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Benefits of a Morning Hot Tub Soak

We're sharing the amazing benefits of a morning hot tub soak.
morning hot tub soak benefits

Everyone has a different morning routine. Some people like to start their day with a hot cup of coffee. Others prefer a quick morning jog or doing 15 minutes of yoga. If you own a hot tub, however, you can start your own morning ritual!

While people often perceive hot tubs as an evening or nighttime activity, you’ll be surprised at how beneficial a morning hot tub soak can be. So, take advantage of your hot tub and start your day off right! We’re sharing some of the amazing ways you can benefit from a morning hot tub soak.

Begin Your Day On a Good Note

Not everyone is a morning person. Most of us can attest to feeling grumpy or lazy in the mornings. However, your state of mind in the morning has the ability to set the tone for the rest of your day. If you start the day feeling lethargic and unmotivated, chances are your day will be the same.

Soaking for a few minutes in your hot tub at the start of the day can be very calming on your nerves. It can help you feel energized and relaxed at the same time. The high temperature of hot tub water has the ability to increase your blood circulation. This can loosen up your muscles and remove any tension from your body. Hot tubs have powerful jets which can provide a soothing hydrotherapy experience. With a relaxed body and mind, you will be ready to take on the day!

A Hot Tub Excercise Routine

While some people are fitness enthusiasts, not everyone is ready to head out for a gym workout or morning jog at the beginning of their day. But everyone knows that a quick morning workout can do wonders both for your health, and your outlook on the rest of your day. This is where a hot tub can be very beneficial.

Hot Tub Excercise Routine

Hot tubs provide the perfect spot for a morning workout. With water providing a buoyant environment, you can perform weightless exercises that can help make your body active and awake. And that, too, right from the comfort of your own backyard. No need to hit the gym!

Hot tubs can be extremely beneficial for people who suffer from arthritis. In order to manage the symptoms of arthritis, doctors recommend exercise, however, given the inflammation already present in joints, patients of this condition can find it daunting to exercise. 

Hot tubs provide patients the chance to do water exercises with much less pain. Since the buoyancy of the water makes you feel light, it lifts pressure from stiff joints and allows greater freedom of movement. Thus, water can provide the perfect pain-free exercise environment for arthritic patients. 

Organize Your Day in a Morning Hot Tub!

Morning routines are important. We get up and visualize all the tasks we have to do for the day and, if you are like me, you stay focused on those tasks until you get home. Giving your mind a chance to breathe at the beginning of the day can benefit your mood greatly and even improve your ability to get your daily tasks done. Instead of trying to plan your day while brushing your teeth, relax in a hot tub.

Morning Hot Tub Benefits

When you allow yourself to relax for 10 minutes with a hot tub soak, you are essentially giving your body a breather while you think. The calming hot water combined with the massaging jets create a calming, serene environment. This allows you to take a pause, a deep breath, and contemplate on the activities you have planned for the day. You can take your hot tub soaking time to gather your thoughts, unscramble your brain, and plan how you’ll schedule your day. You’ll be amazed at how taking a breather at the start of your morning can affect your productivity throughout the rest of the day!

Are You Ready To Start Your Mornings Right?

Take a step towards improving the quality of your life by experiencing the benefits of a hot tub in the morning. Our spas provide a powerful massage and an ergonomic design to provide the best hydrotherapy experience possible. Contact us today at  919-444-8500 to take your first step towards starting your mornings right!