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5 Common Hot Tub Myths

When it comes to hot tubs, there are a lot of opinions out there. We're sharing the top common hot tubs myths and why they aren't true!

The hot tub industry is a big one. With so many options and opinions out there, it can be difficult to differentiate facts from myths. But the reality is that hot tubs aren't as complex as everyone makes them out to be. If you've got the proper information, nothing can stop you from benefitting from a hot tub and letting it transform your backyard!

We're sharing 5 common hot tub myths and why they aren't true.

5 Common Hot Tub Myths

1. Hot Tubs Require a Lot of Maintenance

This is a popular one. Most people who set out to buy a hot tub are scared off because they're told owning a hot tub will require much more maintenance than it's worth. But is that true? Absolutely not!

While hot tubs do require regular maintenance, it is not overly time-consuming or expensive. In general, hot tubs are not high maintenance products. If given the proper care and attention, your hot tub will most likely not inconvenience you. If you stay on top of your hot tub's maintenance schedule, you are likely to save thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise spent in making repairs and replacements.

Stick to a regular maintenance schedule and you won't have to spend more than a few minutes each week maintaining your hot tub! 

2. Hot Tub Water Causes Allergies

Everyone has heard this story. Someone you knew entered a hot tub and had a skin rash or eye irritation the next day. But is hot tub water the cause of such allergies? The short answer: no.

Unless a person is specifically allergic to chlorine or bromine, hot tub water shouldn't affect them. While chlorine and bromine do have the ability to irritate eyes at high levels, the water in hot tubs does not reach these levels when properly maintained.

If you still believe chlorine is the cause of your eye irritation, check your hot tub water's pH level. A pH level that is too high or too low can cause skin irritations.

3. A Cheap Hot Tub Can Save You Money

When first time hot tub buyers hit the market, they can be lured into believing that a cheap hot tub is the way to go. A low up front price, what else could you ask for? The reality, however, is that a cheap hot tub is setting you up for more costs in the future rather than saving you money. When buying a hot tub, price should not be the biggest factor.

If a hot tub is cheaper or older, it most likely won't have the best quality parts. This means you'll spend more time in the future on repairs and replacements to make sure your hot tub is working. Investing in a better quality hot tub earlier on will save you thousands that you would have otherwise spent on repairs. So, be smart and choose wisely!

4 Bleach Can Sanitize Hot Tub Water

Not only is this hot tub myth false, it can also have several negative consequences. Bleach is considered to be a common sanitizer. But while you may use it for cleaning around the house, should you add it to your hot tub? Never.

Bleach has the potential to completely off set the delicate pH balance in your hot tub. This means you will have to spend money on purchasing and adding balancing chemicals to your hot tub water. Do you really want to do that?

Bleach can also cause unnecessary wear and tear to your hot tub's surface and internal components. Additionally, bleach is also extremely harsh for skin and hair. Ask yourself- do you really want to be submerged in bleach? Of course not. So don't use bleach just to save the extra dollar on sanitizers. Invest responsibly!

Hot tubs with salt system myth

5. Salt Systems Work Well With Hot Tubs

If you've had a swimming pool before, it's most likely you've heard this myth. A salt system worked pretty well for your swimming pool in the past, so it should suit your hot tub too, right? False!

Swimming pools and hot tubs are vastly different. Just because a saltwater system worked for your swimming pool, this does not automatically mean you should use salt water for your hot tub.

Salt systems, in theory, can be a great way to sanitize your hot tub; however, in reality they are often burdensome and not really worth it. Due to higher costs and added maintenance, you are often better off looking at other alternatives. Their initial cost may seem low, but keeping in mind the life-long maintenance attached to such systems, you can expect to spend $600-$800 yearly on salt system maintenance.  Make sure you make an informed decision to eliminate future maintenance and lifelong costs. 

The Bottom Line

When it comes to hot tub myths, you shouldn't believe everything you hear. Do your own research and take everything with a grain of salt. Hot tubs can be a great investment for you and your family. Don't deprive yourself of this luxury just because you've heard a few false hot tub myths!

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