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What To Keep In Mind When Building a Deck Around a Swim Spa

We're sharing the things to keep in mind when building a deck around your swim spa!

You and your family have successfully gone through the process of purchasing a swim spa. You've carefully consulted with a team of experts to find the spa that is best for your home and your family. Now you will be able to swim, exercise, and relax right from the comfort of your backyard! But before you get to enjoy your spa, there's one last step to keep in mind; where to place it.

Many people prefer to have their swim spa surrounded by a deck. A deck around your swim spa not only makes it more visually appealing, but also accessible and more functional. While placing your swim spa on a deck is a preferable option, there are some things to consider in the process.

The Do's and Don'ts Of Swim Spa Decking

Finish Decking After Spa Installation

When you choose to build a deck around your swim spa, you also want to make sure it doesn't affect the swim spa installation in the future.

It is recommended to not build the top level of the deck before the swim spa installation. Of course you'll want to start deck construction well in advance before your swim spa's delivery day. However, on delivery, it can be difficult to lower the spa into a hole. It will be much more convenient to build the decking boards up to the swim spa's height. This will ensure the process is carried out smoothly and without any errors.

Right Foundation

The foundation of your swim spa depends greatly on how high you want your spa to sit out of the deck. In order to the achieve the desired height for your swim spa, you

will have to put a concrete slab into the base of the deck. 

To make sure your swim spa and deck are according to the height you desire, make sure to take measurements properly. Consult your builder or engineer to cross check they have the correct measurements and build the foundation accordingly.

Ensure Accesibility

Your deck should increase your swim spa's accessibility, not act as a hindrance. No matter what design you choose for decking, you need to ensure there is enough accessibility for servicing. 

Swims spas are equipped with an access panel that controls all its components including the pump, heater, and jets. A service technician should easily be able to access this panel in order to carry out proper operation and maintenance.

Your deck should include a trap door or removable panel, that can easily be moved aside when required for service.  

Room For Cover

A cover is essential to protecting your swim spa and ensuring its long levity. While deciding on the measurements of the deck, be certain that there is ample space for the cover to be lifted and placed on the swim spa. 

Interested In Getting A Swim Spa?

Are you interested in getting a swim spa for your backyard? Epic Hot Tubs has top of the line swim spas and can help you choose one that is the perfect fit! Our experts can also work with you thoroughly to determine where you should place it and help you through the entire installation process. Contact us today!