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The Best Dual Lounger Hot Tubs

Our Favorite Hot Tubs With Two Lounge Seats

A hot tub can provide countless benefits both physically and mentally. After a long, hard day a hot tub can help to ease your mind as well as your body with warm water and soothing massage jets. Add in a lounge seat and you have a recipe for complete relaxation. We are going to share some of our favorite dual lounger hot tubs and what makes them so great.

What is a Dual-Lounger Hot Tub?

When you're relaxing in your hot tub, you may want to have room to spread to recline. Hot tubs with loungers allow you to do this while a dual lounger allows for two people to do this in the hot tub at once. Hot tubs with dual loungers provide the best of both worlds because they allow you to have the benefits of massaging jets with the option to lounge when you want. With more than one lounger available, you don't have to worry about taking turns!

Everest Spas at Epic Hot Tubs

Epic Hot Tubs is the official dealer of Everest Hot Tubs and Swim Spas in the Raleigh, Wake Forest, Durham, Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Pinehurst, Charlotte, and Wilmington areas of North Carolina. Choose from smaller hot tubs to ones that can seat as many as seven people. Everest Spas are the perfect choice for hydrotherapy with massaging jets that are positioned perfectly.

Raleigh Everest Hot Tubs Dealer

When you choose an Everest Spa from Epic Hot Tubs, one of our experienced team members will help you find the tub that best suits your needs. Let us know the space you have to work with and the features you desire, and we can point you in the right direction. Many people enjoy dual lounger hot tubs because they provide more options and comfort.

Everest Spas combine technology with relaxation with lighting systems and waterfall options to give you the ultimate spa experience right at home. With an Everest Hot Tub, you can transform your backyard into a year-round vacation destination for relaxation and entertainment.

Everest Spas Has Great Dual-Lounger Hot Tubs

Our Best Dual-Lounger Hot Tub #1

Catania Hot Tub

The Catania Hot Tub from Everest Spas is our most popular large hot tub, and it’s easy to see why! First, it offers room for five adults in the spacious spa, making it a great option for entertaining a small gathering.

If your higher priority is a spa’s massage and hydrotherapy benefits, the Catania will suit those needs, too! Dual loungers allow you and your partner to stretch out comfortably while 46 jets (including 5 Magic Jets™) soothe away tension and ease aches and soreness.

With the dual lounger option, you don’t have to take turns stretching out. Both of you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation at once. This is a great option to have after a long day at work or when you just need a moment to relax.

Also, ask us about our automated spa cover lifter solutions to open and close your hot tub with a push of a button. Spa covers are the perfect choice to protect your spa from the elements and protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. With an automated cover, you can also reduce heating costs and prevent leaves and debris from getting in. This is why many people opt for an automated spa cover lifter for their Everest Spa.

Our Best Dual-Lounger Hot Tub #2

Victoria Hot Tub

This spacious, dual lounger hot tub has room for up to six people, but you can also create an intimate relaxing setting with your partner as you both relax in the dual loungers.

Featuring 51 powerful jets, comfortable headrests, and relaxing, underwater lights, you and your partner can enjoy incredible hydromassage together or invite friends over for a delightful evening of entertaining.

If you’re considering this hot tub, be sure to ask about our Covana automated spa cover and gazebo. This is a great solution to open and close your hot tub with a push of a button. Protect your hot tub from stormy weather and help to insulate your spa and lower heating costs. It’s a win-win all-around!

You can also inquire about a Wi-Fi control option that will allow for the ultimate convenience when you want to stream your favorite music and more! Your new Everest hot tub will become your home’s favorite feature in no time!

Our Best Dual-Lounger Hot Tub #3

Arum C Hot Tub

With ample space, comfortable loungers, and features to spare, the Arum C is a top-of-the-line mid-size hot tub with room for five adults. Equipped with 110 jets for deep, intense massage, this model offers a delightful upgrade to your hydrotherapy experience.

The relaxing jets are the perfect solution to a rough day when all you want to do is unwind. The jets are positioned to provide massaging effects to all of the major muscle groups.

Want to entertain? Choose the optional WiFi connection upgrade so you can stream your favorite music and more!

Also, ask us about our Covana automated spa cover lifter solutions to open and close your hot tub with a push of a button. The Covana automated spa cover makes it easy to keep your hot tub in pristine shape. With the push of a button, you can keep debris out and keep heat in to lower your electricity costs.

Our Best Dual-Lounger Hot Tub #4

Iris C Hot Tub

When you want a premium dual lounger hot tub but don’t have premium space, this model is the perfect solution. Seamlessly fitting into the smallest spaces with ease, the Iris C is a dual lounger that allows you and your partner to enjoy the pleasure and serenity of a relaxing soak together.

With 77 powerful and strategically placed jets, the Iris C elevates your hydrotherapy experience to soothe sore muscles and ease tension. The jets are the perfect solution for much-needed relaxation. This spa is the best of both worlds when you don’t have a lot of space, but still want the benefits of a relaxing spa right at home. Strategically placed jets with the Iris C model combined with the dual lounger are the ultimate relaxation experience.

Also, ask us about our automated spa cover lifter solutions to open and close your hot tub with a push of a button. This allows you to protect your spa from the elements while also keeping the heat in to insulate your hot tub more efficiently.

Dual-Lounger Hot Tubs with Dimension One

Epic Hot Tubs is also proud to offer Dimension One dual lounger hot tubs. These luxury hot tubs combine the latest technology with elements of relaxation to produce hot tubs that give you the best of both worlds. Dozens of soothing jets will calm aching muscles while the patented Flex Therapy Pillow™ provides unmatched comfort with its new design. When you consider the benefits that come along with dual lounger hot tubs, you can't go wrong!

Dimension One Spas Dealer Raleigh NC

Soothing lights and fountains are also available to give you a relaxing atmosphere in your backyard. Choose from smaller 3-person hot tubs or models that hold up to 9 people. These party hot tubs are the perfect addition if you love to entertain at home. We have a variety of Dimension One Hot Tubs in stock and ready for delivery.

Our Best Dual-Lounger Hot Tub #5

Amore Bay Hot Tub

The Amore Bay dual-lounger hot tub from Dimension One Spas will transform your backyard into an oasis of comfort and luxury that’s ideal for relaxing with your partner or entertaining friends and family. The modern design and soft curves will elevate your space while the modern features offer an unbeatable experience!

Featuring seating for up to seven including “his & hers” loungers, each equipped with the patented Flex Therapy Pillow™, this spa offers top-of-the-line comfort while 77 jets provide refreshing and restorative hydromassage. The Flex Therapy Pillow™ is newly redesigned and features three adjustable neck and shoulder jets that are placed in a curved, padded head cradle.

This provides the best ergonomic support. The pillows are easy to reposition to the right height to provide the perfect massage experience.

Also, you’ll love the soothing lights and fountains that are certain to set the mood for “Amore.”

Ask us about our Covana automated spa cover and gazebo, a great solution to open and close your hot tub with a push of a button. These covers are not only convenient but also provide protection from the elements and sun exposure.

Dual-Lounger Hot Tubs are Great for Families

Dual lounger hot tubs are a great option for many families. They provide variation in massages and can accommodate people of different heights. With various options and features, you're bound to find one to suit all of your needs. From smaller tubs to larger, party tubs, there's something for everyone. For these reasons and many more, dual lounger hot tubs can be a great investment for both you and your family!

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