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Will a Hot Tub Help Muscle Soreness?

We're sharing you can use hot tub therapy to deal with muscle soreness.
hot tubs for muscle recovery

Whether it's a bad back or stiff joints, muscle soreness can make your life difficult. A day out at the amusement park or an intense workout can lead to sore muscles the next day, especially as people get older. While painkillers and over-the-counter treatments are typically used to deal with muscle soreness, another unconventional method for muscle recovery is using a hot tub.

Hot tubs can play an active role in pain management and relieving sore muscles. Today, we're sharing how you can use hot tub therapy to deal with muscle soreness.

Hot Tubs Help With Blood Circulation

When muscles are sore, the best way to alleviate pain is to get the blood flowing through the affected areas. The high temperature of hot tub water allows blood vessels to dilate, which leads to improved blood flow. This ensures that a plentiful supply of oxygen and nutrients reach the sore muscles, speeding up their recovery process.

Additionally, submerging in water takes the pressure off of joints and muscles. This relief from pressure gives those suffering from sore muscles a welcome respite from pain.

Hot Tubs Improve Sleep Quality

For the body to recover properly, it requires rest. The better quality of your sleep, the more time your body has to heal and repair any damage to its muscles.

A soak in a hot tub raises the body's temperature. As you exit the hot tub, your body begins to cool down. This process can help you fall asleep quicker and lead to a night of more deep and restful sleep.

Hot Tubs Promote Hydrotherapy

Another way hot tubs can help muscle soreness is by the process of hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve pain, discomfort and promote a healthy lifestyle.

For the process of healing, hydrotherapy relies on the mechanical and thermal effects of water. The body's nervous and muscular systems react to hot or cold stimuli, the sensation of water, and the pressure of water. The warmth allows muscles and stiff joints to relax. The heat stimulates the immune system, influencing the release of stress hormones and improving blood circulation. This, in turn, soothes and quiets the body.

A hot tub is perhaps the easiest way to benefit from hydrotherapy because it right in your backyard, reducing the time and cost of using a hydrotherapist. Hot tubs have powerful jets that massage the legs, feet, neck, and more. With a combination of water immersion, massage, and heat, hot tubs have the ability to relieve pain, and sore muscles, and promote relaxation.

The Bottom Line

Sore muscles can limit mobility. A person suffering from sore muscles or stiff joints can find it difficult to walk around or exercise properly. This can be frustrating. This is where a hot tub can facilitate mental as well as physical health for muscle recovery. Being outside the house, submerged in a hot tub, can make a person suffering from sore muscles feel both productive as well as relaxed. 

Start Treating Your Sore Muscles With a Hot Tub Today

Hot tubs have numerous benefits that can improve the quality of your life. If you suffer from muscle soreness or stiff joints, hot tub therapy can be your ticket to a painless future! The experts at Epic Hot Tubs can help you find the perfect hot tub with just the right amount of massage jets! Call us at  919-444-8500 or fill out the form below to get started!