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Swim Spa Service in Raleigh & Durham

It’s important to maintain your swim spa so that the water and filters remain clean and to prevent damage to jets and other components. We offer swim spa servicing to Raleigh, Durham and surrounding areas.

Water filled swim spa in Chapel Hill

Swim Spa Servicing

Swim Spas need regular maintenance in order to keep it clean and ensure it continues running smoothly for many years.  Neglecting to perform regular maintenance and cleaning can result in permanent damage to your swim spa and shorten it’s lifespan significantly. We offer swim spa servicing to the Raleigh , Durham and the surrounding areas so you can relax and exercise in your swim spa without the headache of routine maintenance.

Water Treatment and Maintenance Packages for Swim Spas

Water Treatment FrequencyBASIC
Water Treatment Only
Water Treatment & Maintenance
Water Treatment & 
Deep Maintenance
52 Visits per Year
Basic Cleaning & Chemicals
2 Drain & Refill + Filter Cleaning
2 Drain & Refill +New Filter + Purge
26 Visits a Year
Basic Cleaning & Chemicals
2 Drain & Refill + Filter Cleaning
2 Drain & Refill +New Filter + Purge
Every 4 Weeks
13 Visits a Year
Basic Cleaning & Chemicals
2 Drain & Refill + Filter Cleaning
2 Drain & Refill +New Filter + Purge
Deleting Bacteria and viruses from Hot Tub

Optional Add-On Services

  • Ozonator Equipment Replacement (Recommended Annually) $199
  • UV Bulb Replacement (Recommended Annually) $199
  • Entire UV Equipment Replacement (Recommended Annually) $299
  • Gecko WiFi Device & Installation $699
  • Drain & Refill Water with Chemicals $399
  • Deep Clean & Purge Jets & Pipes $449

What is Swim Spa Service?

Swim spa service includes a thorough check of your entire swim spa for potential issues and can include a full cleaning, filter change, water change, and pipe flush depending on the package you choose. Our technician will run all necessary water tests and make necessary adjustments to make sure the chemicals are at correct levels.

How frequent should my swim spa be serviced?

You do not want to leave dirty water with oil and dirt build up sitting in your swim spa for long periods of time. The frequency of swim spa service depends on how often the swim spa is used and how much maintenance you do yourself. We will work with you and your schedule to find a service cycle that works best for you and your spa.

We Provide Swim Spa Repair and Water Testing

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Swim Spa Repair

If you notice something not right with your swim spa, let us come take a look! Our swim spa experts can fix jet pumps, heaters, plumbing issues and more.

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Swim Spa Water Testing

Bring in a sample of water to one of our stores and get a water report within minutes. We’ll provide a report and recommendations for chemicals and balancers to add.

Do You Need Swim Spa Maintenance or Service?

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