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Swim Spa Enclosures in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill Area

Enjoy your swim spa all year long regardless the weather conditions around you.

Swim Spa Enclosure Sale & Installation in NC

We offer two different sizes of swim spa enclosures that come in a gazebo-style attractive structure. With a choice of doors and two model sizes to choose from, it is the ideal leisure / relaxation room to complement your home. The swim spa enclosure comes in two sizes:

Swim Spa Dome
swim spa enclosure

The swim spa enclosure has two doors and a sliding roof to assist with ventilation and comes in various construction and polycarbonate colors.

Construction Color Options
Polycarbonate Color Options
Translucent Transparent Smoke
Color of Sliding Rails

Swim Spa Enclosure Dimensions

Our swim spa enclosures come in two different sizes.

swim spa enclosure small

Swim Spa Enclosure – Small

20’2” length
13’6” width
7’6” height

swim spa enclosure large

Swim Spa Enclosure – Large

26’3” length
16’5” width
8’10” height

High Quality Swim Spa Enclosure In NC

Thanks to its generous size it offers customers adequate space to enjoy and relax. The enclosure is large enough to accommodate a small swimming pool, a swim-spa or exercise pool. With two side doors and sliding roof top, there is great ventilation within the cover. Choice of tinted polycarbonate, makes this an ideal place to unwind and relax. Structural elements ensure easy manipulation and easy maintenance.

Our Other Spa Enclosures

We offer three enclosure models of spa enclosures. Choose which model would best suit your needs, and learn more about its benefits. Thanks to our unique rail system, you can easily open and close the enclosure whenever you want. Our enclosures can be safely closed and locked for your maximum safety. Everything is under your control.

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