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ProTeam Foam Fighter

Spa Foam Fighter



Concentrated foam dispersant quickly eliminates unsightly foaming in spas.

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Product Description

Our ProTeam Spa Foam Fighter quickly stops foaming in spas, hot tubs and fountains while adding a delicate fresh fragrance. It is compatible with ALL forms of sanitization, so there's no need to worry if you've chosen the right product. When foam builds up due to oils, lotions, and other cosmetics, ProTeam Spa Foam Fighter can help to get your tub clean once again. It's also 100% environmentally friendly so you can feel good when you buy this product.

  • Concentrated foam eliminator immediately removes foam from water
  • Removes and stops foam in spas, hot tubs and fountains
  • Formulated with fresh scented fragrance
  • Compatible with ALL forms of sanitization
  • Prevents foam from starting and accumulating
  • Will not clog filters
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Does not contain oils


  • Add a small amount (1 oz.) near foaming areas to disperse foam with pump running
  • Use as needed

Product Specifications

CategoryHot Tub Chemicals
Weight1 lbs