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Bathology Sauna Accessory Kit

Your essencial Bathology sauna accessory kit including a bucket, ladle, timer, and thermometer.

Sauna Accessory Kit



Compliment your sauna with our Bathology sauna accessory kit including a bucket, ladle, timer, and thermometer.

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Product Description

Löyly is a Finnish term for pouring water onto the hot rocks of a sauna heater, which creates an intense wall of soft heat for a better sauna experience. The Bathology Essentials 401 sauna bucket has a solid pine shell, 1/2" thick x 6" high x 10" in diameter. This sauna bucket has incredible attention to detail with genuine wood bands and a plastic tub insert and is a must for the sauna enthusiast. Hand-made made by Finnish craftsmen this bucket is an attractive accessory in any sauna room.

The Bathology Essentials 421 is a 14" hand-carved solid Abachi wood ladle imported from Finland and designed for use with the Essentials 401one-gallon sauna bucket. It has a generous spoon cup for pouring a controlled amount of water over the sauna rocks to create an instant burst of steam and intense heat. It can also be used to pour water over your head and body to cool down the intense effect of the dry heat. A durable, genuine leather strap allows the ladle to be hung up to dry after use.

Elegantly simple, the Bathology Essentials 454 sauna timer is a must-have for any sauna. This hand-blown traditional glass hourglass is filled with the precise amount of ivory white sand necessary to measure 15 minutes and is attached to a 1/2" thick x 2" piece of Western Red cedar that will compliment any sauna interior. Easy-to-read time markings are in increments of 1 to 15 minutes. This timer attaches to the wall with a 1/8" x 1" x 6" cedar-mounting bracket that allows the hourglass to rotate 360-degrees so you can easily start a second 15-minute sauna bath and never lose track of time.

The Bathology Essentials 455 sauna thermometer is an important component of any sauna room. Simple to install and elegant in appearance, this highly accurate thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature of your sauna at a glance to ensure the best sauna bathing experience.

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