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Questions to Ask a Spa Dealer Before You Buy a Hot Tub

Make sure you have all the details about the hot tub you're considering as well as what you need to do once you own one with these questions.

When you're thinking about buying a hot tub, you want to get all the important information so that you can make an informed decision. A hot tub is a big investment with many perks, so you want to get the one that's going to work best for your outdoor space. 

As you search for a hot tub, you want to ask your spa dealer questions that can lead you to the right hot tub. If this is your first purchase, we're here to help. We've compiled a list of hot tub questions to ask a Raleigh spa dealer before you make a purchase.

Questions to Ask Your Hot Tub Dealer

While you don't want your hot tub dealer to feel like he or she is being interrogated, you always want to make sure you have all the details about the hot tub you're considering as well as what you need to do once you own one. 

Here are some questions to keep on your radar:  

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How Much Water Does the Hot Tub Hold?

This will depend on the size of the hot tub you buy. Generally, hot tubs can hold around 400 gallons of water. Remember, the larger the tub, the more water you'll have to refill when you drain it.

How Do I Need to Prepare the Space Where I Will Put in My New Hot Tub?

It's important to know where you should put your outdoor hot tub. The answer will vary depending on your space, but the ground needs to be a concrete or paved patio. It also can be put on a deck that will hold the weight which must be approved by a contractor. Once you pick a hot tub make sure your patio is large enough. We recommend 2' around the sides. 

What Kind of Electricity Do I Need?

You want to find out what type of electricity you'll need because you don't want to get your hot tub delivered only to discover you don't have the right type. There are two types of electrical needs for hot tubs. There is called "plug and play" where you plug the hot tub into an existing standard outlet. The second type of electrical requirement is a 240-volt outlet.  It gets wired directly into the electric box by an electrician. This is necessary because the hot tubs are larger.

Do We Need to Hire an Electrician to Install the Hot Tub? 

It is generally a good idea to hire an electrician to install a hot tub so that all code standards are met and it is safe. You want to make sure the outlet is grounded and installed correctly. Any time you have electricity involved with water, you always want to be safe.

How Much Electricity Does a Hot Tub Use? 

The electricity needed to run a hot tub varies, depending on size, location, and time of year. The biggest energy sucker of a hot tub is the heater that is used to heat the water. These heaters usually use between 1500 and 1600 watts. You also have to take take the pump into consideration which uses around 1500 watts of energy on average. If your hot tub is going to have additional features, you'll have to factor those in as well.

How Much Does it Cost to Operate a Hot Tub? (Filters, chemicals)

While the cost of electricity is going to depend on usage and your electricity rates, you have to also think about the additional cost of running a hot tub which includes filtered and chemicals. You should change a hot tub's filter once a year. The cost of the filter will depend on the type of spa you have. Some filters are as inexpensive as $25.

Chemicals for your hot tub should run around $20 a month. But, if your water is unbalanced, you can expect to spend a little more.

How Often Do We Need to Test the Water in a Hot Tub?

It's recommended to change your hot tub water in a hot tub every 3-4 months.

Do Hot Tubs Require a Fence?

You do not need to put a fence in unless you prefer to have one.

Does Having a Hot Tub Require a Permit?

You do not need a permit to get a hot tub. However, if you live in a neighborhood you may need to check your HOA.

How Do I Maintain a Hot Tub?

Hot tub maintenance is very simple. We recommend an all-natural cleaning product that is better for your skin and less harmful to the mechanisms of the hot tub. It will depend on how much you use it and how many people use it.  We also recommend that you drain it at least once a year preferably twice to change the water out.  

How Often Do We Need to Clean a Hot Tub?

While you don't have to drain it frequently, you should plan on doing a general cleaning weekly. This consists of wiping down the shell and jets with a sponge and some white vinegar. This will help to keep things tidy.

Does the Hot Tub Come With Chemicals?

Your hot tub may come with a starter kit of chemicals, but you'll have to buy more chemicals to keep up with the maintenance. These are usually not that expensive. If your water stays balanced for the majority of the time, you shouldn't be spending a lot of money on chemicals. Your spa dealer will tell you which chemicals you'll have to buy regularly.

How Many People Can Fit in a Hot Tub? 

Hot tubs vary in size from small spas for two-three people to medium size hot tubs for four to six people. There are also large spas that can hold seven or more people. Think about how much space you have and generally how many people you think are going to use it at once. 

How Quickly Can the Hot Tub be Delivered?

This will depend on what type of hot tub you want and where you live. At Epic Hot Tubs, we have hot tubs in stock and ready for local delivery within a few days.

What Kind of Warranty Do Hot Tubs Have?

Be sure to ask about the warranty for the hot tub you are considering. Many spa manufactures will warranty their hot tub shell for one to five years. 

Does the Hot Tub Come with Covers and Steps?

Not all hot tubs come with spa covers and steps. This is going to depend on what type of hot tub you buy. Ask your spa dealer because you shouldn't assume this will be the case. If it doesn't come with one you can likely buy one separately.

What Kind of Accessories Come with the Hot Tub?

Hot tubs can come with a variety of accessories. Remember, the more accessories, the higher the price. Special lights, more jets, drink holders, and speakers are among the options you can choose to customize your hot tub. Check with your spa dealer to find out about other accessories that may be available for your hot tub.

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