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Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner
for Hot Tubs

A powerful cleaning solution for your spa filter maintenance

Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner – 226g



Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is an economical, non-acid, and bleach-free product providing optimal care for your hot tub filters.

Advantages of Marvel Filter Cleaner:

  • Removes all particles and oils from filters
  • 1 single bottle lasts for 8 filter cleanings
  • Most economical filter cleaning agent available

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Product Description

Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is a powerful hot tub filter cleaner that gets the job done without using harsh acids or bleach. It removes and loosens oil, hair, dirt and grime that can becomes lodged in the fabric of cartridge filters. Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is only a fraction of the cost of other filter cleaning products. Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is the best and most economical filter cleaning agent on the market.

Plus, it's easy to use!

How to use:

  1. Remover filter from the hot tub and rinse or spray with water
  2. Mix and dissolve 2 capfuls of Marvel Filter Cleaner in 5 gallons of water
  3. Soak the filter for around 8-10 hours in the solution
  4. After this process, it is strictly important that the debris is thoroughly removed from the pleats of the filters. You can gently use a pressure washer to remove

Product Specifications

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