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Hot Tub Safety: Rules and Tips

Hot tubs provide many benefits, but can be dangerous without proper safety measures. We're sharing a rules and tips for hot tub safety.

Hot tubs provide a wide range of benefits for your physical and mental health; however, as with any pool of water, there can be safety issues if you aren't careful. This guide will help you better understand:

  • How to prevent slips, falls and drowning
  • Hot tub safety while entertaining
  • And general hot tub safety advice

 So, whether you are a first time hot tub owner, or a seasoned soaker, read on to learn how to keep yourself and others safe while enjoying your hot tub!

Prevent Accidental Drowning

Hot tubs can pose a risk for injury, or even drowning, if not properly secured. As the owner of a hot tub, you are responsible for the safety of your hot tub area and preventing injury. The following are some guidelines that should be followed to secure your hot tub. 

Secure the Area with Fences, Gates and Covers

Strong Spas Durasport G2 Legend 28 Opening
Strong Spas DuraSport G2 Legend 28 Opening

Some areas require you to have a fence around your hot tub area to keep children and animals from accidentally getting in. Always check your local guidelines to make sure you are following the proper measures. Here in Raleigh, NC, a fence around a hot tub is required if there is not a safety cover. However, since many hot tubs are sold with a cover that meets these safety requirements, a fence is often not required. While it may not be required, you may still feel more comfortable having a fence around your hot tub as an added safety precaution. Make sure that any gates are self latching and open outward to follow safety guidelines. 

Safety hot tub covers add a level of protection to your hot tub as well as help to retain heat, thus making your tub more energy efficient and less costly. Even if safety is not a major concern for you with your hot tub, a cover is a must purchase.

Covers can be heavy and awkward to remove, so it is recommended that you also install a cover lifter. Cover lifters can be manual or automatic and assist with the removal and replacement of your hot tub cover. This can help to prevent muscle strain from trying to remove a cover by yourself. Cover lifters are also great options for older adults who may not be able to easily lift a cover. 

Prevent Slips & Falls

Strong Spas Durasport G2 Legend 28 Foldaway Steps
Strong Spas DuraSport G2 Legend 28 Foldaway Steps

Another common risk associated with hot tubs is the risk of slipping and falling. Tracking water outside of the hot tub can cause the surrounding area to become slippery. Make sure you have steps to assist with getting into and out of your hot tub. Some people may find it helpful to also have a handrail, this can be especially useful for older adults. Ensure you have proper drainage around the hot tub to lessen the risk of water pooling and creating a danger. Also, keep towels close by to minimize the amount of water dripping around the tub when you get out. 

If slips and falls are a large concern, make sure to find a hot tub that offers the safest features. Many Dimension One hot tubs feature a textured, no slip bottom that provides a tactile sensation. This not only feels good on the feet, but provides an additional level of safety.

Hot Tub Safety When Entertaining

Entertaining with a hot tub can be great, but an accident can quickly ruin the fun. If you are hosting a hot tub party, be sure to use plastic drinkware or cans. A broken drinking glass in your hot tub can cause injury to guests as well as damage to your hot tub. Also, be cautious to not overindulge with alcoholic beverages while hot tubbing. Hot tubs can lead to dehydration, which is further affected by drinking. Pay attention to how you feel, and get out if you start to feel light headed or nauseous. Drinking too much can also affect your balance and coordination. Having steps and a handrail can help to safely enter and exit the tub. 

General Safety Advice

Strong Spas Durasport G2 Legend 28 Lifestyle
Strong Spas DuraSport G2 Legend 28 Lifestyle

Hot tubs provide a wide range of health benefits, but if not used properly can become unsafe. Do not stay in the hot tub if you start to overheat. Ideally, you should limit your soaking time to 30 minute sessions. If you start to feel light headed or nauseous, get out of the water and cool down immediately. 

Using a hot tub while pregnant is generally not recommended. Always check with your doctor if you do decide to use your hot tub and pay attention to your body's signals. If you can not go without using your hot tub, turn the temperature down closer to your body temperature to avoid overheating. 

In Summary

Hot tub safety is not a concern to take lightly. As a hot tub owner, it is your responsibility to keep yourself and others safe in your hot tub area. Provide as much support to prevent slips, falls and drowning and pay attention to your body's signals. With safety taken care of, now you are ready to enjoy your hot tub!

Epic Hot Tubs is Dedicated to Your Hot Tub Safety

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