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How Can a Hot Tub Help With Workout Recovery?

Using a hot tub for workout recovery can provide many health benefits. We share how hot tubbing can help with both pre and post working out.
hot tub workout recovery

Whether you're new to working out, or a seasoned athlete, using a hot tub for workout recovery or preparation can have amazing effects. We are going to share with you the benefits of hot tubbing:

  • AFTER you exercise
  • and BEFORE you exercise

As well as:

  • How long to use your hot tub
  • And when to use your hot tub

Benefits of Hot Tubbing AFTER a Workout

Using a hot tub after a workout carries many benefits for your health. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased Blood Circulation: Due to the warm water, your blood vessels will expand and increase your blood flow.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Blood pressure goes hand in hand with your circulation. With increased circulation comes lower blood pressure. 
  • Burn Additional Calories: If you are looking to lose weight or burn some more calories, soaking in a hot tub can help to burn up to as many calories as a half hour walk.
  • Less Muscle Soreness: With increased blood flow, your body also processes lactic acid quicker. This acid buildup is what contributes to muscle soreness, so the quicker you can process it, the less sore you will be. 

Get Motivated to Work Out

By using your hot tub after a workout, you can treat it as a reward to motivate yourself to workout more. If you are new to working out, or just don't do it very often, adding the luxury of a relaxing soak may get you more excited to exercise. 

Who Can Benefit From Using a Hot Tub After a Workout

Anyone can benefit from using a hot tub, even if you don't work out! Hot tubbing provides many health benefits that can make you feel better every day. However, if you do workout, or experience muscle soreness, using a hot tub can provide additional benefits. 

When to Use Your Hot Tub Post-Workout

Be careful to not overheat when using your hot tub post-workout. You should wait at least 15-20 minutes after your workout has finished to allow your body to cool off. This will also help to prevent dehydration since the heat of the water can have adverse effects on your hydration levels. 

How Long to Use Your Hot Tub Post-Workout

For maximum efficiency, limit your use to no more than 30 minutes. This ensures you receive the healing benefits, but do not overheat or get dehydrated.  

Benefits of Using a Hot Tub Before a Workout

Hot tubs aren't just beneficial for after your workout, but can also help with your pre-workout. Some reasons you might want to use your hot tub before a workout include:

  • Warm Up Your Muscles: The warm water of a hot tub can help to loosen up your muscles and prevent muscle strains. 
  • Increase Circulation: Just like when using a hot tub after your workout, soaking beforehand can increase your blood flow and circulation and get you prepared for your exercise. 

Who Can Benefit From Using a Hot Tub BEFORE a Workout

Using a hot tub before exercise can be beneficial for many people. Runners, weightlifters or people practicing yoga can find a pre-workout soak especially helpful. Giving your body the time to loosen up, paired with stretching beforehand will ensure you are fully prepared and lower the risk of exercise related injury.

When to Use Your Hot Tub Pre-Workout

When using a hot tub before your workout, you can use it immediately before exercise. Make sure you do not feel light headed going into your workout and be sure to drink enough water to remain hydrated as the heat can lead to dehydration.

How Long to Use Your Hot Tub Pre-Workout

Only about 10 minutes of soaking can loosen up your muscles and get your body ready for your workout. 

Combine Working Out With Recovery in a Swim Spa

With a swim spa, you can combine the health benefits of a hot tub for pre and post workout, but can also do the actual working out. With a swim spa, powerful swim jets allow you to walk, jog or swim in place and get a full body workout. With additional accessories, you can add a variety of exercises to your routine with a swim spa. Swim spa exercise plans are great for many people as the level of difficulty can be adjusted to your needs. It can also be extremely beneficial to people with arthritis or general aches and pains.

Think a Hot Tub Could Benefit Your Workouts?

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