Pathway

You want to make the swim spa installation as easy as possible for the delivery team. Clear the delivery pathway early on and ensure there are no obstructions. Consult with your delivery team to inquire about the mode of delivery. Will they require a crane or will the team be able to install it themselves?

Consider beforehand how much space the indoor swim spa will require. Measure entry and access points as well as the dimensions of your specific swim spa.

You must arrange for enough room to enter and exit the swim spa, as well as clearance for servicing. Allowing about three feet on either side of the swim spa is recommended. However, the space is more important on the side with the components.

Install Proper Flooring

It's inescapable that the floor in the room where you put your indoor swim spa will be splattered with water. In fact, a person may transport up to a gallon of water with them every time they get out of an indoor swim spa or hot tub.

That is why you must ensure that the floor is solid enough to support all of that weight. Do not use wood flooring, which can warp and decay, and do not use carpeting, which can also hold water and rot.

For most swim spas, ceramic tiles with a matte finish are a good option to minimize slips and falls

Consider Water Source

An indoor swim spa requires access to a water source. You can't enjoy your tub if you can't fill it. If you don't already have the plumbing for your indoor spa built, get a quote from a plumbing specialist in your region.

Set up the Electrical Supply

All swim spas require a 240V circuit with a GFCI breaker. This is due to the massive amount of electricity required to heat the water while still maintaining acceptable water flow and filter functionality. You'll need to contact a licensed electrician to construct a separate circuit or other electrical equipment. This should preferably be done before the indoor installation.

Make Sure You Have The Right Walls

The downside of indoor swim spas and hot tubs is that when the spa cover is removed, humidity can film the room which can negatively affect your furniture and walls. To prevent any damage, the walls must be constructed properly.

Consider using glass, wood, or concrete walls. Cedar is less prone to decay, and glass is simple to care for. Consult a licensed contractor about other treatments you might use to avoid mold and sagging on the walls.

Install a Dehumidifer

As you heat your swim spa, the humidity in the room naturally increases. This can often lead to too much moisture which can cause an unhealthy environment and even lead to mold and mildew infestations. 

However, this shouldn't mean you can't enjoy your indoor swim spa or hot tub! The solution to this is easy - get a dehumidifier for your indoor environment. A dehumidifier designed for your indoor environment will stabilize your swim spa or hot tub environment and ensure year-round use.

Install Fans

Heat and water can combine to create a steamy and extremely hot indoor hot tub chamber. While this is good in tiny doses, you'll also want to use fans to keep the room cool and ensure proper ventilation.

You can install either exhaust fans or ceiling fans to circulate the air in the room.

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