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13 Top Outdoor Hot Tub Questions | You Ask and We Answer

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At some point in everyone’s life, they’ve probably longed for a soak in a luscious, jet-packed, color-changing hot tub. If you’ve made it to this article, you’re probably feeling that right now. There are always tons of questions when deciding on a big purchase. Not only questions about cost but also trying to understand the different energy costs, while also trying to find an affordable solution.

Thankfully, the experts at Customer Backyard Spaces have taken all of our customer reviews into consideration. The experts have assembled a list of 13 of the most frequently asked questions about hot tubs and their installation. If you’ve got questions, here’s a list of answers.

1. Outdoor Hot Tubs v.s. Indoor Hot Tubs

Just like in the name, outdoor hot tubs are hot tubs, outdoors. This is pretty self-explanatory, but as with most questions, there is always more to know. When thinking about buying a hot tub, making the decision of whether or not an outdoor or indoor hot tub fits best is an essential question asked.

When made with quality materials, these hot tubs can become part of your daily ritual. Being used throughout all elements of weather, an outdoor hot tub can be found out in the yard, right on your deck, or under a beautiful pavilion. It's totally up to you!

2. How Does an Outdoor Hot Tub Work? 

Thankfully, in most cases, there aren't actually any extra required plumbing hookups. Plumbing is a huge inconvenience, but outdoor hot tubs are referred to as Self-Contained Hot Tubs. This basically just means that all of the plumbing is contained within the hot tub itself. Therefore, no outside plumbing is required, making it possible to install almost anywhere in your backyard.

With that in mind, unfortunately, most hot tubs don't run on solar. Meaning you'll need to work a few different electrical requirements while hooking up your hot tub. Hot tubs require a GFCI Certified Electrical Hookup in order to be considered safe and up to code. These electrical costs can be a bit pricey but are totally worth it. In many cases, hot tub users will bury the electrical equipment somewhere in the yard or try to keep it out of sight. Therefore, no weather elements will have a direct effect.

So, essentially hot tubs work off this electrical hookup. While also, of course, working off of the water. The cost of water can often be a worry, but once it's filled, it can easily be drained and refilled if needed. In most cases, the garden hose will fill up the hot tub with no problems at all.

3. Does a Hot Tub Take a Long Time to Heat Up?

Unfortunately, heating ‌the hot tub is one of those things that can't really be sped up. Even the most perfect model of hot tub will normally have a temperature rise of three to six degrees each hour. If you've ever felt the water that comes out of your hose, you know how cold it can be. Hot tubs hold quite a lot of water and therefore have a lot of work to do when heating it up. Here are a few tips for making sure you aid your hot tub in the best way possible:

  • Cover the hot tub when heating - This will help to ensure that no heat is escaping from the hot tub. The steam will also help to aid in the heat-up process.
  • Clean filters - The status of your filters will help to speed up the heat-up process. These filters will have to be cleaned often to avoid any wear and tear. When the filters become old, they tend to process much slower.
  • Other components - Just like the filters, other components in the hot tub such as the jets, water heater, and pump all need to be in their best working condition in order to heat the water at the fastest level.

4. Do Hot Tubs Work Well Through the Winter Months?

Of course! Ahhh, there's nothing better than soaking in a warm jet-filled hot tub on a cold wintry day. With water warm enough to trick your body into thinking it's on a beach, hot tub owners won't regret their purchase during those cold winter months.

With winter months, though, it's important to note and understand the weather elements in your area. It's vital to build your hot tub on a proper foundation that will keep it safe throughout the entire winter. There can be significant wear and tear to the tub from debris and other weather matter.

5. Is Investing in an Outdoor Hot Tub Worth It?

Hot tubs have so many benefits it's almost hard to count them. Not only will it help to rest and ease all of the tension throughout your body, but it also helps to ease your mind and give you a place to relax. But, in some cases, hot tubs aren't actually worth it.

Upkeep costs can sometimes become a bit of a burden even with the most basic model of a hot tub. Keeping up with ongoing maintenance can also cause many hot tub owners to eventually give up on their prized possession.

Before deciding on purchasing a hot tub, it's important to lay out the pros and cons of whether or not a hot tub is worth it for you. If you're home often and will get the use out of it, and also have the time to clean it, then yes, it's no doubt worth it for you and your leisure time. But if the hot tub will sit without use more often than with use, then it's probably not something worth investing in.

6. Is There Specific Wiring Needed for Outdoor Hot Tubs?

Outdoor hot tubs require special wiring in order to function properly. This is normally quite simple to set up, and a GFCI cord is required for any hookup, and a covered GFCI is required for outdoor hookups.

Spa dealers will work through all of this information with you at the time of purchase. Reach out to the nearest dealer for more information or check out this article to learn a bit more about the electrical costs and hookup.

