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ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock

Spa Oxidizing Shock



Over time, spa water can look dull and the chemicals in the water don’t work as well as they should. Use Spa Oxidizing Shock as a fast acting, quick dissolving, non-chlorinated oxidizing treatment.

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Product Description

Our chlorine-freeĀ ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock will quickly remove contaminants and other build up in spa water. You don't have to worry about having cloudy water that looks unsanitary and uninviting. With ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock you can keep water clean easily. Let this shock do the work for you so that you can enjoy your hot tub sooner.

  • Non-chlorine oxidizer, will not increase chlorine levels in spa
  • Perfect companion for those using silver ion or similar mineral cartridge systems
  • Revitalizes chlorine or bromine sanitizers
  • Will help restore dull cloudy water back to beautiful looking water
  • Quick dissolving treatment for spas and hot tubs
  • Destroys contaminants in water
  • Easy to use


  • Broadcast over entire spa water surface with pump running
  • In most cases add 1.5oz. per 200 gallons of spa water weekly or when water begins to look dull
  • Allow 15 minutes prior to use

Product Specifications

CategoryHot Tub Chemicals
Weight2 lbs