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Why Choose a Swim Spa from Us?

We Deliver FREE to Apex, NC!

We are proud to carry a wide selection of Epic Swim Spas perfect for leisure and exercise. Our swim spas are a great option for relaxation with massage jets and seating and an amazing full-body workout from swimming thanks to the powerful swim jets.

With free delivery to Apex, NC you can have a swim spa at your doorstep at no extra cost!

Unbelievable Short Turnaround Time on Our Swim Spas

Probably the fastest delivery time in the entire Carolinas! No kidding!

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Financing Options

At Epic Hot Tubs, we offer a variety of financing options to qualified customers with credit approvals. Call our sales team or visit one of our locations to learn more about our financing options and current promotions!

Swim Spa Help

The Many Benefits of Swim Spas



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Fun & Socialization

Covana Electric Swim Spa Cover
Covana Legend Automated Swim Spa Cover

The LEGEND swim spa cover is available for both oval and rectangular swim spas. It’s great for any weather condition due to its high grade of insulation.

This solid, fully automated and durable cover can also protect your equipment from animals or prevent children from entering when closed. The LEGEND swim spa cover comes in two luxurious colors, Mocha and Slate.

Concrete Pad
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round concrete pad

Contact the team at Epic Hot Tubs to learn about getting a custom concrete patio for your backyard. Our expert team specializes in traditional and stamped concrete patios and can even add on to an existing pad.

Concrete patios are perfect for hot tubs, swim spas, saunas or just a space to hang out.

Comparing Swim Spas, Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools

Is a swim spa the best choice for your Apex, NC home?

Hot tub vs Swim Spa

Swim Spa vs Hot Tubs

If you’re considering a hot tub or swim spa for your Apex backyard there’s a few main differences to keep in mind. Hot tubs and swim spas are both hot water tubs with seats and high quality massage jets. However, if you are looking for a more versatile option that will allow you to swim, exercise, and relax, then a swim spa might be a better choice. Swim spas are much larger to have enough space to allow you to swim, but this also means there’s more space for friends, family and activities!

So when it comes to hot tubs vs swim spas the choice is really up to you!

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Swim Spa vs Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can be costly additions to your backyard that require a lot of space and costly maintenance. In Apex, NC a swimming pool will likely be a seasonal option that you can’t use during the winter months. Swim spas can be the perfect solution to all these problems without many compromises. Swim spas use jetted water to create a current that you can swim against, so you can get a workout without taking up a lot of space or having to do laps. After your workout, you can relax and get a full body hydromassage from the massage jets. Additionally, swim spa maintenance is much easier and swim spas can be used year round.

Whether you choose a pool or a swim spa, you and your family will be sure to enjoy many hours of fun in the water.

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Why Swim Spas Stand Out

Many people consider swim spas a hybrid between a hot tub and a swimming pool and that’s a good way to think about it. Here at Epic Hot Tubs we offer swim spas of many different sizes with a wide variety of features so you can find the perfect one for your Apex backyard. Some of our swim spas even have attached hot tub features if you want to take a zero-compromise approach to creating your backyard oasis. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder swim spas are becoming so popular.

Frequently Asked Questions About Swim Spas

Why should I invest in a swim spa?

If you want a swimming pool in your backyard but don’t want it to take up too much space, a swim spa is your answer! More affordable and with quick installation, a swim spa will have you swimming in no time. Not to mention, swim spas come with a variety of features such as massage jets, comfortable seating, and LED lights.

Our swim spa experts can help you find a swim spa that best suits your needs. Just let us know your requirements and watch as we help you choose a swim spa that appeals to you!

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