7. Is Outdoor Hot Tub Upkeep Difficult?

Unlike pools, hot tubs are ultimately not too difficult to maintain. There are only a few different skills that are vital to understanding. At the beginning of your hot tub journey, you may find these skills a bit more complicated and time-consuming. Once your hot tub ownership takes off, you'll be adjusting chlorine levels, figuring out chemical levels, using that filter flosser, and maintaining clean filters like a pro.

8. Can I Use an Outdoor Hot Tub During COVID?

Due to warm water and high levels of chlorine and chemicals, hot tubs and swimming pools are most likely safe from being areas that spread COVID. Although, with a hot tub, social distancing can be a bit more difficult, so you may want to limit the contact you have with others in the same hot tub.

9. Will Outdoor Hot Tubs Last a Long Time?

The overall life span of a hot tub actually varies quite a bit. It can literally last anywhere from 5 to 20 years. The overall determining factor of the life span is actually all about maintenance and upkeep over the years. If you're looking for more specifics on this, check out this article.

10. What is the Average Price of an Outdoor Hot Tub?

Prices of hot tubs vary greatly depending on the model. There are various hot tub options out there. If you're struggling to choose a hot tub, check out this article.

Here is a lowdown of the price ranges to expect when purchasing a hot tub:

  • Basic Model: $2,500 - $5,000
  • Mid-priced Model: $5,000 - $8,000
  • Luxury Models: $11,000 - $16,000
  • Swim Spa Hot Tub Combo: $8,000 - $30,000

Find some of the best hot tub brands here!

11. How Does One Clean an Outdoor Hot Tub?

Cleaning an outdoor hot tub will become easier each time you do it. Keeping up with chemicals is often quite easy, but no matter the chemistry expertise you've gained over your hot tub years, it's still essential to drain the hot tub every three months or so.

Simply drain the tub and refill with your garden hose. Add your cocktail of chemicals and all should be well! If you are looking for more detail about cleaning and maintenance, check out this article.

12. How Can I Make My Hot Tub Look Like a Luxurious Escape?

Creating the perfect model hot tub escape can be an absolutely breathtaking experience if done correctly. Before deciding on a hot tub, find the space. It's important to maximize each possible essence of space around your hot tub. Use the views, use the decks, use it all to make the best, most aesthetically pleasing, economical investment possible.

13. Should I Even Consider Investing in a Used Hot Tub?

The simple answer is yes, they're worth it; but as we know, nothing is quite that simple. Used hot tubs can be great because they're cheaper, and you can get a lot of advice from current owners. Although, sometimes current owners might not reveal everything about the hot tub. There may be some wear and tear (totally expected), but you also won't actually be able to tell that the hot tub is fully functional until it's filled with water and hooked up.

So, depending on your situation and the relationship with the current owner, it could definitely either be a make or break purchase. Unfortunately, there's no Kelly Blue Book for hot tubs.


Overall, there are many questions that may arise when it comes to choosing the best hot tub for you. In most cases, investing in a hot tub is totally worth it, but understanding the costs and upkeep is vital to making the most out of your purchase. Decided to purchase a hot tub? Find some of our favorites here.

Our Top Choices for the Best Outdoor Hot Tubs

Dimension One Hot Tubs Dealer Raleigh NC | Breeze

Breeze Hot Tub for 7 People

The Breeze™ offers comfortable open seating for up to seven adults, with barrier-free, multi-level seating and foot jets in a dome-free footwell to make it easy to communicate and move around.

Dream Hot Tub for 6 People

Step into a Dream™ and experience the ultimate in relaxation for up to 6 people with 34 powerful massage jets, a beautiful and adjustable waterfall, an ultra-comfortable High-Performance Lounge and tactile therapy in the foot well.

Catania Hot Tub with 2 Loungers

Our Catania hot tubs accommodate up to 5 people. It’s our most popular, large size hot tub with 2 lounge seats to enjoy your restrictive hydro therapy sessions with your partner at the same time

Arum C Dual Lounger Hot Tub

Arum C is our best dual lounger hot tub that seats 5 people very comfortably.

Durasport G2L 36 Hot Tub with Hard Cover

One of our best selling Strong Spas hot tub model with a lounger, lighted ice bucket and tray. This easy to use HardCover is the perfect solution for rental property owners and coastal homes at the beach.

Summit DE-SL 50 Hot Tub with Hard Cover

The Dura-Shield® HardCover comes with a lifetime warranty. Our top of the line Strong Spas hot tub model with 50 premium hydrotherapy jets and a lounger.

Nautique Hot Tub for 7 People

With four adjustable Flex Therapy Pillow™ for your neck, a Typhoon Jet and plenty of room for Tactile Therapy at your feet, the Nautique™ is a vacation in your backyard all year long.

Superior Hot Tub for 5 People

Our top of the line Superior hot tub for 5 people with a lounge seat and 2 powerful dual speed jet pumps.

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